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You must know about different procedures for getting rid of unwanted fat if you are a sufferer yourself. But what if you find a solution that ensures its safe and effective working by using a tracking methodology? Yes! You have read it right. GPS Laser Liposuction In Dubai has been introduced to help you overcome the issue of chubbiness in specific parts of the body. This course of action not only extracts the unwanted fat but makes sure that it doesn’t affect any other surrounding parts. With the help of tracking ability, it minimizes the level of concern of patients for undergoing any laser therapies.

Basic Out-Turns:

This operation is specially designed to help to achieve a slim, smart, and event-toned overall physique. By reducing the stoutness it enhances the confidence level of the candidates. You can get your dream figure after undergoing this plan of action. Body parts like hips, thighs, and abdomen usually cannot overcome the chubbiness with traditional methods like home remedies, running, exercising, and gyming. In such scenarios, this action can work as a body changer. It also results in the stimulation of collagen production in your body which not only increases the elasticity of the epidermis but also turns your physique into a more young-looking one.

Characteristics Of Ideality:

  • Overall health matters a lot, so the patient should be medically fit for the performance of this action.
  • If you have recently suffered from a fluctuation in weight, you must not go for this procedure.
  • The individual should be in no less than 30% of their ideal weight at the time of operation.
  • The patient should be well aware of the difference between weight and fat loss procedures.
  • You must have good enough elasticity in your skin.
  • For being eligible for this action, you must not be having any active infection or other medical issues.
  • A good patient for this particular procedure must also be having enough time to take rest.

Basic Pre-Procedure Instructions:

  • Before undergoing this course of action, you must be well aware of all the benefits, risks, and steps to promote the healing process.
  • You must be knowing about the expertise of the practitioner before consulting the one.
  • Make sure to quit smoking for at least 1-2 weeks before the operation.
  • Every type of blood-thinning supplement should be avoided to minimize the risk of bleeding during the procedure.
  • Do not enter the clinic in a restless condition. Complete your sleep a night before undergoing this action.
  • Arranging transportation and handing over your belongings to your attendees are the instructions that should be made sure of before entering the operation theater.
  • You should be in fasting condition for almost 8-9 hours before the procedure.

Step-By-Step Methodology:

  • The operation begins with giving local or general anesthesia to the candidate.
  • After making sure that the patient is completely anesthetized and would not feel any pain or discomfort, the expert starts making necessary cuts in the exact area of treatment.
  • Moving forward the practitioner inserts a cannula through the way of the cuts that they had made earlier.
  • A special GPS device is sued in this methodology. It performs two important functions: 

             (1) With the help of the laser it breaks the fatty material into smaller particles or liquid forms.

             (2) (a) To track which points have received enough energy, 

                     (b)  The areas that still require more laser beams,

                     (C) The regions that might get damaged or completely burnt if exposed to more heat.

  • The next step is of extracting the required amount of fat cells.
  • With the help of the thin tube called a cannula, the doctor then suction out the unwanted material.
  • The expert then covers the operated site with a contraction garment, after making sure that the correct amount of fat has been removed.

Instructions Required To Maintain The Results:

  • To avoid the risk of swelling, you should wear the compression garment for the instructed time.
  • You must continue taking the prescribed medications to lower the pain and discomfort.
  • Make sure to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet plan is very important as it promotes the healing process.
  • You should not indulge yourself in any type of exercise weight lifting activity for about 1-2 weeks.
  • Make sure to keep yourself away from excessive intake of sugar and sugar.
  • If you notice any type of abnormal symptoms, without wasting even a single moment, discuss it with your doctor.
  • You can also massage the treated site to reduce the pain and swelling.
  • All the follow-up sessions should be attended on time.

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List Major Benefits:

  • Being a  minimally invasive procedure, it requires just minor cuts which results in the least chance of scarring.
  • You can get back to your daily life routine after short rest of just a few days.
  • The use of the GPS technique is in itself a great positive point.
  • It offers you not only the precise procedure but also the help of laser tightens your skin and offers you a more defined and young-looking appearance.
  • It can be customized according to the demands of each candidate.
  • It offers you the same outcomes for both genders.
  • As compared to normal liposuction methodology, this procedure extracts a lot greater amount of unnecessary fat.
  • It can deal with the saggings at different parts of the body.
  • What Challenges You Might Have To Face?

  • If you expose the treated site to moisture, so there can be a great risk of infection.
  • Performing hard activities can result in bleeding.
  • Complications like swelling and bruising are common but last for a very short time.
  • In rare cases, the candidate might have to suffer from the problem of temporary numbness in the operated site.

Is It An Expensive Procedure?

The total cost of the procedure depends on your choice of clinic, practitioner, and the way you maintain the out-turns. But estimated the cost of this procedure in Dubai can vary between AED___ and AED___.

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