Dental Braces in Dubai

Are you the one with disordered teeth or a smile that is the reason for your low confidence? Then you need Dental Braces in Dubai is the perfect choice for people who want to make their uneven smile into a pleasing one. If you want to receive your treatment in the best clinic then you need to read the page below and get the procedure. This will surely help you get the confidence and self-esteem you desire!

What are Dental Braces?

Dental braces have been used to straighten teeth over the years and to align crooked and asymmetrical teeth. The aim of the process is to provide attractive and properly shaped teeth. Problems like spaces between the teeth, crowdedness and malocclusions can be solved by this method. People with outward or inward teeth go for the treatment in which the wires with some brackets help them get properly positioned teeth. 


Braces are a traditional way of treating misaligned teeth that takes time but gives you unmatchable results. You will get straight teeth for a lifetime. You will get satisfied outcomes by the procedure. 


There are many advantages that a person can get by getting this treatment. The benefits are as follows:

  • You will get teeth that are straight and aligned
  • The oral health of a person is enhanced and it is easier to keep the teeth clean 
  • Your chewing function will be improved
  • Speaking problems can be treated by these braces
  • Confidence and self-esteem increase
  • You will have a stable improvement journey

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

If you are the one wanting to get the Dental Braces in Dubai & Abu Dhabi then you should have the following issues:

  • You have good oral health 
  • Individuals with crooked teeth 
  • Teeth that are misaligned 
  • Biting issues like crossbite, overbite and under biting 
  • You have no cavities and gum disease
  • Have a realistic approach to the treatment 
  • Adults over the age of 18  

Types of Braces:

There are many kinds of braces these are the ones:

  • Invisalign: 

These are the kind of invisible braces that are not made up of wires and brackets, instead a totally different component made this Invisalign. They provide the results without being applied to the teeth permanently and you can remove them when you want. People who do not want to get a visible process go for this process. 

  • Metal Braces:

Braces that are made from stainless steel are known as metal braces and this is the most conventional form of braces. This is really popular among people of every age. These are affordable and help in the alignment with perfect results. 

  • Lingual Braces:

Lingual braces remain hidden on the inside of the teeth and are not shown to people. You do not have to take them out after time. These are customized according to your needs and give you the perfect shape. 

  • Ceramic:

These are less visible as compared to the metal ones but are similar in color to the teeth. These braces are not that noticeable so there are people who go for this because of this trait. 


The overall strategy of dental braces involves scheduling an appointment with the doctor in which you discuss things with them. Your teeth will be examined and will be testified. They will give you a customized plan in which all the steps of the procedure will be explained. 

Then brackets will be placed on the teeth after applying an adhesive component on the front of the teeth. The wires will be placed between the brackets and will apply pressure that will result in aligned teeth. 

The wires will connect the brackets to each other and will be tightened in the right position. After the adjustment the process gets complete. You will need to visit the doctor on a regular basis to know about the current condition. 

After Care:

The care which a person needs to do is the following:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day
  • Do flossing 
  • Have regular dental checkups
  • Eat food recommended by your doctor 
  • While having physical sports activities you need to protect it 
  • Follow all the instructions of your dentist


The cost of the Dental Braces in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah ranges from AED 5000 to AED 15,000. There are many factors that decide the exact price of the treatment that including the location of the clinic, the reputation of the doctor, types and quality of braces used. 

During your consultation with the doctor, he/she will tell you about the final pricing. 

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