Smoker’s Lips Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

You must have heard people saying, “Smoking is injurious to health”, definitely it is. But the knowledge that you might be lacking about this unhealthy habit of yours is that it is harmful to your facial appearance as well. After a few months of continuous puffing, the skin around your mouth starts getting vertical wrinkles and a drooping effect. Not only this but the color of your lips also starts getting darker. If you feel embarrassed about this issue so trust us, you are not alone. Keeping in view the concerns of our patients we are happy to offer you Smoker’s Lips Treatment In Dubai.

What Can You Achieve?

Depending on the problem that you are facing, this procedure is capable of serving you with the best possible results. After undergoing this therapy you can get rid of aging signs around the target area. It can also improve the texture of the surrounding epidermis by minimizing the issue of saggingness. In case this habit has turned the color of your gums darker, it can easily be dealt with this treatment. You can also overcome cosmetic concerns like hyperpigmentation that might have resulted because of months of smoking. 

Let’s Find Out If You Can Undergo These Therapies:

  • The candidate must be suffering from issues that are usually taken as signs of growing age, but just in the area around their mouth.
  • For being eligible for this treatment you must not have any active skin infection on and around the site of treatment.
  • To be a good choice for this therapy, you must not have the habit of lip biting.
  • You must achieve expectations from this course of action.
  • Females who are currently breastfeeding their children should not go for such treatments.
  • If you are pregnant so make sure to not keep your unborn child safe from the chemicals used in such procedures.

Results of Smoker’s Lips Treatment:

Best Smoker’s Lips Treatment Dubai Smoker’s Lips Treatment Dubai Best Smoker’s Lips Treatment Dubai

Pre-Therapy Guidelines:

  • You must not go for the performance of this action before gathering all the necessary information about the procedure and the practitioner.
  • Make sure to quit smoking right after you decide to undergo this treatment.
  • You should strictly avoid applying any type of cosmetic product to the area of the target.
  • Consider drinking plenty of water mandatory, to keep this facial feature hydrated.
  • Do not forget to inform the practitioner if you have any history of cold sores.
  • Ask them every single question that you might be having about these actions.

Some Best Possible Options:


A mixture containing turmeric, vitamin A or E, hyaluronic acid, and lemon juice is applied to the targetted area. This solution increases the production of collagen, which improves the texture, tone, and overall appearance of your lip. Applying it for 15-20 minutes with a gap of one day can show you the out-turns in 1-2 weeks. 

Laser Procedure:

With the help of a hand-held device, the practitioner attacks the damaged cells on the inner layer breaks the melanin, and extracts the epidermis. It speeds up the production of collagen, which results in minimization of fine lines and wrinkles. Within 4-5 sessions, each of 30-40 minutes this option serves you with your desired goal.


This option is also performed under the supervision of an expert. By using a thin needle, they inject a solution of hyaluronic acid, which is known as a dermal filler in the targetted area. By filling up the site of treatment, it removes the appearance of aging signs. In a single sitting of no more than an hour, this therapy helps you get rid of this issue.

Peeling Actions:

This treatment is widely accepted and the preferred solution for this sensitive feature. The expert selects the most suitable chemical peel for your skin type. Applying it on the site of treatment enhances the appearance of this trait exfoliating the damaged cells. Within a period of 50-60 minutes, this option offers you the most suitable upshots.


In this option, the practitioner uses an exfoliation solution, which is prepared by our highly qualified experts in the clinic. By gently scrubbing it on the site of treatment, it removes the dead skin cells. With a simple action of 15-30 minutes, this option provides you with a fresh and pink texture of this trait.

Instructions For Taking Care Of Your Lips:

  • To minimize the risk of swelling, you can gently rub cold compresses on and around the site of the procedure.
  • No matter how much irritation you feel, make sure not to touch, rub, scratch, or lick this sensitive feature.
  • Avoid performing any hard exercises, as they can increase the blood flow which may result in swelling and bruising.
  • Instead of tolerating the unusual symptoms, you should discuss it with your dermatologist.

Major Positive Impacts:

  • They provide you with a smoother and younger-looking appearance of this trait.
  • By dealing with marks of growing older, they can help you look years younger than your original age.
  • They minimize the creases and unnecessary lines around the target area.
  • By improving the volume of this facial trait, you can achieve a more model-like facial profile.
  • As they improve the color of dark gums, they enable you to laugh your heart out without any embarrassment.
  • As all of the mentioned procedures are non-surgical so there is no chance of visible scarring in any of these actions.
  • The outcomes of the offered options are not only effective but also long-lasting.

Basic Challenges That You Might Face:

  • If the suitable option is not selected, so you might have to face issues like swelling, pain, itching, etc.
  • Just in rare cases, these therapies can have a side effect of getting lumps and bumps.
  • Temporary sensation loss may also be faced by the patient, as a side effect of these actions.

Total Charges:

The overall Cost of Smoker’s Lips Treatment in Dubai can vary depending on factors like the number of sessions you require, the level of expertise of the doctor, and the option that you select to achieve your desired goal. According to a general estimate, the total price of these treatments can be expected to range between AED750 and AED 2000 in Dubai.

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