Micro-Needling With PRP Therapy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

g-looking, fresh, glowy, and shiny skin is now achievable with a minimally invasive course of action. Why look for any other procedures when you can get the benefits of two effective actions in combination? You have read it right, we are offering you Micro-Needling With PRP Therapy In Dubai. While one of these treatments is specialized in speeding up the production of collagen, the other one has a grip on repairing the damaged tissues. By working together, these therapies can help you achieve your dream skin. So visit us at your earliest so that you do not waste a chance of availing benefits of both these procedures in a single go.

Possible Upshots:

This treatment is capable of serving your skin with several benefits. It not only minimizes the visibility of aging signs and helps you look many years younger than your original age but also by reducing the appearance of different types of scars and hyperpigmentation it can provide you a more even-toned and fresh facial profile. Increasing the elasticity of your skin opens the doors of success for future treatments for reshaping a specific feature. 

Criteria For Being A Good Choice For This Action:

  • You must be having good overall health, without any active medical issues.
  • The epidermis of the candidate should neither be too thin nor too thick.
  • The ideal candidate for this procedure needs to be lacking every type of active skin infectious.
  • For being eligible for this action you must be having skin type that is not too sensitive or reactive to the solutions and material used in the treatment.

Let’s Get Ready For The Treatment:

  • Before going for the performance of this action, make sure to know everything about it.
  • You just gather the information about the qualification and expertise of the practitioner that you select.
  • You must discuss your goals and needs with the dermatologist in detail.
  • Make sure to inform the practitioner if you ever had any history of keloids, cold sores, or herpes.
  • Do not leave any questions about the therapy unasked.
  • You should strictly avoid direct exposure to the sun for 48 hours before the operation.
  • Exfoliators and retinoids should not be used 2-3 days before undergoing this treatment.
  • Certain supplements can work as blood thinners like aspirin and ibuprofen, make sure to avoid their intake right after you consult the expert.
  • Start drinking plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Cleanse your skin deeply before going to the clinic.
  • You should not forget to shave your face a day before entering the operating room.

Results of Micro-Needling With PRP Therapy:

Micro-Needling With PRP Therapy Dubai  Micro-Needling With PRP Therapy In Dubai  Best Micro-Needling With PRP Therapy Dubai

Best Micro-Needling With PRP Therapy in Dubai  Best Clinic of Micro-Needling With PRP Therapy Dubai  Best Clinic of Micro-Needling With PRP Therapy In Dubai

Clinical Performance Of This Therapy:

  • This procedure typically takes 50 minutes to 1 hour to complete.
  • This plan of action begins by applying a topical anesthetic ointment to make sure a comfortable procedure.
  • Right after when the practitioner confirms that the area of the target is completely numb, they might mark certain specific points with the help of a pen.
  • In the next step, the expert withdraws blood from the arm of the same candidate.
  • It is then processed to separate RBCs and WBCs.
  • Meanwhile, the practitioner will create tiny holes in the epidermis with the help of a micro-needling pen.
  • In this way, the production of collagen and new cells speeds up.
  • After preparing your skin for the next step, the expert then introduces PRP solution into your skin through the way of holes that were made earlier.
  • After completing the procedure, the dermatologist then applies a soothing cream on your face to deal with the issue of pain, swelling, and bruising.

Maintaining The Outcomes:

  • Make sure not to enter any warm environment without putting on heat-protecting solutions on your face.
  • In case of witnessing swelling, you can apply icepacks on the targetted area.
  • You should take extra care of keeping your skin clean by using medicated fash wash.
  • Touching, rubbing, scrubbing, or scratching should be considered strictly prohibited for 3-4 days.
  • To minimize sweating, you should avoid exercise and all sweat-generating activities.
  • Keep your skin free from the application of all chemical-rich products.
  • To keep the treated area hydrated and moisturized you should increase the intake of liquid diet.
  • Do not tolerate any abnormal pain r infection, immediately inform your doctor about it.

Multifacet Positive Impacts:

  • Minimizes the signs of growing age like wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin.
  • Improves the overall tone, complexion, and texture of the epidermis.
  • It works efficiently in closing the open pores.
  • You can get rid of stretch marks with this course of action.
  • Rosacea can be dealt with through this therapy in no time.
  • This treatment greatly reduces the production of cellulite.
  • Sun damage and other burn marks can be repaired by undergoing this procedure.
  • It offers effective, long-lasting, and quick results, without having to wait to achieve the desired goal.

Challenges That You Might Witness:

  • You may have to suffer from irritation and redness on the epidermis.
  • Swelling is a common risk attached to this action due to the involvement of needling.
  • In some very rare cases, the patient may also go through the problem of acne breakouts.

Analysis Of Total Expenses:

The clinic, practitioner, goals, and condition of the candidate are the factor that can affect the total price of this procedure. But the total expense that you will have to bear can be expected to range between AED___ and AED___.

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