Best Laser Skin care Treatments in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Skin Care Clinic

Lasers provide high accuracy of precision in all treatments today. There are various different kinds of surgeries that include Lasers as well as skin therapies to improve the aesthetic appearance of a person’s face and body.  If you are somebody who wants to upgrade the quality of your skin or you wish to trigger a massive chunk of fat. Find out how Laser Skincare Treatments In Dubai & Abu Dhabi are delivering effective results effortlessly. 

How Does Laser Treatment Work?

This is a special heat and energy infused together that aims to penetrate deep inside the dermal layers. The radiation will trigger a certain problem, and bring new skin cells to life. As a result collagen production takes place. This is how the targeted improvements are brought to light and you begin to notice new changes inside and outside your body.  


There is a specific target and goal to be achieved for each individual candidate. Some opt for this treatment to enhance a feature, while others want to undergo laser Hair Removal In Dubai. Whatever the given circumstances are, this technology will produce almost instant results and improve the texture and quality of your dermal surface. The results are long-lasting, and with the continuous follow-up session, you can sustain the maintenance for a prolonged time period.

Laser Skincare Treatments Dubai  Laser Skincare Treatments In Dubai  Best Laser Skincare Treatments Dubai

Best Laser Skincare Treatments In Dubai  Best Clinic of Laser Skincare Treatments Dubai  Best Clinic of Laser Skincare Treatments In Dubai 

What Other Treatments Can Be Performed Under The Lasers?

A wide variety of dermal conditions, as well as internal problems, can be treated with our Laser Skincare Treatments In Dubai & Abu-Dhabi;

  • Varicose Veins. These are also known as Spider Veins.
  • Laser Hair Removal.
  • Hyperpigmentation or Dark Spots.
  • Post Acne or other Superficial scars.
  • Premature and Mature Aging Signs.
  • Warts and Lesions Removal.
  • Skin Whitening and Tightening, and many more. 

Different Types Of Laser Machines Used:

We use a numerous amount of the latest and innovative technologies at our Clinic. Some are specially designed to target hair Follicles, whereas other handheld devices are created to enhance the quality of your skin. However, all our machinery and treatments are FDA-approved and safer approaches for all the suitable candidates. Below are a few types of Lasers we are offering you;

  • Alexandrite Laser: this is one of the fastest working technology that is designed to produce effective results. It can safely lighten your skin color and dismiss all the impurities from the surface as well. 
  • Diode Laser: it works best and most efficiently on our clients with darker skin tones. The radiation is minimally less aggressive on the skin. It targets the lower layers of the epidermis as well as the dermis. Furthermore, it is also a permanent solution to your unwanted facial hair too. 
  • Q-Switch Laser: this technology is used to safely get rid of the tattoo ink from the skin. It is an ideal approach to discard all your unwanted tattoos away. You can also opt for this treatment if you have superficial scars from severe acne. It is a spot treatment, therefore, the end results will leave you with a spotless and flawless complexion. 
  • CO2 Laser: we use this technique to dispose of all skin-related impurities and irregularities. Even if you have a certain bruise or mark from a wound or stubborn acne has left a few series of its footstep marked on your skin. A CO2 Laser will banish all these defects and give you the perfect glass-like skin. 

What Are The Best Laser Skincare Treatments?

At our clinic, we bring you the safest and fastest working laser treatments that produce ever-lasting results. Some of our highly popular and in-demand Skincare Therapies are;

