Radio Frequency Treatment for Acne Scars in Dubai & bu Dhabi

Having acne is a painful experience but the marks they leave behind on your face are even worse, and we understand that. Have gone through a time of age when acne has bothered you and made you self-conscious after crossing that period of life? And if its scars are playing the role of torturing you, so you do not need to hide your natural beauty behind layers of cosmetic products. It’s the right time for you to know about the Radio Frequency Treatment for Acne Scars In Dubai. Unlike other therapies, this course of action is completely safe and applicable to every type of skin.

What Can You Expect From It?

With the help of specialized energy, this procedure speeds up the production of collagen in your skin and gives it a more young-looking, even-toned, and better-textured appearance. By breaking down the unhealthy tissues in the dermis, it promotes the growth of new and healthy ones. The results of this therapy can vary depending on individual cases. After undergoing this course of action the patients have claimed to witness a great improvement in their confidence level by getting rid of unwanted left behind stubborn marks of pimples.

Suitable Individual For This Treatment:

  • The candidate should be in good overall health.
  • Must be suffering from visible acne marks.
  • You must know everything about the procedure so that you can expect achievable results from this action.
  • To be a good option for this course of action, you must not have performed any other facial therapy recently.
  • There should not be any history of Accutane intake for the past 6-7 months.
  • If you have suffered from any acne outbreak or cold sores in the last 1 month, so you must not undergo this procedure for now.
  • Make sure to not have any active skin problems.
  • In case you are becoming a mother or if you are breastfeeding your child, you should avoid this treatment strictly.

Results of Radio Frequency Treatment For Acne Scars:

Radio Frequency Treatment for Acne Scars Dubai Best Radio Frequency Treatment for Acne Scars Dubai Best Clinic of Radio Frequency Treatment for Acne Scars Dubai

Necessary Preparations:

  • Gather all the information about the working, positive and negative impacts of this treatment.
  • Make sure to consult a dermatologist instead of going for this course of action directly.
  • You should strictly avoid direct sun exposure for at least 3-4 days before this therapy.
  • Applying topical retinoids should be strictly avoided for no less than 2 days before the date of the plan.
  • You must enter the procedure theater with a properly cleansed face.
  • Do not forget to discuss your skin history, medications that you have used for it, and your main goal with your practitioner.

How Do You Get Rid Of These Marks?

  • The overall treatment takes almost 30-35 minutes to complete.
  • In the very first step, the expert gently applies the anesthetic ointment on the epidermis for a painless treatment.
  • Meanwhile, the doctor looks for the selection of the most suitable RF tool and then sets the guidelines for the performance of this plan.
  • After making sure that the area of the target is completely numb and does not witness any discomfort, the practitioner then starts attacking the marks with controlled heat in the dermis with the help of the RD device.
  • In the next step, they start moving the apparatus in a grid-like pattern, making sure that every single point is covered equally.
  • In this way, the production of collagen increases with great intensity and gives your skin a more enhanced and young-looking overall look.
  • Only after when the dermatologist notices that the visibility of the zits’ signs has been reduced greatly, they apply a soothing gel on the treated region to offer a sense of calmness to the targetted region.

How To Keep Up The Out-Turns?

  • Waxing, plucking threading, or simple touching to your face should be avoided for 7-8 days after this course of action.
  • In case of emergency, make sure to apply sun cream to avoid the risk of discomfort.
  • All types of skin products that are rich in chemicals, should be avoided for 2 weeks after the treatment.
  • Gyming, exercising, and other tough activities can increase blood flow, make sure not to take part in any of them.
  • Hot baths, steam rooms, and all other warm environments should be strictly avoided for 1-2 weeks.
  • You must ensure the cleanliness of the treated area by using the prescribed medicated fash wash.
  • If you witness swelling or redness, you can apply ice packs gently.
  • Unusual observations should be discussed with the practitioner on a priority basis.
  • Do not skip any of the follow-up sessions.

List Of Major Positive Impacts:

  • It is one of the most safe and effective treatments.
  • Patients with all skin types and tones can avail the benefits of it.
  • It is a non-invasive methodology.
  • It can work in combination with other therapies to enhance their outcomes as well.
  • Different areas of the body can undergo this treatment without any harm.
  • It is capable of serving you with long-lasting results with a short rest.
  • The risk of future acne issues can be minimized with it.
  • Not only pimple spots but it works efficiently in dealing with aging signs, stretch marks, and other skin-related issues.
  • By tightening your skin tissues, this plan of action serves you with more firmer skin texture.

Can It Be Challenging In Any Way?

  • You may have to witness issues like swelling, redness, or maybe bruising.
  • The patient might have to face minor pain after the performance of this action.
  • In some very rare cases, the candidate might have to suffer from numbness in the treated site for a short period.

Is Cost Friendly?

The clinic, practitioner, goals, and condition of the candidate are the factors that can affect the total price of this procedure. But the total Cost of Radio Frequency Treatment for Acne Scars that you will have to bear can be expected to range between AED 1,299 to AED 3,999.

Let’s Work On Your Goal Together!

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