At Dynamic Clinic Dubai, we use the latest security system to protect your personal and legal requirements. We are working under the Law and serving according to the Document Policy we have signed to protect all your recorded information. This assurance is for your awareness to learn about our privacy practices and policy in terms of providing you with our excellent services. 

Automatic Data Collection:

We will ask for your personal information and medical history. This action is recorded every time you book an appointment at our clinic. In this way, we will keep track of your record and bear witness to your treatment, when you go through the assurance protocols. Furthermore, our website remembers your information when you navigate or explore it. Cookies allow us to record your browsing activity. This is for us to learn about the popularity of our given services. To sum up, it is important to enable cookies while browsing through our website because you will access all the features and gain knowledge for your best experience. 

The cookies allow you to sign into your account without having to log in every time you visit. Your details are safely stored in our system. This includes; your IP address, browser version, time, and location. This is for our security check too. Our trust and faith in each other are what make our relationship trustworthy. We assure the safety of the personal details you are sharing with us. The data collected by the website is divided into 4 main categories;

  • Personal Information (e-mail, phone number, address, etc.)
  • Location Data (address, postal code, city, etc.)
  • Usage Data (IP address, details about the browser, etc.)
  • Cookies Data (settings for the website)


This website will collect your IP and Personal Data every time you explore it. This collected data is further processed to improve the quality of your surfing experience. The reason why every website collects this data is to;

  • Provide you with your need for accurate information
  • Improve your navigation experience
  • Keep you updated on our latest offers
  • Retrieve your necessary details in case you have a complaint
  • Upgrade the quality of services to your demand
  • Resolving any technical error or detected bug

Registering For Updates And Offers:

We provide our clients with our latest and up-to-date additional services, packages, special seasonal offers, and discounts. When you sign up for this feature, our system will automatically remember you. It will notify all the perks we have in store for you. However, you can sign out of this service at any time. There are no hidden charges for this service. 

Email Newsletters:

We require your name, address, and demographic information when you choose to subscribe to our email newsletter service. Your details are kept confidential. We safeguard your details and assure you that no third party has any access to your information on our website. However, you can always unsubscribe from the service and our system will forget you respectively. 


We ask our clients to participate in our surveys. This is for us to bring more to the table. You can let us know more about your interest in a category of surgery. Or help us trend the treatment you found more beneficial to you personally. 


Give us your feedback. What do you think about our services? Or write to us on our forum. Your support means the world to us. It keeps on going stronger than ever and allows us to serve you better. We will share your review on our website. Your satisfaction and participation are yet another milestone for us. 

Whom Do We Share Your Data With?

Every action proceeds after a permit from our clients. We understand it is against the local laws and regulations to disclose anyone’s personal data. Therefore, if a magazine or other sources approach us to publish or post any information from our website. We make sure, our clients are aware of this action. If the three parties are willingly on the same page. Only then, you will see your reviews or other personal information published in a lifestyle magazine or other related websites. However, we do not guarantee the further security of this shared piece of information. Therefore, you are required to consult the respective source of publishment on your personal behalf. We do not assure nor take responsibility for any illegal activity from now onwards. 

Legal Rights:

Every active and legal website is following a legal requirement to provide its users with a quality service. Similarly, Dynamic Clinic Dubai is also making efforts to fulfill all the latest regulations and meet the standards of laws. We have highly skilled and experienced experts working with us. They keep the website running smoothly and up to date. As well as making sure to protect your data and safeguarding all your personal details. 

Additional Services:

  • You are always welcome to refer your friends and family to our clinic. You may use our referral program or directly send them for a consultation. 
  • We do not share your information without your permission. The reviews or surveys you participate in, are usually published publicly. So if you wish to stay anonymous, we respect your decisions at all times. Or in case of any misunderstanding, kindly write to us directly and we will see to the matter immediately. 
  • If you wish to make new changes to the information your shared publicly. Or do you want to add or subtract any details from the hidden information about your medical history? We are obliged to meet your standards and fulfill your demands.

Under 18 Policy:

We do not provide any services to any young man or woman who is under the age of 18. Neither do we collect nor share any personal information of any individual. Therefore, it is highly important for us to let you know about our policy. 

Your Data Protection Rights:

  1. You have the legal right to step back from an agreement at any time.
  2. You can ask for a photocopy of all the details or information you have provided us.
  3. In case of any error from our side, you can always ask us to correct the information.
  4. You may also ask us to erase or upgrade any details you wish to renew.
  5. You will be given access and possession to your data portability.
  6. And lastly, in case of any mishap, you can objectify our data processing.

If you wish to learn more about our services or our Clinic in general. Feel free to contact us any time. Our e-mail address and other contact information are provided throughout the website.