We take our responsibilities very seriously. This is why your safety is our top priority. Your health and legal rights are very important to us. We make sure a policy is drawn your attention to have your faith in us stored forever. This allows us to confidently deliver our best services which grant you excellent outcomes. Our goal is to provide you with everything you deserve and want for yourself. Even the most non-invasive Cosmetic treatment requires a joint effort and teamwork of all the staff members. No procedure is a one-man’s show. Every present being is collaborating on their skills and expertise. Especially you! Your patience and trust give us pride in saying; we are a family. We will make sure no complications or risks ever take place during and after the treatment. Our experts recommend the best home care after the treatments. Furthermore, a variety of precautions are always drawn to your attention to discard a likely risk of infection or other serious mishaps to come to light. 

Consent Form:

You are required to sign a form before undergoing a minor or major surgical procedure. This is to make sure you are in agreement with the course of action. Also, read and find out exclusive information and likely risks or complication that may occur at the time of the surgery or afterward. The Patient Policy of Dynamic Clinic Dubai includes the following rules;

Rights And Responsibilities:

As a patient, you have all the rights which we take pride in fulfilling. It is our duty to make you feel comfortable with us. We have mentioned all the rules and regulations as well as rights and lawful policies in our consent. You are required to read and sign it before undergoing any treatment at our Clinic. Furthermore, you are asked to make a written statement about your decision of choosing a specific treatment of your choice. In case of any supervision for deciding on a specific treatment. And to recommend or introduce you to other services for further improvements or an upgrade. Our qualified team of expert practitioners is here at your service; to help you choose and make the right decision for yourself. 

Disclosure Of Medical Condition:

To clearly state the exact medical condition, we will draw some blood tests, X-rays, and other important tests to comprehend the root cause of a specific problem. The results of these tests will be stored in our medical records. This will rescue you from constantly having to undergo the same initial procedures. And additionally, saves your time and money too.

Medical Photographs:

We do not take or keep a record of any photographs without your permission. All the data of the clients that we share on our website is after the agreement and permit of our patients. All the collected information in the files or digital platforms is only stored for your own record at Dynamic Clinic Dubai. Therefore, there is no need to worry about any given information. Your safety and comfort are our safety and comfort as well. 

Refusing Treatment:

We offer one-on-one consultations before performing any treatments. Our regular clients are aware of our policies. Some are confident about the treatments or surgeries they wish to undergo. However, in case of any confusion or not being able to decide which is more suitable for you, our experts will guide you with the best information. It is important to notify, no healthcare provider has the right to force any therapy or treatment on any patient without their will. The final decision is always yours. You can take your time to decide your preferred treatment and the number of sessions you wish to opt for. Similarly, during the procedures; if you are not comfortable with any method or medications, feel free to talk your heart out. We are here for your comfort and benefit. There is always an alternative technique or drug available that will suit you best.

Medical Records:

We store all the digital and analog details of information in our records. These are kept confidential inside the separate file of every patient that visits us. The documents are secured in our office and the digital system as well. These documents consist of; details about the clinical findings, patient’s history, test results, early and post-operative care, patient’s progress, and prescribed medications along with our staff members; who took you under their supervision from the moment you stepped into the clinic to the time we discharge you. The reason why Medical Records are important is that; it serves both parties. The Doctors and the Patients. However, we guarantee all your recorded reports are never shared nor sold out to a third party. It is completely against our rules and policy. As well as the legal law of the country. 

Some Other Rights And Responsibilities:

  • Every health providing Clinic or Hospital has to keep the personal information and medical records of their patients private.
  • The patients have the legal right to ask their Doctors or Practitioners about their qualifications and experience in their respective lines of work. 
  • A confident professional is aware of his/her responsibility and the impact that is drawn on their patient. Our Certified Experts are always delighted to address all your concerns and queries. 
  • You have all the right to be treated with respect. And similarly, give respect to the person in charge. If any case of misunderstanding or misbehaving takes place. A rightful or lawful complaint can be filed against the assault.
  • The Clinic can not force any unnecessary restrictions or force a service on their patients or their respective family members or attendees. 
  • If a candidate is not aware or lacks knowledge about the treatment. Our experts are here to guide and educate you through it. We can work up a custom-made plan specifically created for you. This is designed according to your requirements and budget. 
  • You can decide or participate in the finalization of the treatment or surgery date. You have the right to choose whether or not you wish to remain admitted for an additional day or two. Or want to get discharged the same day. 
  • There is legal and lawful documentation that needs to be signed by both parties before proceeding toward any serious action plan. On top of that, you can choose a pocket-friendly package for you or avail of your discount offer. 
  • The expert will always mention the cost of the treatment or surgery during your consultation meeting. All the series of follow-up sessions that are required to complete treatment will also be drawn to your attention. And lastly, you will also be informed about any likely risks and mishaps, or other serious complications that are possible to take place before or after the procedures. 

We have mentioned all the necessary and important pieces of information about our services and Clinic with you. All the secretive information is also disclosed to you for your trust and support. In case of any further information that we may have missed, and you want to know for your safety and knowledge. Write to us or contact us by talking to one of our friendly team members today. We are just an e-mail or phone call away!