Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

The desire to stay young is not limited to facial appearance only. To feel young in case of your sexual desire’s arousal is one of the most important demands of staying youthful. Who doesn’t want to maintain their physical intercourse abilities for longer than normal? Childbirth, growing age, and different hormonal changes can result in a loose vagina. We are here with great news for you. Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation In Dubai can help you improve your sensual experiences by tightening your bottom part with a completely non-surgical methodology. 

Experiencing The Promising Outcomes:

This course of action is designed to help you improve your venereal experience by enhancing the functionality of your bottom part. You can also get rid of many of the health issues related to this special body part. If you are going through any problem with urination or if your private area remains dry most of the time, you can deal with all such issues with the help of this procedure. You can expect to get a more young-looking vulva by undergoing this course of action.

Qualities Of A Good Patient For This Procedure:

  • You must perform all necessary tests to make sure that you are overall medically fit.
  • A lady who has recently given birth and is experiencing any type of problem in your private part. 
  • Felling extra lack of moisture at the bottom part makes you a good choice for this action.
  • If you are facing any problem during intercourse so you can consider this therapy as a game changer for you.
  • A woman who underwent cancer treatment can go for this methodology to deal with issues in their vulva.
  • If your sexual desires have decreased, you must undergo this procedure to deal with this issue.

Before The Treatment:

  • You must carry out proper research about this course of action before going for the performance.
  • You must be knowing every single detail about their level of expertise.
  • You should not take any pretreatment instructions non-seriously.
  • At least days prior to this therapy, you must not indulge in sexual activity.
  • Remove the hair from the targetted area 3 days before the performance of this action. Supplements like aspirin and some vitamins can make the blood thin, so you must avoid taking them right after you decide to undergo this treatment.
  • You should have cleansed the point of treatment deeply before you enter the therapy room.

Clinical Performance:

  • It is a simple nonsurgical and short treatment of less than an hour.
  • Once the practitioner makes sure that your bottom part is deeply cleaned, they will make you lay in a comfortable position to examine your condition thoroughly.
  • In the next step, they will apply a local numbing ointment for ensuring a painless therapy.
  • Moving forward the surgeon then uses a specialized laser device for performing the function.
  • It will be inserted into your vulva through the canal, and the rays will be targeted right onto the private part’s tissues.
  • The hot rays will target the loosened tissues and will contact them.
  • In this way, the appearance of your vagina will become more tightened and its functionality will increase immensely.
  • After making sure that the desired goal of the candidate has been achieved, the practitioner might apply a soothing ointment to lower the discomfort and pain.

After The Therapy:

  • For 1-2 days after the performance of this methodology, you should strictly avoid intercourse activity.
  • To avoid irritation you should wear loose and non-sticky clothes.
  • In case of feeling any discomfort, you can use cold packers in the treated area.
  • Pain can be dealt with by taking the prescribed medicines.
  • You should strictly avoid all those exercises that could cause pressure to the point of treatment.
  • Lifting heavy items should be considered prohibited for 1-2 weeks after the therapy.
  • You must not tolerate any unusual discomfort and should discuss it with your practitioner on an urgent basis.
  • All future meetings should be attended for a healthy recovery process.

Unlocking The Advantages:

  • This plan of action is capable of serving you with improved sexual performance by enhancing the functionality of your private part.
  • You will witness a great improvement in the strength and tone of the muscles in the treated area.
  • The amount of natural lubrication to keep the bottom part moisturized will be increased.
  • This treatment works like magic for reducing vaginal laxity.
  • The problem of incontinence in urination can be dealt with through this action.
  • The risks of future infections in your vulva can be minimized.
  • It doesn’t restrict you to staying home or in bed for more than a day.
  • With just a minimal look-after, you can enjoy the outcomes for a very longer period of time.

Let’s Navigate Uncertainties:

Benign a very sensitive part, it needs extreme care after undergoing such a procedure, or else there can be certain risks that you might have to face:

  • You may witness some infection if you do not take care of the treated area.
  • There is a risk of bleeding if you lift any heavy load.
  • In rare scenarios, the candidate might have to face temporary numbness in the area of treatment.

Total Charges:

Apart from factors affecting the total cost of this procedure in Dubai, the estimated price can vary between 1400AED and 4500AED.

Let’s Work On Your Goal Together:

We are proud to offer   Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation In Dubai. Our experienced team of practitioners provides personalized care to help you in this regard. We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals and improve your quality of life. So book a consultation at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai for free by filling out the form given below.