Suture Removal At  Home in Dubai

Life is a mixture of experiences. If you are diagnosed with any type of disease then for the treatment you have to undergo several different processes such as surgery. If you have undergone any surgery then you must know that the surgeons cut out the skin and do their work. After completing their procedure, the physicians make the skin closed by stitching it. These stitches help to recover your skin quickly. Then after a specific time, these stitches have to be removed from your skin by a doctor or nurse. Due to certain issues if you can not visit the clinic to get your treatment then for this purpose our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is offering Suture Removal At Home in Dubai. We will try our best to solve your problems.

More about the Process:

You have to know about certain things about suture removal. During any injury, accident, or surgery you have noticed that your skin has been stitched from the point where the surgery has been done. These sutures are used to stitch your skin. They seem like threads that are made up of cotton or silk. They play the role of a bandage that binds the skin easily. Sutures can easily close the opening of the wounds or skin during surgery or injury. These sutures are of two types. The absorbable stitches do not need to be removed from the skin and are made up of absorbable material. The other type is non-absorbable stitches that should be removed within eight to fourteen days. 

Aim of the Process:

Some purposes are provided by our clinic to help the patient in an hour of need. They are given below:

  • Our main purpose of this service is to provide the best healthcare treatment to the patients during any health issues.
  •  Some of the patients can not visit hospitals for their checkups so due to this reason we try our best to help such patients.
  • Another purpose is that we try to protect the patients from any viral infections that are at high risk in hospitals.
  • We also clean the wounds with proper solution and remove the stitches very carefully.
  • Our staff is expert and will provide you with the most satisfactory treatment you deserve.

Ideal Candidate for Suture Removal at Home:

Some main points should avail this opportunity. They are as:

  • People who undergo surgery and have sutures and need the removal of the stitches are suitable candidates for this purpose.
  • Due to any injury if you have stitches and now it’s time to remove them are also avail of this opportunity.
  • If you cannot visit the hospital due to a transport issue then you are eligible for the service.
  • Moreover, if your condition is severe and you are unable to walk then these opportunities are for you.
  • A person who is going through any viral disease, so this is a safe option for everyone that they should be treated at home for suture removal.

Benefits of Suture Removal at Home:

There are a lot of benefits of the offer that our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic is providing Suture Removal At Home in Dubai. If you are willing to read them then they are given below:

  • The main advantage of this offer is that you do not have to travel and visit the clinic anymore.
  • In hospitals, it can be dangerous for you to get any viral disease as compared to home. It is so much a safe option for you.
  • Moreover, if you are visiting the hospital then for your turn you have to wait for minutes to even hours.
  • At home, it is more comfortable for the patient to adjust ready for the treatment.
  • If you are busy in your busy routine and have no time for the patient to take them to the hospital or clinic.
  • We are providing a reliable and fair service in Dubai.
  • If you consult the doctors they will be reached anytime you want in your difficult time.
  • If you have any type of injury then in minutes you can consult the doctors and our staff will help the patients to cure the problem.

Before and After Care:

There are some major instructions for the patient that they need to follow. We are writing some of the tips below that will help you to cure quickly.

  • You should not try any type of ointment of the affected area.
  • It’s a must for the patient to eat the antibiotics that are prescribed by doctors only.
  • If you observe swelling or pain in that area then you should immediately consult the doctor about it.
  • To clean the wound you should take a prescribed soap and wash it gently with water.
  • Keep in mind that you should not hold any weight from the area near the wound. It can lead to swelling.
  • You have to take regular checkups until the stitches are removed.
  • Furthermore, you should only remove the suture by an expert doctor, not on your own.

Cost of a Suture Removal At Home:

The Cost of a Suture Removal At Home in Dubai ranges from 399.00 AED to so on.  It is affordable for all candidates. It depends on the patient’s wound and what type of instruments are used. The main factor is also the distance of your house from the clinic. So under these instructions, the expense depends on.

Why Choose Us?

Our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic provides the best treatment for all the patients in hours of need. Our staff is very expert in their work. We are providing the best surgeons and nurses who will treat you with the great care you deserve. Our doctors are highly experienced and remove the suture very carefully without giving you any pain. This Home Service is very beneficial for patients who can’t visit hospitals.

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