Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

For a very long period, candidates have preferred Dubai to get their hair transplants. We and the celebrities also consider our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic In Dubai  for their hair transplants. The best and most expert physicians in the world are providing their best services in our clinic. However, there are other causes for this high demand.

Reasonable and convenient Hair Transplant Costs in Dubai are the greatest reason individuals require and let us give good knowledge about the charges. To know more, read the given explanation!

Approximate Cost Check-up:

Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai begins at AED 6999. If we look at the difference, in re United Kingdom or the United States, it will be 1,428 pounds or 1905 dollars respectively. So the difference is clear. In dollars, the charges increase to a greater extent, however, when we talk about dirhams, you will have to charge less. The charges of all the hair transplants are highly impacted by the great difference in exchange rates.

The Results of the Technique:

The outcomes of this process are quite obvious. You will be able to get the outcomes by your desires and goals. The therapy will give you a pretty and attractive look. And enhance your overall appearance.

Hair Transplant Cost in Sharjah Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Hair Transplant Cost in UAE

Method of Hair Transplant:

The first step is to get ready for the donor area. The hair in the donor part is cut in the required length, which is often around one to two millimeters. The physician next cuts as many follicles as feasible from every square centimeter of the certain location.

Cost of FUT Hair Transplant:

Since we are all aware of the FUT Hair Transplants. Until now, they have not been replaced by any other process but their usage has been decreased because of their surgical means. But, for some severe baldness issues, when more follicles are needed, this can still be considered. Typically, it is a strip technique that needs expert doctors owing to its delicate and difficult methods.

The charges of this method can range from AED 4000 to AED 7000. This is the average price only but you must have to appoint our physicians directly to know the real charges in your case.

The Cost of FUE Hair Transplant:

New advancements in FUT therapy resulted in FUEhair transplant which is more popular and provides wonderful outcomes. This method is nowadays the most famous cosmetic technique with an eight percent success rate. The therapy highly provides the natural hair with the required nutrients without any involvement of incisions, stitches, or spots.

The Cost of the FUE Hair Transplant is AED 6,999. Physicians can perfectly check the exact charges after examining the condition of the patient and the hair follicles required.

What are the Charges per Graft?

This is very complicated to know the overall Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai, without knowing the cost of an individual follicle. As it is the greatest standout among all the reasons impacting its charges. For FUE, the approximate price of this transplant ranges from AED 15 to AED 20. While on the other hand, for FUT it will range from AED  10 to AED 12. This transplant is performed with, 3000 follicles is considered amazing. So, 4000 and 5000 hair transplants will be one of the best options that every individual can have.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Hair Transplants in Dubai?

The Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai is not confirmed yet. A long list of factors affects its charges. This is different from individual to individual, hospital to hospital, however, you do not have to sacrifice quality over cost. In addition, whatever the reasons, the charges in Dubai will still be reasonable. Let us take a look at the significant aspects that are responsible for the changes in the prices.

  1. The outcomes claimed.
  2. Number of hair follicles needed.
  3. Type of the technique used for hair transplant can be either FUT or FUE.
  4. The qualification or experience of the doctor.
  5. Standards or location of the hospital.

Easy Payment Faculty Ar Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic!

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