  • Skin Resurfacing: this will rejuvenate your entire skin from the inside out. The beneficial effects of this treatment come to light because of the active carbon solution. This is a special formula, which is applied to your face. It will sit on top of the facial pores, and pull the toxins out after collaborating with the external aid of a special heat energy. When laser and carbon work together, they will improve the quality of your skin. As a result, you will notice a firm lift and a minimizing effect on your enlarged pores as well. The collagen will start working actively from now onward, this will produce a healthy glow on your face. 
  • Anti-Aging: with the passage of time, everything falls to gravity. If you are struggling with premature or mature aging signs, our Anti-Aging therapy will lift and tighten your saggy skin. As a result, you will appear younger-looking. It is an upgrade to your entire facial profile. Your face appears rejuvenated, this is all thanks to new cells that are balancing the PH levels on your skin. 
  • Skin Toning: this will target all the saggy and loose skin. It has the power to provide an instant glow by relaxing your dermal tissues. It is a pleasant and pain-free procedure that aims to generate cool energy in your problematic regions. This treatment can be performed on various different parts of the body, such as; arms and legs. 
  • Spots and Superficial Scar Removal: lasers can effortlessly eliminate all the unappealing conditions from your face and body. This treatment requires the completion of the entire therapy so as to gain maximum benefits from this special source of energy. A total number of 5 or 6 sessions are required to notice obvious changes. As a result, all the dark spots and scars are fading away in due time. It is collagen boosting treatment, so the benefits are working from within your dermal layers.  
  • Laser Liposuction: if you want to experience an effortless transformation of a slimmed body, Laser Liposuction is the best option for you. This procedure includes; slurping the extra fat cells from your body. This method is performed by putting you to sleep. A special machine and cannula are attached to your area of concern. And in due time, you will get rid of unwanted fat stored inside your body. However, it will require some time for the body to heal up in order to show obvious signs of improvement. 
  • Hair Bleaching: if you are somebody who has very thin or fine hair follicles on your face or other regions of the body. Due to this rarest condition, no hair removal method is of any use to you. You can opt for this treatment specially designed to work on invisible or light-colored hair. The Laser beams will target the area patch by patch. The goal is to bleach the follicles to make them appear invisible on the skin. There are no additional or hidden side effects to this treatment compared to other artificial or chemically approached methods to lighten the color of the hair. With an annual or monthly series of sessions, you can prolong the effects for a longer period.
  • Laser Tattoo Removal: A calculated level of heat intensity is drawn on the inky regions of your skin. The beams will trigger collagen inside, which will come back to life and work actively to repair the cells. This will result in a breaking down of the installed ink inside the layers of your dermis. All the tiny fragments of ink will be cast off gradually. You are required to opt for a series of sessions in order to reach your desired goals. 
  • Laser Skin Whitening: the heat generated from the laser will penetrate the skin. It causes collagen to come back to life, and as a result, the new cells take over. This empowers the melanin which is the darker cells floating for the epidermis to fall off. This could be a stubborn skin tan or other dark spots on the surface. So when this treatment is introduced, it will eliminate the darker cells and enhance the aesthetic appearance of your face by generating new light in color cells to come to life. The final revel is the completely rejuvenated complexion of a shade 3 or 4 lighter than your previous complexion. However, you are required to opt for a number of sessions to meet your desired standards.

What Is The Efficiency Of The Laser Treatments? 

There are different modes of level that are designed to upgrade the intensity over a period of time. The potential outcomes are generated as the beams are intensely drawn deep into the dermis. You will notice the elimination of aging signs such as wrinkles and crow’s feet. All the dark spots and discoloration is also gradually improving. This treatment is ab overall external aid to upgrading your skin condition and to treating all your massive dermal concerns. However, you are required to undergo a one-on-one consultation prior to the big day. This is important because only an expert can determine the right action plan for you according to your condition.  


This is a series of simple action plans that are performed inside a Doctor’s office. Below is a brief detailed piece of information about this non-invasive course of action; 

  • You are asked to fill out your medical history form at the reception counter. 
  • The Dermatologist will see you shortly, and go through your reports to determine a special plan just for you. 
  • He/She will cleanse your skin to get rid of all the dirt and bacteria from the skin.
  • The next step is to apply an anesthetic cream on top. This will numb the entire region under care. And provide you with a comfortable experience while sitting in your session.
  • Your eyes are covered with a pair of eye-safety goggles. Meanwhile, the expert will talk you through the process.
  • The handheld device is activated. The expert will carefully draw the beams on the area under care. 
  • The entire process should take less than an hour or more. This depends on your condition and the region under your care. 
  • In the end, the whole skin is wiped and a soothing gel is applied on top. This will tame all the soreness from the laser beams. 

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

Some treatments produce immediate results. Others may take a month to show signs of improvement. That’s why experts recommend completing the whole treatment which consists of a good 5 to 7 sessions to notice desired changes. After this, you can opt for months-apart appointments or an annual session to sustain the maintenance. 

What Is The Cost Of The Treatment?

A number of sessions are required to reach one’s desired goals. We will arrange a one-on-one consultation for you. Our expert will examine the condition of your general health and design a custom-made plan specifically for you. The final value of the estimation depends on your area of concern as well as the choice of therapy you are opting for. However, the average cost of Laser Treatments In Dubai ranges between AED 399 to AED 2999. 

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