IV Therapy in Dubai

Vitamins are very important for metabolic reactions and stimulating some other functions of the body. You can consume substances orally but just ten percent of them are taken into the blood. On the other hand, the transfer of substances through the drips is more advantageous as one hundred percent of the necessary minerals and nutrients are absorbed in the body. This technique is quite protective and influential for the replenishment of the electrolyte volume in the body. This technique performs as a way which remove the antioxidants from the body and accelerate the immunity of the body. The process also slows down the aging process. The drip has a mixture of vitamins, proteins, and some other substances that can enhance your overall health condition very quickly. Get this IV Therapy at Home in Dubai and get yourself free of diseases. 

Know More about the Technique:

This process injects all the minerals, nutrients, and other substances into the body. This procedure is performed to complete the deficiency of rare vital nutrients and vitamins. Those candidates who are unable to consume the vitamins can receive the bag of IV therapy. This is a highly suggested technique by physicians and provides you with wonderful outcomes. All the vitamins are absorbed into the blood and give you desirable outcomes. The important vitamins and ions are magnesium, calcium, vitamin B, and some other water-soluble ions.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for the IV Therapy?

Individuals who have the following are considered to be the ideal nominee for the method. The candidacy for the IV Therapy at Home in Dubai is as follows:

  • For the multivitamins in the body, this is the best option to get 
  • If you want to boost your immune system 
  • To lower the fatigue in your body and to eliminate chronic diseases 
  • When you want to say bye to muscle weakness once and for all

Goals of the Treatment:

The main aims of the process are the ones:

  • The main purpose of the method is to deal with the dehydration.
  • For the osmotic balance so that the body can stay hydrated.
  • It treats dizziness and cramps in the body. 
  • For the boost up of immunity.
  • To treat chronic diseases like fatigue and diabetes. 
  • Depression and anxiety of a person reduces. 

Why This IV Therapy is Given at Home?

Many people found it difficult to spare some time for the treatments from their busy schedules. They can not visit the clinics on regular routines. There are a lot of benefits that a person can have while receiving the treatment at home. Our home care specialists provide several procedures to you at home. You can enjoy everything at home while having this IV therapy. And the best thing is that the therapy is carried out by expert doctors and specialists. 

The procedure of IV Therapy:

To carry out the therapy, our doctors will clean the area where the cannula is inserted. Mostly that part is the arm area. The whole procedure will take around 50 minutes. Before the method, a medical checkup will be done. After the cleaning, a numbing cream will be applied so that the patient does not feel any pain or discomfort. 

When the drip gets started, the speed of the drip is set according to the needs of the individual. While the cannula is inside and the process is in flow you can do whatever you want for your comfort and enjoy like you can play music and have some rest. 


The benefits that can be obtained with the assistance of this IV therapy are mentioned below.

  • By inserting all the essential supplements in this body it helps you in obtaining a healthy gut and a strong immunity to fight against all the invaders and infections. 
  • For the regulation of the body functions the process helps in the metabolism and causes the stimulation of the enzymes production for many body functions. 
  • When the proteins and enzyme are in regular quantity the cofactors properly get attached and function in an accurate manner 
  • Due to balance in the quantity of the vitamins, minerals, and all the other components the diseases that are chronic and there for a long time go away. 
  • People who have injuries and find it difficult to get rid of the wounds can say bye to their bruises with this therapy 
  • The therapy deals with the infections and increases the immunity of a person 

Cost of IV Therapy:

The cost for IV Therapy at Home in Dubai ranges from AED 1000. Many factors can affect the price of the method and these are mainly the number of sessions required, the condition of the patient, the quantity of the drips, and the location where the procedure is carried out. If you are ready to receive the method then you should consult the doctor for once and he/she will guide you for the final expense relying on your situation after analysis. 

To Conclude:

At our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we make sure that you have received the best quality drips and therapies with all the exceptional results and for this we have all the expert professionals dealing with that. We also provide these services to people at their homes in a safe way. We give comfort and ease to our patients. The health of our clients is the top-most priority so we take care of all the safety protocols and hygiene. If you think that you should get the method then complete the form that is present below. Our staff and the team will contact you as soon as possible.