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Women are more concerned about their skin as compared to men. Maybe this skin-related problem is aware of this fact, and that’s why it affects females more than males. But there is nothing to worry about this problem, as we are offering you Melasma Treatment In Dubai. This innovative cosmetic problem serves you with skin-changing results by combining scientific technology to meet beauty concerns. Fighting against these pesky dark spots is no more an unachievable task. It is the time to say a forever goodbye to these unwanted marks and get ready to enjoy a wonderful, fresh, glowy, radiant, and even-toned facial profile.

Most Commonly Seen Upshots:

This course of action is competent enough to minimize the appearance of dark spots on the epidermis. By helping you get rid of all those pesky patches, this therapy provides you with your skin’s natural beauty. May past candidates of this action have witnessed a 

Great improvement in their confidence level. The duration of how long the results remain depends on the treatment you choose for yourself, the severity of the issue, and the texture of your skin.

What Makes You Suitable For It?

  • For benign suitable for this procedure, you must have a fair to medium skin tone.
  • You should not be having any current skin infections.
  • Your expectations from the procedure should be realistic.
  • During pregnancy, you should not prefer this therapy for yourself.
  • If you have any type of hormonal issues, you must treat them before undergoing this action.
  • Patient patience is one of the most important qualities of an ideal candidate for this treatment.
  • Being overall medically fit is very important to be eligible for this procedure.

Pre-Procedure Know-How:

  • Gather all the needed information about the procedure as well as the practitioner.
  • Make sure to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • You should strictly avoid the tanning beds and steam rooms at least 1 week before the action.
  • You must not use any type of skin products other than medicated ones.
  • For at least 4-5 days before the procedure date, you should strictly avoid all types of facial hair removal techniques like waxing, tweezing, threading, and razor.
  • Make sure not to undergo any other facial treatments at least 2 weeks prior to this treatment.
  • Clean the targeted area properly from all types of makeup, dirt, and bacteria before entering the clinic.
  • Keep the skin hydrated by increasing the intake of a liquid diet.
  • Bring someone along with you to look after your belongings and to take you back to your home after the treatment.

Best Available Options:

Topical Agents:

Creams like Hydroquinone, Tretinoin, etc. are considered one of the most simplest and effective sources of cure for minor forms of this issue. By minimizing the production of melanin it improves the turnovers of the epidermis cells. They reduce these patches and their effects double when they are used in combination with other techniques.

Chemical Peels:

The dermatologist applies a clinically prepared solution by using salicylic acid, hydroxy acids, and retinoic peeling. on the area of treatment which is basically used for the exfoliation and peeling of the topmost layer of your skin. These are when used by combining them with other ointments, they work magically in getting rid of such unwanted spots from your face.


This option is very similar to the peeling procedure. In this case, the practitioner uses a special device that consists of a diamond-shaped tip or some fine crystals. The main concern of this therapy is to reduce the aging signs and help the patient to get back their smooth, flawless, and young-looking skin.


This therapy aims to remove the visible blood vessels and other such unwanted spots that appear on your skin. By attacking the targetted points with a specific range of rays that are set to reach depths of about 515 to 550 nanometres. 

Laser Peels:

We know this course of action through multiple names like laser peel, and laser vaporization. The goal of this action is to remove the root cause of such issues by directly attacking the melanocyte cells. It is capable of serving you with the minimization of aging signs and different blemishes. By directly attacking the damaged cells, it destroys them with great proficiency and also speeds up the production of collagen. 

Instructions For Maintaining The Out-Turns:

  • Protect your skin after the procedure by applying sunscreen before leaving your house.
  • You should only use prescribed skin products.
  • Keeping the treated site clean is very important for maintaining the outcomes.
  • Protect your skin from warm environments like saunas, hot baths, and steam rooms.
  • Strictly avoid any type of hair-removing actions like using razors, plucking, waxing, and threading.
  • Make sure not to use any type of cosmetic products on the site of treatment.
  • Do not waste even a single second in conveying any type of abnormal symptoms to your expert.
  • You should attend all the follow-up sessions on a regular basis.

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Unveiling The Positive Impacts:

  • They minimize the appearance of all types of pigmentations on your face.
  • These courses of action enhance the overall texture of your skin.
  • Covering the issue of fine lines and wrinkles, they provide you with much younger-looking skin.
  • Sun damage to the epidermis can also be dealt with through these therapies.
  • These are not only an effective but also a completely safe procedure as well.
  • This action is performed with zero risk of any type of scarring.
  • The performance time of these actions is very minimal.
  • Almost all of these therapies serve you with long-lasting out-turns.
  • These actions can easily be tailored to meet the goals of the candidate, only if they choose the right one for themselves.

What Are The Possible Risks?

  • These treatments can lead to either hyper or hypopigmentation in some patients.
  • A few candidates may witness issues of skin sensitivity only if they select the wrong option.
  • People may have to face the problem of redness and swelling which is common after such treatments.

Total Charges:

The clinic, practitioner, goals, options, condition of the candidate, and the number of sessions that they require are the factors that can affect the total price of this procedure. But the total expense that you will have to bear can be expected to range between  AED 700  and AED 9500.

Let’s Work Together:

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