Dental Retainers in Dubai

If you were using braces on your teeth that were misaligned and crooked teeth & after their removal you want to keep the teeth straight, then you need to get these Dental Retainers in Dubai. The teeth remain aligned by these devices for years and help you with your smile and personality. To get the perfect results we are here with our expert doctors. Follow the recommendations of these professionals and get the results as soon as possible. Read the page below to know the details about the process. 

What are Dental Retainers?

An appliance that is used for the treatment of orthodontic issues and provides the perfect results. Different types of retainers are in use and each of them is used to retain the results of the procedure. The retainers are considered to be very important as it bring the attractive smile of the people and keep them healthy. By investing in this treatment means that you are investing in yourself to enhance your looks and smiles. 

Types of Retainers:

There are two main types of retainers and these are:

Permanent Retainers:

These retainers stay on your teeth for permanently as it is attached with a glue bond. This type can not be removed by yourself. The application of these retainers is on the upper, lower, and the frontal areas. 

Removable Retainers:

This type of retainer is used to make the teeth straight but is not permanently attached to the teeth. These removable devices are of 2 kinds traditional and clear. The difference between the both is their material of production. Old kind of retainers are made up of plastic while the clear one is made of plastic. 


These are used to maintain the alignment of teeth and to provide tooth stability. The process does bite alignment and will enhance the oral health of a person. 


 There are many advantages to getting these Dental Retainers in Dubai. These are the ones present below:

  • Dental retainers help preserve the results achieved from orthodontic treatment, ensuring that teeth remain in their corrected positions. 
  • Contribute to maintaining a proper bite alignment.
  • Dental retainers play a crucial role in preventing tooth crowding.
  • help maintain a visually appealing smile by preserving the teeth. 
  • Straight and properly aligned teeth are easier to clean and maintain
  • Dental retainers are designed specifically for each individual, ensuring a customized fit that maximizes comfort and effectiveness.
  • Unlike orthodontic appliances such as braces, dental retainers are removable and typically less intrusive

Ideal Candidate?

Individuals who have the following are the ones ideal for the treatment. 

  • After an orthodontic treatment completion, these devices are recommended. 
  • Anyone willing to follow the protocols for the maintenance of oral health 
  • Anyone committed to the oral hygiene and regular brushing as well as cleaning 
  • Ideal candidates for the procedure are the ones who are willing to receive the appointment.
  • Candidates who have fully developed jaws to ensure the stability and effectiveness of the retainers.
  • People with realistic expectations regarding the purpose and limitations of dental retainers


Before getting the procedure, the doctor will tell you which pre-care is important. 

  • Before getting your retainers, it’s essential to have a clean and healthy oral cavity
  • Schedule a comprehensive dental examination before getting your retainers.
  • If you’re receiving dental retainers as part of an orthodontic treatment plan, it’s important to follow the instructions provided by your orthodontist.
  • Before the procedure, communicate any concerns or questions you may have with your dentist or orthodontist.
  • Before the procedure, communicate any concerns or questions you may have with your dentist or orthodontist.


First, your doctor will check your condition and evaluate the orthodontic progress. It will be analyzed if you are suitable for the treatment or not. Then your specific impressions are taken so your doctor can produce a sample by watching them. Before the actual retainers application, the medic will then send these samples to the laboratory for the production of original retainers. Each individual has a specific shape of device . 

After the production of these retainers, your physician will then fit these appliances on your teeth with specific techniques. When the final installation of these retainers is done the patient needs to have the follow-up sessions. 

After Care:

When done with the procedure, the patient should follow a specific post-care and that is guided below:

  • Remove your retainers before eating or drinking anything other than water
  • Soak your retainers regularly in a denture cleaner or retainer cleaning solution as recommended by your orthodontist
  • Avoid bending or twisting the devices, as this may lead to damage or distortion.
  • When you’re not wearing your retainers, store them in a clean, dry case to protect them from damage and prevent loss
  • Schedule regular appointments with your orthodontist to have your retainers checked and adjusted if necessary.
  • Refrain from consuming sticky or hard foods that could potentially damage the retainers


The cost for the Dental Retainers in Dubai ranges from AED 900 to AED 1199. Many factors affect the price of this procedure and these are the consultation of the doctor, the reputation of the clinic, and the condition of the patient. 

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