Crowded Teeth

Our smile is our unique facial feature. It is the most visible feature of our face. A unique and attractive smile makes a person’s personality more appealing and attractive. Sometimes when there is not a sufficient amount of space in our jaw, our teeth appear to be crowded. They appear in a misaligned form. Crowding in teeth can have an impact on the beauty of your smile and the hygiene of your mouth. As crowded teeth make it difficult to properly clean the areas of the mouth. Because of this gum infections may occur. When teeth are not properly cleaned, a layer of plaque and bacteria may also occur on the teeth. Crowded teeth treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi offers the best services and treatments that occur due to overcrowding of teeth.

Purpose of the Crowded Teeth:

About 30 to 60% of people around the globe suffer from having overcrowded teeth so you should not feel alone. People often think that the treatment is only to improve the aesthetic appearance, but overcrowding of teeth may also lead to a number of complications in the future. So, it is better to get them treated. The treatment helps with fixing the alignment of teeth, providing straightly aligned teeth, and enhancing your facial appearance. Getting the treatment at the right time will help you avoid future cavities and fillings. You will achieve effective, and permanent results.


Below are some of the major causes that lead to the congestion of teeth:

  • When baby loses their teeth at an early age.
  • Sucking thumb at an early age.
  • A cleft lip or palate.
  • Misalignment of the jaw.
  • When a person has a small jaw.
  • The jaw not having enough sufficient space.

Results Achieved:

This dental procedure helps to straighten congested and unaligned teeth. Patients achieve a more attractive, and beautiful smile. It provides the patients with a more enhanced appearance. The misalignment in the mouth is adjusted. Below are some before and after pictures of our clients at our clinic.

Best Crowded teeth treatment in Abu Dhabi Best Crowded teeth treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best Crowded teeth treatment in Dubai

Crowded teeth treatment in Abu Dhabi Crowded teeth treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Crowded teeth treatment in Dubai

An Eligible Candidate For Crowded Teeth Treatment:

You are an eligible candidate if you lie in the following mentioned candidacy criteria:

  • People who want to correct the alignment of their teeth.
  • A person who wants to achieve good oral health.
  • Individuals who want to prevent future complications of tooth decay, and gum infection.
  • You do not have enough space in your jaw.
  • Children younger than the age of 8 years are not eligible for this procedure.
  • Someone who wants to achieve an enhanced attractive smile.


There are three stages of overcrowding of teeth. These are:

  1. Mild:

When only one tooth is affected by the crowding in either the upper or lower jaw, it is known as mild overcrowding.

  1. Moderate:

When 2 to 3 teeth appear to be congested and misaligned, then it is known as moderate crowding.

  1. Severe:

When several or the majority of teeth occur to overlap in the jaw, it is known as severe crowding of teeth.

Diagnosis For Crowded Teeth:

A dentist can make the diagnosis of crowded teeth in your childhood. It can occur due to the lack of space between the milk teeth. This may show that there is going to be less room when the new teeth erupt. For adults, the dentist may use other additional methods to diagnose this condition.

What Will Happen If You Do Not Get Crowded Teeth Treatment?

People usually don’t opt for getting treatment for this condition. They usually think that the treatment is for aesthetic purposes, but this is not true. If you do not get treatment for severe issues it may cause more complications in the future, such as:

  •  Poor Oral Hygiene:

The congestion of teeth makes it impossible to clean them properly. Even proper brushing might not be able to clean your teeth. Poor oral hygiene often leads to cavities and a bad odor.

  • Periodontal Disease:

When dental hygiene becomes impossible, the patient usually suffers from different gums and inflammation in the mouth. This may lead to severe discomfort and pain in your mouth.

  • Enamel Deterioration:

Not having good dental hygiene may lead to tooth decay. Teeth will become weak and will eventually start to decay.

  • Occlusion Problems: 

The patient may have to face certain occlusion problems because of this dental issue.

Crowded Teeth Treatment Methods:

We at Dynamic Clinic Dubai offer various different treatment methods to sort out the complex dental issues of our patients:

  • Braces:

Braces are the most common, and popular method when it comes to fixing the teeth. They are widely used in the field of dentistry. Braces require a specific time period to show visible results. The patients have to go for regular dental appointments. One must be regular, and serious about their braces appointments, or you may not be able to achieve your desired results.

  • Aligners:

Aligners are a type of orthodontic braces that are in clear form. They help reposition the teeth and provide your desired results. These are invisible. And the patients do not need to observe or avoid any certain foods. Aligners are removable braces.

  • Extraction:

Sometimes overcrowding occurs due to the presence of extra teeth in our upper or lower jaws. These extra teeth usually do not have any function and are just causing an unpleasant crowded look, so they need to be extracted. Mostly the fourth or fifth tooth needs to be removed to provide you with more space in the mouth.

  • Veneers:

Veneers are mostly applicable to people who have gaps, stains, and small misalignments in their teeth. Veneers are thin custom-made teeth that are used to cover the front area of our teeth. They are either made of porcelain or resin material they are less invasive options as compared to braces, and crowns.

Cost Crowded Teeth Treatment:

The cost of Crowded Teeth Treatment at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai ranges from __AED to __AED. Your dentist will inform you about the final cost details after examining your case properly.

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