Laser Scar Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Scar Treatment Cost

Every passing day of our life teaches us many new things but along with it brings the issue of scars. If you are also a sufferer of left-behind marks of acne or of any accident, surgery, or natural birthmarks so here is some good news for you. Now you do not need to hide your beautiful face behind layers of makeup. We are offering you the most effective laser treatment for Laser Scar Removal In Dubai. We care about our clients, and that’s why we always look forward to helping you feel happy and blessed in our own skin

Expectations That Won’t Disappoint:

This course of action is capable of providing you with your desired outcomes. But most commonly you can expect what this procedure is particularly designed for. So the minimization of the visibility of marks and a clear improvement in skin tone and texture are the most commonly expected outcomes of this therapy. The candidates who have already undergone this therapy have claimed a great improvement in their confidence level.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • For being a good choice for this laser treatment you need to be medically fit.
  • You must not be a smoker or should quit at least 2-3 weeks before the date of the therapy.
  • The suitable individual for this procedure needs to set a realistic and achievable approach toward the out-turns.
  • You must not be having any active skin-related problems.
  • If you have any history of keloids, hypertrophic signs, eczema, or psoriasis in the past, so you must not go for this treatment.
  • In case if you are pregnant or breastfeeding your shield, so do not consider this course of action suitable for yourself, as the rays can be life-threatening for the baby.

How To Get Ready For The Procedure?

  • You must know everything from working to the benefits and risks of this procedure before you book a consultation.
  • Visit a dermatologist and discuss your goal with them.
  • Let them examine your skin properly and then decide whether you should undergo this plan of action or not.
  • Every type of heat environment including sunlight, heat beds, steam baths, etc should be avoided to minimize the risk of sensitivity.
  • Before going for this treatment do not forget to shave your face.
  • Make sure not to use any tanning products or any type of chemical containing cosmetic or skin care products.

Performing The Action:

  • In the very first step, the expert cleanses your skin deeply with specialized serums.
  • After making sure that the epidermis is completely free of dirt and bacteria, they move on to applying numbing cream for at least 30 minutes before the performance of an action on your face.
  • The professional then marks specific areas that need to be treated with the help of a pen.
  • Moving forward the practitioner and the candidate then puts on eyewear to protect their eyes from the rays of the laser.
  • The dermatologist then uses a handheld device, and very professionally starts targeting the damaged tissues.
  • The area around the targetted point is made sure to remain completely unharmed.
  • The skin specialist then applies a soothing or cooling get on your face to reduce the discomfort, redness, and bruising on your skin.
  • With almost 3-4 sessions you will get your desired goal and a complete rid of all those unwanted marks.

How To Maintain The Results:

  • In case of urgency, make sure to apply sunblock before leaving your home.
  • You must keep the treated area completely clean and free of dirt.
  • Consider touching your skin prohibited for at least 3-4 days after the action.
  • To lower the discomfort you should apply the prescribed creams and ointments.
  • If you witness any problem or infection so on an urgent basis discuss your condition with your doctor.
  • To achieve your exact desired goal, make sure to attend all of the follow-up sessions.
  • Make sure to keep your face in an elevated position even while sleeping.

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Essential Positive Points:

  • This plan of action serves you with an enhanced overall look.
  • By removing the blemishes that used to make you feel embarrassed, because of this therapy, you witness a great increase in your confidence level/
  • It is a completely non-invasive therapy, so there is no risk of any left-behind marks of stitches and cuts.
  • This is one of the quickest and most convenient treatments for dealing with such issues.
  • This procedure can be molded to meet the needs of the candidate.
  • The production of collagen is highly increased, so this improves the texture of your skin.
  • You can carry out your daily life tasks normally, just after a short period of rest.
  • You can enjoy long-lasting results after undergoing this treatment.
  • Individuals with almost every skin type can avail the benefits of this course of action.

Some Negative Points:

Only if performed by a less qualified practitioner or if the patient doesn’t look after the treated area with seriousness so they might have to face some challenges:

  • There is a great risk of itching, redness, and swelling attached to this procedure.
  • The final results are not achieved in a single sitting.
  • In rare cases, the individual might have to suffer from skin discoloration.

Comprehensive Expense:

The total price of this treatment can vary depending on different factors like your condition, the expert, and the clinic that you chose for performing this action. The estimated cost of this course of action in Dubai can be around AED 5000 to AED 8000.

What Can Be The First Step?

If you are looking for the most highly qualified practitioners for performing the laser treatment for Laser Scar Removal In Dubai & Abu Dhabi then you must pay a visit to Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai. You can book a consultation with our team by taking one simple, easy, and free step of filling out the form given below. We will take care of the rest of your concerns regarding scars.