Physiotherapy At Home in Dubai

If you are suffering from muscle pain and muscle spasms let us help you through Home Nursing. You do not need to hurt yourself by traveling in coming to the clinic and why would you need to come when you can have the best doctors at your doorway?  We will take care of you and will provide you with the best treatments as well as guidance. At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, our best physiotherapist will visit you for Physiotherapy at Home in Dubai. We are there for you 24/7 and you can book a specific time slot at which your physiotherapist will visit you for your treatment. 

What is Physiotherapy at Home in Dubai?

A therapy that is done for patients’ healthcare. People who study physiotherapy are called physiotherapists. The therapy covers the health and social care department. 

Physiotherapy is a procedure that can be done at home to relieve your back and neck pain. Get your specific treatment today at home with the best and expert physiotherapists at  

The Essence of the Physiotherapy at Home :

The following are the aims of the process:

  • Improve mobility and functionality overall.
  • Reduce pain and any kind of discomfort.
  • Increases healing from injuries and surgeries.
  • Give personalized care in the comfortable environment of your home.
  • Check and correct severe conditions nicely.
  • Optimize posture and help you in getting rid of any future injuries.
  • Improve the quality of life of all ages.
  • Promote a holistic approach to health and well-being.
  • Facilitate convenient access to physiotherapy services.

Who Carries Out Physiotherapy?

A physiotherapist carries out Physiotherapy at Home in Dubai and helps the patient with manual support, muscle movements, exercises, and education. Physiotherapists help people of every age like young people, aged ones, and sometimes children if they need it. 

Using all their education and skills, our physiotherapists treat all the muscular issues of their patients. Physiotherapy can be done anytime in life. 

Benefits of Getting the Therapy at Home with Us:

  • We have highly experienced therapists from all over the world
  • We have merged & a combination therapy approach
  • We listen to you carefully and then give you care plans
  • Flexible appointments
  • Privacy and a comfortable environment 
  • Senior doctors provide therapies

Who Should Get Physiotherapy at Home?

The one who wants to get the process of Physiotherapy at Home in Dubai should show the following certain signs:

  • Candidates healing from surgery or orthopedic processes.
  • Old people going through mobility problems.
  • Individuals with severe pain problems like back pain or arthritis.
  • Patients with brain issues like stroke or several sclerosis.
  • Athletes seeking rehabilitation for sports injuries.
  • Postnatal ladies addressing musculoskeletal problems.
  • Candidates with balance and coordination problems.
  • Elders who want to enhance their overall power and mobility.
  • Busy professionals who want to get physiotherapy in the comfort of their homes.

What Happens During the Physiotherapy at Home?

First, your doctor asks you about your medical history and will see the injury. Then the therapist utilizes specific treatment techniques including exercises, stretching, and manual therapy. During your session, you will be advised on preventing injuries in the future and how to enhance your mobility. 

The therapist will follow your overall improvement and will make adjustments as per requirement. You may be advised to do some home-based exercise according to your issues and condition. 

Services of Physiotherapy at Home:

Different problems are treated by Physiotherapy at Home in Dubai and these are the ones:

Injuries Occurred Due to Sports:

Stress, strains, back and shoulder pain, knee aching, and muscle issues are treated by therapists. 

Care for Elderly People:

  • Aged people who have issues like arthritis, joint, and knee pain, muscle weakness
  • Back and neck pain, Lower back pain, headaches, spinal injuries. 

For Pain in the Joint:

  • Pain in knees and hip, elbow, shoulder hand & wrist pain
  • Pain in the foot & ankle is treated by our physiotherapist. 

Post-Surgery Care:

When a patient has undergone procedures or surgeries they need some care to take care of their selves. To treat the pain in their knee, shoulder, hip, and cervical region.

Specialty Care:

People with some special disorders like stroke rehab, neurological disorders, pelvic therapy, and rehabilitation procedures. 

How We Take Care of You?

We take a complete historical analysis of you to know the problem details and we analyze your muscle movements, strengths of muscles, and pain level. After all this, we treat the issue which is the main root cause, and do special tests if needed. Our doctors and staff are friendly and they work to guide you as perfectly as they can. 

Why We Have Customized Home Therapy?

Movement for a person is really important in life but due to different reasons our muscles get injured or damaged. We care for you and want to give you our services at best so that you can get the perks of the treatment by sitting at home. 

  • By visiting at home we provide you with complete rehab and recovery.
  • You are given specific care 
  • To save your time and energy
  • To be there for you according to your planned time
  • To communicate with you in a better way
  • To reduce stress and anxiety

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This Physiotherapy at Home Dubai is for people who want to receive treatment with professionalism in the comfort of their homes. These therapy sessions at home provide you with a lot of benefits and convenience. When you can receive high-quality treatment at home then you should tire yourself by traveling and waiting. During the procedures, the patient works with close guidance from the Doctors at Home. This increases your overall health physically and mentally. To book your appointment today with us you need to complete the form that is present below.