People often hesitate to talk about their intimate health. Most people don’t bother treating the problems they face in their intimate life. Not talking or getting the right treatment will never help solve it. Our intimate health is essential, whether it be associated with our sex life or our intimate organs. Intimate surgeries have gained popularity over the years, as people have become more conscious about the health of their sexual organs. These invasive and non-invasive procedures are either performed for aesthetic or cosmetic purposes. Intimate Surgery in Dubai has helped many people in treating the problems of their private regions as well as reviving the pleasure in their sexual life.

What Can Be Treated?

At Dynamic Clinic Dubai, we have professional, certified doctors who help treat different issues people face in their life. These are:

  • To correct the labia.
  • Revives your pleasure in sexual intimacy.
  • Help revive your vagina after childbirth.
  • Dysfunctions associated with your sexual life.
  • Hymen repair.
  • Clitoral hydectomy.
  • Post-menopausal period, and many other problems.
  • The dry mucous membrane of the vagina.


The treatment helps restore the functions of your organs. It treats dryness and provides humidity in the genital tract. Restores the long-lost sexual pleasure. Helps revive the tone, and shape of your genital organs after childbirth. The patients feel better after the treatment, and they live a much easier life after treating their problems. The results are effective and long-lasting. Our patients have always been satisfied with their results.

An Eligible Candidate:

People who suffer from several issues are eligible to undergo this treatment:

  • Someone who wants to correct the symmetry of their labia.
  • Women who want to enhance their genitals after childbirth.
  • A person who is healthy and understands the procedure, complications, and aftercare of the process.
  • People who face difficulty in being intimate with their partners.
  • People who avoid sexual intercourse because of being abused.
  • Someone who does not suffer from diabetes, heart disease, and blood clotting disorders.
  • Individuals who are mentally prepared for the treatment.

Treatments At Our Clinic:

At our Dynamic Clinic in Dubai, we offer various treatments to treat different problems associated with the health of our intimate organs. These treatments are as follows:

  • Vaginoplasty:

Vaginoplasty is a procedure that helps reconstruct and repair our vagina. A women’s vagina changes after she conceives a child with normal delivery. The vaginal muscles stretch and become loose. This also disrupts the pleasure in her sexual life. Women become awkward and usually do not like to talk about it. But a vaginoplasty treatment makes your vagina tight and reconstructs your vagina, in addition to reviving your sexual pleasure and your long-lost confidence.

  • Labiaplasty:

Labiaplasty surgery is done for both medical and physical reasons. The surgery helps to either increase or reduce the size of your labia. Labia are the skin tissues that are present around our vagina and urethra. The folds of skin that are present on the outer part of the vagina are labia majora, and the inner folds are known as labia minora. These folds are sometimes large in size, due to which they can fold, twist, and turn. This can cause physical discomfort to a person in performing simple routine activities. So the surgery is performed to reduce the size of the labia.

  • Vaginal Rejuvenation:

Vaginal rejuvenation is a surgical and non-surgical procedure that helps revive the appearance and function of the vagina. Women often opt for these procedures because of having a loose vagina, experiencing dryness in the region, experiencing painful sex, feeling no sensation, a decreased libido, and due to many other reasons.

  • Hymen Repair:

A hymen is a thin tissue that is present at the opening of a woman’s vagina. This surgical procedure aims at repairing a torn hymen or creating a hymen that is not present. Women often opt for this surgical procedure due to religious, cultural, or personal reasons. People who were sexually abused in the past can also benefit from this treatment to repair their hymen. Most women choose to undergo this procedure to achieve a certain pleasure in their intimate life. A hymen can be broken due to many different reasons such as cycling, due to some exercise, inserting a tampon, etc. The surgery restores the hymen membrane, enhancing your confidence.

Recovery Period:

During the recovery period, the patient must follow certain instructions to completely heal from the surgical process:

  • If you have undergone intimate surgery, then you must avoid sexual intercourse for a few days. Your doctor will inform you about when you can resume your intimate activities.
  • Avoid applying any type of pressure in the treated region.
  • Avoid any type of strenuous exercise.
  • Keep the area clean. Observe proper hygiene but do not use any harmful products in the region.
  • Try to take complete bed rest. Avoid doing any heavy physical exercises.
  • Refrain from using tampons for a few days.
  • The patient must not wear tight clothes. Try to wear loose clothes.
  • Try to properly clean the area after you use the toilet.
  • You must avoid visiting saunas.
  • Some bleeding may occur.
  • Stay hydrated and try to eat a balanced, healthy diet.


These surgical and non-surgical processes have been proven beneficial to a lot of people.

  • They improve your pleasure and satisfaction in your sexual life.
  • An enhanced appearance of the genitals.
  • No more vaginal dryness.
  • You feel more confident in your body.
  • A more happy and more satisfied life.
  • They help treat certain congenital abnormalities, such as the excess folds of the labia.
  • They also help treat post-pregnancy defects.


These procedures have some disadvantages, which are mentioned below:

  • Swelling.
  • Pain while sitting.
  • Bleeding.
  • The cost tends to be high.


The cost of Intimate Surgery at Dynamic Clinic Dubai ranges from __AED to __AED. However, the cost may contradict depending on various different factors, these are:

  • The experience of the doctor.
  • The severity of the case.
  • The type of treatment.

Here’s to a Happy Healthy Sexual Life!

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