Hair Fillers in Dubai

Genetic problems or aging factors, whatever the reason be, hair problems can occur in anyone’s life one way or the other. Hair issues are a more serious, and common problem. These problems can become the reason for a person to lack confidence while being in a crowd. But it’s always best to treat these hair issues at an early stage, or one can suffer from complete baldness. Are you also new to the term Hair Fillers for Baldness in Dubai? Then let us help guide you on how this non-invasive treatment can be of benefit to you. 

Restoring Thick Growth With Hair Fillers:

Every other person wants to achieve the perfect appearance. People always opt for different ways to make themselves more perfect. But most of the time individuals want to choose the completely non-invasive options. Hair Fillers are new, advanced, and potentially non-invasive treatments that can help control hair fall issues, by using certain peptides, and serums. These injections work miraculously while sorting out balding problems, and helping you achieve thick hair that you can flaunt with great confidence.

What Results To Expect With Hair Fillers?

Before opting for any type of treatment people are always curious about what kind of results it might offer. The thing with hair treatments is that they take their time to show visible results. This non-invasive technique is best suitable for both genders and for people who have been facing mild baldness issues. Patients see visible thick hair growth after the treatment, and they no longer complain of bald spots. However, one should be consistent with their sessions to achieve their desired results. 

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Reasons To Opt For Hair Fillers:

Below are some reasons that will help you learn more about why you should choose to undergo this treatment:

  • Women who suffer from bald spots are ideal candidates. Because hair transplant procedures for women can be more tricky to perform as compared to men.
  • People who are in the initial stages of balding.
  • If you want to stimulate your scalp circulation and hair growth.
  • If you want to achieve thickness, volume, and density in your hair.

Preparing For The Hair Filler Treatment:

Below is a list of things that one should follow before going for the treatment process:

  • Always make sure to research properly, and choose the best expert in your area for your procedure.
  • The expert will first examine your scalp condition during an initial consultation.
  • After examining your scalp condition, the expert will inform you of the details of the process. And he will further guide you on the number of sessions that you will require.
  • It’s best that you avoid using any medications that can impact your blood flow before the process.
  • If you have had any scalp infections or genetic history of baldness patterns, make sure to discuss all these details with your doctor.
  • To ensure that there are no complications in between, and after the treatment, try to avoid smoking and alcohol for a few weeks.

The Hair Fillers Treatment Process:

Below is a step-by-step guide to how these injections are inserted into the scalp:

  • The expert begins the process by examining the number of treatment areas. 
  • Then the expert proceeds to apply a numbing cream to the treatment areas. This helps the patient feel no pain at all.
  • In the next step, the expert begins to inject fillers that are made up of combinations of different peptides, and hyaluronic acid on the problem areas.
  • The insertion of these peptides and the serums onto the problematic scalp regions helps them fight off dryness, and enhance blood circulation in the scalp.

Aftercare Following The Hair Injections Treatment:

The patients need to follow post-treatment guidelines to make sure that they do not face any complications:

  • Do not scratch your scalp at all. 
  •  A few hours after the treatment some patients might feel itchy. But avoid itching your scalp at all costs.
  • The patients might experience symptoms such as swelling, bruising or itching. But these symptoms only occur due to injections and insertions and will reside within a few days.
  • Make sure to attend all your sessions, as well as follow-up sessions.
  • Alcohol drinking, and smoking are the two things that you should stay away from in your recovery period. 
  • Try to cover your scalp while you go out in the sun.
  • To minimize the swelling you can apply a cold compress on the injection sites.

Advantages It Offers:

Hair fillers offer many benefits, let’s discuss them one by one:

  • One of the best benefits it has to offer is that it improves the blood circulation levels in the scalp.
  • It not only stimulates the hair growth but also enhances the density.
  • Prevents the individuals from further hair problems.
  • A perfect non-invasive solution to overcome the balding spots.
  • The results you achieve are natural, as well as long-lasting.
  • You won’t need to wear wigs to improve your appearance.
  • Individuals feel a lot more confident in themselves.

Price of Hair Fillers:

The Cost of the Hair Fillers Injections in Dubai can vary from AED 1,000 to AED 4,000. We cannot tell you about the final cost details. Because the price can be influenced by several factors. Such as:

  • How many sessions a patient will have to attend?
  • What results do you expect?
  • The experience of the expert performing.

Say Bye To Hair Problems!

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