Picosure Tattoo Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Some tattoos carry a lot of negative memories along with them. Every time you see those drawings on your body, they remind you of that certain bad past thought or event. If you are also having any such type of art on any part of your figure so you do not need to feel embarrassed of it anymore, we have got you covered with Picosure Tattoo Removal In Dubai. Either if you want to get rid of some regretful thoughts or if you just want a new drawing without hints of the previous one, this procedure can serve you in both ways. So visit us and avail the benefits of this game-changing treatment.

Criteria For Being A Good Choice:

  • Make sure to be in overall good health to be eligible for this action.
  • If you are a smoker either active or passive you would not be considered a good choice for this therapy.
  • Make sure to not have any active skin issues at the time of performance like keloids, hypertrophic signs, eczema, or psoriasis.
  • Women who are breastfeeding their child or are currently pregnant should not undergo this course of action.

Expected Outcomes Of Picosure Tattoo Removal:

This course of action is designed to serve you with the most effective results of fading away the unwanted carves from your body. Like other methods, you do not have to wait to see the outcomes for a longer period as it provides you with instant termination of such drawing. The people who have already undergone this procedure have noticed a great increase in their self-confidence by getting rid of some drawings which were becoming a source of embarrassment for them.

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Preparing For The Treatment:

  • Strictly avoid sun exposure for at least 3-4 days before the date of therapy.
  • Medicine and herbal supplements that carry a high risk of bleeding by making your blood thin, must not be taken almost 4-5 days prior to the procedure.
  • Before entering the performance room make sure to cleanse your skin properly.
  • Shave the area of the target 1 day before you go for the treatment.
  • If you are holding any expensive stuff, do not forget to hand it over to your attendees.

Step Wise Guide To The Working Of It:

  • The very first step of the procedure is the preparation of the candidate as well as the practitioner.
  • To protect the eyes, both: the expert and the candidate, put on goggles.
  • The therapist then moves on to apply a gel to the epidermis of the targetted area for numbing it, to ensure a painless action.
  • The next step is to attack and break the ink particles of the drawing with the help of hot laser beams.
  • To ensure the least discomfort the expert also uses a cooling device to calm the skin.
  • This procedure is performed until the desired goal is achieved and the patient doesn’t get satisfied.
  • The therapy ends with the application of soothing appointments on the treated site to minimize the chances of pain after the completion of treatment.

Maintaining The Outcomes:

  • To promote the healing process you must take care of the site of treatment by keeping it clean.
  • Make sure not to scrub, rub, or scratch the area of treatment.
  • Must apply medicated ointments to protect the point of action from infection.
  • You should cover the treated area with bandages to promote a healthy healing process.
  • Try not to expose the point of treatment to the sun or any other warm environment.
  • You must not tolerate any unusual symptoms and discuss them with your practitioner on an immediate basis.

Multifacet Positive Impacts:

  • Colors like blue and green are difficult to remove by normal laser procedure, but they can be easily dealt with through this treatment.
  • It doesn’t cause any severe pain or discomfort to the candidate.
  • Unlike other therapies, it only requires a few sessions to completely get rid of unwanted designs.
  • People with all skin types and tones can undergo this therapy.
  • This course of action can be tailored according to the type of ink used, skin type, and tone.
  • You can immediately resume your normal life activities after completion of this procedure.
  • Its safety is proven by the fact that it is an FDA-approved treatment.
  • It is not only a non-invasive therapy but also is competent enough to provide you with long-lasting results.

Challenges That You Might Witness:

  • This action carries a risk of hyper and hypopigmentation along with it.
  • If the patient doesn’t keep the treated region away from water, there might be a high risk of infection.
  • Pain is normal after this therapy, but with proper care, it can easily be dealt with.
  • In rare cases, the candidate may have to witness blisters due to the required intensity of the laser beams.

Cost of Picosure Tattoo Removal:

The clinic, practitioner, goals, and condition of the candidate are the factors that can affect the total price of this procedure. But the Cost of Picosure Tattoo Removal in Dubai that you will have to bear can be expected to start from AED 500.

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