Laser Tattoo Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Sometimes some people and things mean so much to us that we don’t even think twice before tattooing their pictures, signs, or names on our bodies. But time indeed changes everything and everyone. Once we get detached from that particular aspect for which we had gotten it tattooed on our body so even that pattern becomes a burden on our mind. If you are also regretting a specific drawing on your body and you want to get rid of that permanently you do not need to worry anymore as the procedure that you have been searching for months i.e. Laser Tattoo Removal In Dubai is being performed at our clinic at affordable price.

Possible Outcomes Of The Procedure:

The removal of any type of drawing on any part of the body with laser therapy can be extracted or else will at least be faded to minimize the visibility of that design. This course of action is also capable. This procedure also provides you with an improved appearance of the area of the target.

Suitable Contender:

  • You must be medically fit to be eligible the undergo laser therapy.
  • The expectations of the individual from the outcome should be realistic and should be achievable.
  • A person with any active skin problem should not be allowed to undergo this course of action.
  • If you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding your child so you must not consider this action suitable for you.
  • If you have any history of the formation of keloids, the therapist would not consider you an eligible individual for this methodology.

Results of Laser Tattoo Removal:

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Pre-Tattoo-Removal Phase:

  • Before you go for the performance of an action, make sure to gather all the necessary information about the therapy, the most qualified practitioner, and the most well-known center for it.
  • Avoid any type of heat or sun exposure to protect your skin from sensitivity.
  • Make sure to shave the targetted area to remove every type of hurdle in removing the art.
  • The area of treatment should be cleaned properly before entering the procedure room.
  • You must not come for therapy with any type of moisturizer applied to the area of the target.

Removing The Design:

  • The procedure typically begins with putting on protective eyewear.
  • After covering the eyes (of both: patient and practitioner) the expert uses a handheld device.
  • Short bursts of laser light are omitted from this device and target the tattoo.
  • The rays are fully absorbed by the drawing and break its ink into smaller particles.
  • In the next step, the cooling aspect of the laser is utilized to reduce the discomfort of the procedure.
  • After removing or minimizing the appearance of the drawing, the practitioner applies a soothing cream to the treated site.
  • This course of action doesn’t end in a single session, but to achieve your desired goal you will need to attend 4-5 sitting to get rid of these designs.
  • Each follow-up session is scheduled with at least a 1-2 weeks gap, in this way, the pain and swelling of the previous sitting get healed meanwhile.

Post-Tattoo-Removal Phase:

  • You must keep the treated area clean and dry to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Touching the point target should be avoided for 1 week.
  • In case you witness any pain or discomfort so you can apply the prescribed antibiotic creams.
  • Make sure to cover the area with a non-sticky cloth.
  • In case of emergency if you have to go out into the sunlight so do not forget to apply sunblock before leaving your house.

Essential Benefits:

  • This procedure is capable of serving you with long-lasting results.
  • This course of action reduces the chance of judgment and discrimination in many areas of life.
  • Due to this therapy, you can get rid of some negative memories.
  • You will witness a clear improvement in your self-confidence.
  • Tattoos fade after some years, so in that case, after removing them properly, the overall appearance of your skin gets enhanced.
  • If the ink used in the art is of low quality it can lead to many skin infections, by undergoing this procedure you can minimize the risk of all such issues.
  • As this therapy is designed to remove the drawing to the best possible extent, so in this way it enables you to get better art in the future.

Prominent Risks:

  • You may have to witness pain and discomfort after the performance of this methodology.
  • If the ink used in the previous tattoo was of good quality so even after removal, it leaves behind its marks which can appear as visible scars on the skin.
  • In some patients, the texture of your skin can also be affected due to this therapy.
  • In rare cases, the candidate may have to suffer from temporary numbness in the targetted area.

Total Cost:

The Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal In Dubai. can start from AED 2000 and can be expected to go up to  AED 5000 in Dubai, depending on different factors like the number of sessions you require, the ink used in the art, the expert, and the clinic that you chose for the procedure.

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