Hybrid Hair Transplant In Dubai

Hair loss is a very common problem nowadays. Everyone is suffering from this problem. Due to hormonal imbalances, they have to suffer from baldness. Most people face criticism in public because of this. Everyone wants to get rid of this. You are at the right place in this difficult time. Yes, now you can also enjoy your life with perfect hair and lead a stress-free life. Our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic provides a Hybrid Hair Transplant In Dubai. This transplant will transform your appearance and make you look younger. Your issue will be solved. This technique is very effective and makes your hair strong for a lifetime. To get more knowledge about it read the given details below.

What is a Hybrid Hair Transplant:

This hybrid hair transplant is a very useful and advanced technique. It contains 2 techniques FUE and FUT. These two processes help to contain grafts at the maximum rate. This transplant not only helps to regrow your hair but also makes the hair thicker and stronger for the rest of your life. It also covers your scars that were given in the FUT process. When you are done with this transplant it will be hard for a person to expect that you have undergone hair surgery. 

Procedure During the Treatment:

This transplant is the same as others but is a little complicated as compared to others. In most cases, if you are done with the first session of this hair transplant then there is no need for another transplant in the future. It consists of some major steps that you should know. First, the surgeon cleans up your scalp and then gives you local anesthesia so that the patient can not feel any pain. The doctor shaved your scalp from the back for transplantation. Then hair strands are taken out gently from the back of the head and after this sutures are applied to the scalp. By FUT and FUE techniques grafts are extracted very carefully and placed into the shaft that is made by your doctor. This whole procedure took 3 to 8 hours. Finally, you will get your natural results.

Results that are Observed after this Technique:

The results are wonderful. After some weeks you will start observing that your hair starts growing. They are much stronger and thicker. They will stay on your scalp throughout your life. For such amazing results, you should avail this offer.

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The Main Purpose of this Technique:

We are providing this hair transplant for the people who need us in their difficult times. We are writing some of the purposes below:

  • Our main aim is to provide the patients with the best treatment they deserve.
  • We do our best to educate people and give them the best tips for their quick recovery.
  • We want every person to live his/her life without any stress.
  • We try our best to treat and help such people to solve their issues.

Benefits of Hybrid Hair Transplant:

There are many advantages of this service. If you want to get rid of this issue then our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic provides Hybrid Hair Transplant In Dubai & Abu Dhabi. If you want to read some of the advantages below:

  • This process contains two techniques that are very beneficial for a candidate.
  • This technique will transform your look and make you younger than before.
  • Hybrid transplant, not only changes your look but also makes your hair stronger and thicker.
  • It is more effective than this FUE and FUT technique if used separately.
  • The combined advantages of these techniques become very beneficial for a candidate.
  • The major advantage of it is that it gives a natural look to a candidate without any artificial look
  • You will lead a peaceful life without facing any criticism.

Tips you Should Follow:

We always provide our patients with the best instructions so that it will help in patient recovery. So we are giving you major tips you should acknowledge. Here are some:

  • Avoid smoking, alcohol, or any type of such drinks that is harmful to your health.
  • You need to confirm with your surgeon about any infection or wild diseases.
  • It’s a must for you to follow all the rules prescribed by the doctor.
  • Before your surgery tell your doctor about your medical condition.
  • You should take only those antibiotics that are provided by your doctor.
  • The stitches are to be removed within 11 days only by your surgeon.
  • Avoid any type of ointment that is not prescribed.
  • Comb your hair with a soft brush.
  • Keep your diet good before surgery.
  • A candidate should visit the clinic for appointments to keep you in check.
  • Try to protect your scalp from sun rays for a short period after your surgery.

Recovery time:

This hybrid hair transplant needs 10 to 11 days for the removal of the stitches after the wounds start healing. It took a few weeks for the growth of new hair. It took 10 months for longer hair. All you need is to show some patience then you will be rewarded with wonderful results.

A suitable candidate for Hybrid Hair Transplant:

In this difficult time, everyone is searching for a trustworthy staff. Our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic provides a Hybrid Hair Transplant In Dubai that will help you solve your problem. There are some instructions given for those who are suitable for this offer.

  • Patients who are suffering from alopecia.
  • A candidate should have good health and be protected from any viral diseases.
  • They should have enough hair on their scalp for extraction.

The Cost of Hybrid Hair Transplant:

The Cost of a Hybrid Hair Transplant In Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges from 5000 AED to 9000 AED. The exact price depends on the number of grafts and the patient’s condition.

Why choose us?

We know that you are in search of an expert staff. You are very lucky to have found us. Our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Provides a Hybrid Hair Transplant In Dubai & Abu Dhabi for people who are suffering from baldness. We have the best doctors and surgeons who are very expert and have experience in their work. We always give our best to help out our patients in many ways. You should avail this opportunity.