Full Body Checkup at Home in Dubai

Health is wealth. If you do not have good health then you cannot enjoy the beauty of life. Due to a lack of knowledge, some people do not concentrate on their health properly and this could lead to a severe disease. Still, when you take care of yourself properly and apply for regular checkups then it will lead you to live a peaceful life. Full body examinations are essential for every individual. This will help you to get to know all about your health conditions. 

If you undergo regular Full Body Checkups then you can get rid of several serious health problems. A few times, candidates are not able to come to the clinic because of some common conditions.  But now you do not need to worry as our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is providing you with one of the best and most effective Full Body Checkups at Home in Dubai.  So this is not a big problem now as we are giving you the opportunity in the comfort of your own home.

The Essence of the Process:

Our first aim is to consider the ease, and comfort of the candidate. Some of the time, individuals are not able to come to the clinic, and they forget to look after themselves. Ignoring your health must not be go long. The main purpose of this process at home is to ensure that our candidates receive their daily checkups performed in the easy environment of your home. These examinations tell us about our health measures. It also tells you about any disorder you are going through in the premature stage. Knowing the issue at this early stage can assist in getting rid of severe upcoming issues.

Pros of this Full Body Checkup:

Candidates sometimes ignore to undergo daily checkups. Ignoring your health must not be considered an option, it should be taken as a serious responsibility for any reason. Our bodies need daily examinations so that we can determine how our body is performing. Some of the benefits of this technique are given below:

  • It gives the advantage of getting the checkup in the ease of your own home.
  • Receiving regular examinations reduces the chance of major health conditions.
  • Assists in knowing the issue at its starting stage.
  • Pre-mature of disorders assists in getting rid of major medical bills.
  • The therapy you in maintaining and controlling hygienic issues and problems.
  • This technique helps in increasing and giving you a perfect lifestyle.
  • Assists in keeping track of your physical health.
  • This aids in determining major severe diseases, such as diabetes, liver problems, and heart issues.

Who Should Receive Full Body Checkup?

At our Clinic, we provide a Full Body Checkup at Home in Dubai for both male and female individuals. Every individual can get this therapy at our clinic:

  • Candidates who are not able to come to the clinics because of a few conditions can get this service and undergo their physical check-up performed in the ease of their home.
  • Adult candidates who are not able to go to the clinic because of their old age.
  • Individuals who are going through any disease.
  • Our services are not limited to only single-gender rather our services are of great versatility, and both individuals can avail of this opportunity.
  • This therapy is very advantageous for certain individuals.
  • Persons who are in separation can also get an advantage from this.

How Much Time is Required for the Outcomes?

The outcomes are normally provided to the candidates on the exact day. While some checkups consume a day or about two for their outcomes. The individuals are given with hundred percent perfect and attractive outcomes. You do not need to worry about wrong outcomes. Our laboratory outcomes are outcomes attractive and correct.

What kind of Checkups are Provided at Home?

At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we provide a great range of unique home checkups, some of these are given below:

  • Liver Function:

If an individual feels that his liver is damaged. He must undergo a liver program test. Our physician will take a sample of your blood for a check-up. The sample will be taken in the comfort of your own home. 

  • Blood Glucose:

This is performed to know the concentration of glucose in your bloodstream. For this, the candidate initially has to consume a good amount of glucose. After only sixty minutes the physician will take the blood from your arm and will send this sample to the laboratory to know the outcomes.

  • Thyroid Test:

A thyroid checkup is performed to know all the problems of your thyroid and the occurrence of hyperthyroidism. The physician or health care administrator will take the blood from the arm of the client and then send this to the lab for further analysis. The sample will then be collected in your home.

  • Kidney Function Test:

Kidney checkups are of great significance as they tell us about the health condition of our kidneys. If you undergo the kidney test early then you will be able to get to know the conditions of your kidney. Kidney failures are very popular these days. So daily kidney checkups must be undergone. The physician may perform a blood test and a urine test as well to know the health of your kidneys.

The Cost of a Full Body Checkup at Home:

The Cost of a Full Body Checkup at Home in Dubai ranges from AED 344 to AED 588. Several techniques have different charges depending on the condition or goals of the patient and a few more cost-affecting factors.

How to Book a Consultation with Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic?

To confirm your consultation with our expert physician for a Full Body Checkup at Home in Dubai then what you need to do is to fill up the given form on our website and confirm your appointment.