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Following a strict diet plan is not the solution for fatty issues. Are you not tired of putting your efforts into traditional methods to get a perfect toned figure? Have you tried all the possible ways to get a slimmer physique and didn’t get any satisfactory results? If yes, then at this moment you are on the right page. Here you are going to learn about Liposonix Treatment In Dubai. It is a completely different procedure than the liposuction. This non-invasive therapy helps you achieve your desired goals with no downtime. These facts are gaining popularity with every passing moment and making it a go-to option for people with packed and busy schedules.

Possible Out-Comes That You May Witness:

This procedure provides you with a perfect body shape by removing unwanted fatty material. By completely destroying the cells from the dermis it enhances the texture and tone of the epidermis. You can achieve a more contoured physique after undergoing this therapy as it minimizes the irregularities like lumps and bumps etc. With its long-lasting results, the past candidate has witnessed a great increase in their confidence level.

Characteristics Of A Good Candidate:

  • Should not have BMI greater than 30.
  • Must be having no less than 2cm of extra fat on the area of the target.
  • The skin of the candidate must have good elasticity to promote contouring.
  • The overall health condition should be completely fine without having any medical issues.
  • Females who are pregnant or are currently breastfeeding their children, should not undergo this procedure.
  • The expectation of the patient from this action should be achievable in the real world.
  • Must not have suffered from the problem of weight fluctuations during last 6 months.

Results of  Liposonix Treatment:
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How To Prepare Yourself For This Procedure?

  • You must carry out proper research about both: the procedure and the practitioner.
  • You should not go out in sunlight 24 hours before the treatment.
  • To reduce the risk of bleeding you should avoid taking medicines that can make your blood thin.
  • For promoting the healing process you must keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Bring someone along with you for two reasons: to look after your belongings and to drive you back to your home.
  • Enter the clinic with a clear mind by asking all the questions from the doctor that you might be having about this action.

How Is This Therapy Performed?

  • The treatment begins with the first step of properly cleaning the skin with medicated solutions.
  • Then the expert marks the exact point of the target by using a pen.
  • Moving forward the doctor applies a numbing ointment on the exact point of treatment to ensure a comfortable and completely painless action.
  • After preparing the patient for the procedure the expert move toward setting a special device for this treatment called  Liposonix transduce.
  • This instrument uses a high frequency of ultrasound energy to directly target the unwanted fatty material.
  • The rays penetrate into the epidermis to attack and kill the targetted cells.
  • After dying out, they are extracted from the body through a natural process.
  • Once the procedure is completed, your doctor will remove the markings that they had made earlier.
  • A cooling gel or a soothing cream will be applied to the treated site to lower the discomfort.

Instructions For Maintaining The Upshots:

  • For 2-3 consecutive days, you should strictly avoid any type of exercise or weight-lifting activities.
  • To deal with redness and swelling you can use cold compresses like ice packs.
  • You should focus on the texture of the clothes that you wear, as they must be smooth, loose, and non-sticky.
  • Keep the treated area protected from sunlight and other warm environments.
  • You can overcome the pain by taking the prescribed medicines.
  • In case you witness any abnormal symptoms or infection, so you shouldn’t tolerate it and discuss it with your practitioner on an urgent basis.
  • You can maintain the results and promote the healing process b attending the follow-up sessions with your expert.

Major Positive Impacts:

  • Being a non-invasive procedure it keeps you protected from the risks of cuts and anesthesia.
  • It is specialized in targeting and attacking the exact fat cells without affecting even a single bit of surrounding ones.
  • Within an hour it offers you permanent relief from stoutness.
  • It provides you with a natural-looking contour of the treated site.
  • It is a highly tested and FDA-approved course of action for the removal of unwanted fat from the body.
  • Not only the procedure but the recovery of this therapy is also very quick.
  • After undergoing this treatment you can reduce the chances of serious health issues like heart diseases.

Side Effects:

  • Patients with sensitive skin may suffer from swelling and bruising.
  • If it is not performed by an expert, so the candidate may also have to witness burning or other skin issues.
  • In rare cases, the candidate might have to bear temporary numbness in the treated region.

Is It A Cost-Friendly Procedure?

The total cost of the procedure depends on your choice of clinic, practitioner, and the way you maintain the out-turns. But estimated the cost of this procedure in Dubai can vary between AED 800 to AED 2000.

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