Protruding Teeth in Dubai

This is an aesthetic problem in which the teeth of a person are misaligned and not in the proper shape like the upper teeth are not equal to the lower teeth, which results in an impression of protruding teeth. To get an ideal appearance in which the upper teeth of a  person fall exactly on the lower teeth the Protruding Teeth Treatment in Dubai is the option. Most people go for this procedure and they are getting the benefit of this treatment as there are many miracles of this procedure. 

What is Protruding Teeth Treatment?

The treatment refers to the solution for the alignment of teeth and is used to treat the protruding teeth. There are different options for this kind of treatment and the effects are amazing. Different tools and devices with innovative technology are in use. If you are suffering from the crowded teeth or teeth that are overlapping then you can get the procedure as early as possible. Your specific treatment will depend on your specific teeth condition. So it is best to consult the doctor before getting a specific process. 

Causes of the Problem:

There can be many reasons for the issue. These are as follows:

  • Some individuals have a problem genetically 
  • Due to improper alignment of the jaw
  • Suck the thumb
  • Due to tongue thrusting 
  • Certain oral habits contribute to the problem 
  • Early tooth loss


The aesthetics of a person is corrected by the process. The malocclusions and the protruding teeth get straight up and the self-esteem of a person enhances.  

Best Protruding Teeth Treatment in Dubai Protruding Teeth Treatment In Abu Dhabi Protruding Teeth Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Protruding Teeth Treatment in Dubai Best Protruding Teeth Treatment in Abu Dhabi Best Protruding Teeth Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi


There are various advantages of the procedure. These are as:

  • One of the primary benefits of protruding teeth treatment is the enhancement of your smile’s appearance
  • Correcting protruding teeth can improve oral function, allowing for more efficient biting and chewing, which contributes to better overall oral health.
  • minimizes the risk of dental injuries protects your oral health
  • improve your speech and communication abilities.
  • becomes easier to maintain good oral hygiene practices, leading to improved oral health overall.

Who Needs the Treatment?

  • Individuals who have protruded teeth. The severity of the protrusion can vary from moderate to severe. 
  • The best age to treat the issue is when the candidate is in childhood, in that stage the molars 
  • and jaws move easily to the right place. 
  • When you have generally good mental and physical health 
  • Candidates who are willing to maintain the oral hygiene as well as to obtain the sessions
  • Individuals who are motivated to perform the procedure and are willing to follow all the instructions of the doctor 

What are the Treatment Options?

For the solution of this problem, the range for the Protruding Teeth Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is very wide. The main procedures for the treatment are:

  • Invisalign:

The best way to treat the overlapping teeth is without making everyone notice of the cure and this is possible with the use of Invisalign aligners. These are transparent and do not give a prominent impression. The inconvenience of the person decreases as they are not apparent. This offers the teeth straightening in an effortless and quick way which is why this is an emerging treatment these days and people are opting for it. 

  • Braces:

To get the position back to the original position, the braces are used, these come in different compositions like there are sometimes metal braces and others are lingual and non-lingual braces. The time period for wearing these braces varies and depends on the condition of the patient. This is the best and most commonly used method for making the teeth straight. 

What is the Procedure?

In the overall procedure, a thorough checkup is involved in which the doctor analyzes the condition of the patient. There are different ways to check such issues like through radiographs by which the temporomandibular joint problems are detected. 

For the making of the devices and the solutions impressions of the teeth are taken to create the new dental appliances. The duration of the procedure varies. In cases of children, the process time is fast and short around 6 to 12 months. In the case of aligners that are fixed, they usually need to be worn at night or for some time after a specific orthodontic method. 

After Care:

When you are done with the solution, there are some steps that you have to obey in order to protect yourself from the damage or to get the results as soon as possible. 

  • Take care of the oral hygiene and prevent them from dental problems. 
  • Do visits to the doctor to know about the condition and improvement 
  • Avoid eating things that can hurt your teeth and the devices. 


The cost for the Protruding Teeth Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah ranges from AED 8000 to AED 14999. There are many factors that decide the price of the treatment. These are like location of the clinic, reputation of the clinic, type of treatment, condition of the patient, and the demand of the dentist. On the first consultation with the dentist, he/she will tell you about the exact charges as it is mainly analyzed by examining the patient. 

The Bottom Line!

Being a clinic working for years we are providing effective and safe dental procedures to our patients. Our devices and equipment are all up-to-date. Also, the treatments are FDA-approved. The method of the strategy is complex and needs to be done by an expert doctor, otherwise, it can cause complications. So if you are suffering from overlapping teeth or the teeth that are protruding then you should consult one of our doctors at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic and seek help. We are here to help you with this. Just complete the form that is present below and get the treatment.