HALO Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi HALO Treatment Cost

We understand how embarrassing all those visible spots on your face can be. If you are a sufferer of acne-prone skin, signs of growing age, or if you are just not satisfied with the texture and color of your skin. In none of these cases, you should stay worried anymore. With the help of HALO Treatment In Dubai we have got you covered. Through this course of action, the cosmetic world has made it possible for almost everyone to be able to feel happy in their skin.  To understand this procedure in more depth, you must continue reading. We are going to unfold every bit of necessary knowledge that you must be knowing about it. Pay a visit to our clinic and get ready to say hello to our dream skin. 

Most Commonly Seen Upshots:

This wonderful therapy helps you not only get rid of unwanted spots on your skin but also by dealing with aging signs it serves you with more even-toned, fresh, and glowy skin. It fastens the production of collagen and thus provides you with a more young-looking appearance. The most good point about it is that in today’s world where every single second matters a lot, this methodology is capable of offering you skin-changing results in a very short time.

What Makes You Suitable For It?

  • People with the following qualities can be considered a good choice for this procedure:
  • Those suffering from left-behind marks of pimples.
  • If the signs of growing age are bothering you.
  • Individuals who have got a problem with their complexion.
  • Candidates who want to deal with the problem related to the epidermis, without having to undergo surgical treatments.
  • People with packed, busy routines who want instant results.
  • For being eligible for this course of action you must not be younger than 18 years of age.

Results of HALO Treatment:

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Pre-Procedure Know-How:

  • The first thing is to collect every single piece of information about this therapy.
  • Before consulting any practitioner, make sure to gather all the required information about their working and expertise level.
  • Discuss your goals, condition, expectation, and your medical condition with the practitioner.
  • You should strictly avoid sun exposure for not less than a week before the procedure.
  • Make sure not to perform any other facial treatments for almost 1-2 weeks before the performance of this action.
  • For at least 48 hours before the therapy, you should keep your skin safe from the razor, plucking, threading, and waxing.
  • Before entering the clinic, your face should be properly cleansed and free from dirt, bacteria, and dust particles.

Unfolding The Detailed Procedure:

  • The procedure takes no longer than an hour to complete.
  • The expert will apply an ointment on the epidermis, as the first step of the treatment.
  • After making sure that the area of the target is completely numb and would not suffer from any pain, they use a handheld device to continue the procedure.
  • The HALO device uses a combination of both: ablative and nonablative wavelengths.
  • The first one is active in extracting the epidermis till the required depth.
  • The second one is used to heat the collagen for tightening the internal skin tissues.
  • Your doctor then starts moving the instrument all over your face.
  • To ensure comfort level, the intensity of heat rays will be adjusted according to your skin type.
  • The beams of laser directly hit and destroy the unhealthy tissues, without harming the surrounding area.
  • Right after achieving the desired outcome, the expert then applies a soothing cream on the face.

Instructions For Maintaining The Out-Turns:

  • Make sure to apply sunscreen lotion, anytime you leave your house till evening.
  • You should strictly avoid touching your face after the performance of this action.
  • After this therapy, you must not use any type of chemical-rich cosmetic products for 1 week.
  • Once you get this treatment, you should avoid the performance of any other laser therapy on the treated area.
  • To deal with pain and discomfort, either use ice packs or prescribed medicines and ointments.
  • Every type of warm environment should be strictly avoided including steam rooms and sun baths etc
  • Immediately consult your practitioner if you witness any type of infection at the point of treatment.
  • You should continue visiting the clinic for the follow-up sessions.
  • The final results can take 2-3 months, meanwhile, you should stay calm.

Unveiling The Positive Impacts:

  • Helps you get rid of fin-lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and hyperpigmentation.
  • With the help of this procedure, you get more radiant skin.
  • By increasing the production of collagen, it provides you with a more young-looking facial profile.
  • It works efficiently in closing the opened pores.
  • This procedure is designed to look after acne scars.
  • People with all skin types can enjoy the benefits of this treatment.
  • This course of action gives you completely natural and long-lasting outcomes.
  • It can be easily combined with other such treatments and can enhance their results as well.
  • It is not only a non-invasive procedure but can be used as a perfect alternative for many invasive treatments.
  • This therapy can be easily tailored to meet the needs and goals of the candidate.

What Are The Possible Risks?

  • You may have to face problems like redness and swelling.
  • The treated area might have suffered from itching, sensitivity, stinging, and dryness.
  • In rare cases, the patient can also go through the issue of temporary numbness in the region of treatment.

Total charges:

The clinic, practitioner, goals, options, condition of the candidate, and the number of sessions that they require are the factors that can affect the total price of this procedure. But the total expense that you will have to bear can be expected to range between AED___ and AED___.

Let’s Work Together:

If you are looking for a secure, affordable, and trustworthy place for performing HALO Treatment In Dubai, then trust us you are in safe hands. Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai looks after every single need of its patients and serves them with the most satisfying results. Booking a consultation with our highly qualified team is not only easy but completely free as well. By just filling out the form given below you can book an appointment and get a chance to get over all skin-related problems.