As we grow older, the ability to self-repair and heal slows down with this passage of time. Consequently, you feel internal pain with leads to external side effects as well. Although there are many treatments out there that are effective in producing effective results. But not everyone is in a state of going under the knife due to a serious health condition. This division gave birth to the most powerful treatment of its time; Regenerative Medicine In Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Read along as we unfold the mystery of this tremendous treatment. 

What Is A Regenerative Medicine?

This is another invention of medical sciences. The treatment aims to repair and regenerate the cells and tissues that have either expired or slowed down due to unhealthy circumstances. This is a non-invasive approach to resetting the body. There is no need to put you to sleep. Therefore, only a series of special injections are introduced to certain regions of the body which will activate the natural mechanism to repair the damage and heal effortlessly. There are numerous benefits and tactics to performing this method. It can also be infused with other treatments to promote further improvements. However, you can also reach out for help, if you have struggling with dermal and other beauty-related problems. 

What Does This Treatment Target At?

This is what you ought to know about this incredible treatment;

  • It is the best alternative to provide new healthy changes inside your body.
  • It can reverse your aging.
  • Promote new cells and tissues to speed up the healing process.
  • You are gaining maximum benefits without going under the knife.
  • Gives you the energy to keep going stronger.
  • Boosts physical capacities and abilities to function properly.
  • Improves your immune system and balances the hormones.

What Are The Results?

The results are similar to those that are generated after undergoing a surgical procedure. But you do not have to worry about serious recovery afterward. This is a healing mechanism just like when things were, back when you were younger. It is a 360 and inside-out update to your entire body. And the results are phenomenal!

Who Is An Ideal Candidate?

We conduct one-on-one consultations before the treatment. However, if you find yourself in any of the given scenarios below, you are an eligible candidate to undergo this course of action;

  • Joint pain; hip and knee Osteoarthritis.
  • Dislocating of the shoulders.  
  • Muscle tear or internal punctures.
  • Neck or back pain.
  • A painful fracture.
  • Spine or other skin-related problems. 

How To Prepare For The Treatment?

Below are a few safety guidelines for you to follow before the big day;

  • Do not self-medicate. Or take any blood-thinning pills.
  • Cut down on your smoking or alcohol consumption.
  • And lastly, do not opt for this treatment in the middle of another. This is a separate practice that needs separate time to process and produce productive progress. 

What Is The Procedure?

This is an umbrella treatment to various similar therapies. Let us guide you through the different techniques and tactics to promote and restore good health. 

  • Ozone Therapy: It is beneficial in terms of clearing all the toxins out of the system. It can also flush out possible infections and other irregularities that could be interfering with the healing and repairing process. The treatment aims to draw some blood and infuse it with Ozone, using a special machine, which is designed to perform this task. The goal is to separate inflammatory cells from the healthy reds. It will take less than an hour to complete one session. 
  • IV therapy: This is a medical treatment where fluids, vitamins, and other minerals are delivered or introduced directly into the bloodstream. A cannula and drip are involved in this method. A nurse will perform a regular check-up on you, assessing your overall health. He/She will then insert and connect the two with your arm. This treatment aims to restore hydration in the body, which is not possible due to the daily intake of regular water consumption. Furthermore, other nutrients can also be infused in this drip, along with targeting other deficiencies and medical conditions. 
  • PRP: It is one of the most popular and highly effective methods to treat and heal from within. What happens is; a nurse will extract samples of blood from your arm. These are then placed into a special machine, which is designed to separate the stem cells and plasma from the inflammatory white cells. The expert will then fill up several injections with plasma-rich fluids. And insert this one after the other on the problematic region of your body. It will improve your dermal conditions, and help in restoring your natural hairline on the scalp. As well as other medical-related or serious health problems. 
  • IV Low Laser Light Therapy: This is a low-level Laser therapy, which is also known as cold laser therapy. This is a medical treatment that uses low-power lasers or cold energy to stimulate cells and tissues. This will aid in reducing pain, discomfort, and inflammation in various regions of the body. It can also treat musculoskeletal systems or injuries. As well as chronic pain and other medical conditions.
  • NAD + IV Therapy: NAD stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. This is a chemical found inside our system which is in charge of multitasking crucial tasks and producing cells inside a living body. It generates energy from the food we eat and supplies it to the entire body to function properly. However, due to age or other malfunctioning, the NAD level drops, which leads to many disorders. However, by introducing the same boosters infused with an IV drip, the downfall could be reversed. The results are a delay or pause in aging, as well as repairing or healing internal and external wounds and injuries. Furthermore, it will also multiply cells and tissues within the body and exterminate any toxins from the system naturally. 
  • Stem Cell Therapy: The entire living function of a person is to keep multiplying cells to survive. And survival is based on the organs and other internal mechanisms working properly. So when the natural ability to perform naturally begins to fail. External aid is drawn to light. This treatment is called Stem Cell therapy. It works to promote and repair the regeneration of damaged tissues and organs in the body. Stem cells and undifferentiated cells can develop into different types of cells within the body. These can be obtained from various sources, which included the bone marrow, adipose tissue, and umbilical cord blood. Stem cell therapy is used to treat a range of medical conditions such as; cancers, autoimmune diseases, and other injuries.   

Can You Infuse Two Treatments In One Time? 

Yes, we can introduce the collaboration of two treatments into your body. These will produce effective and faster results. Below are a few areas of external aids that can be implemented to promote the best results possible.  

  • Dermatology: several injections and lasers can be mixed and matched together. These will enhance your beauty by discarding many aging factors and superficial scarring. The service aims to; boost skin collagen and promote a healthy and luminous glow on the face. 
  • Gynecology: this is an overall upgrade to physical health. As a result, you will find improved changes and better performance. Regenerative Medicine is proven to increase your stamina and activates the body’s natural boosting effect to deliver effective outcomes in your life. 
  • Plastic Surgery: recovery can take longer when you have undergone a major surgery. That’s why sometimes, some patients are recommended to opt for additional treatments such as; Ozone or IV therapy. These will speed up the healing process and boost the organs and cells to repair the wounds.
  • Nutrition And Diet: if you are on a weight loss mission. Regenerative Medicine can work wonder for you. It will give you the nutrients and energy that are required by your body to perform well. What happens is; the right level of energy-boosting and hydrating nutrients will improve your metabolic and immune systems. As a result, you are flushing out the toxins on time. This will lead to progressive results in terms of losing the unwanted fat stored inside the body. 

Who Is The Best Regenerative Medicine Doctor In Dubai?

At Enfield Royal Clinic, Dr. Hany Chidiac is one of the experts in the field of modern-day treatment of Regenerative medicine In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. His specialties include; dealing with and treating 20+ different health conditions in patients of all ages. So whether you are a young adult or somebody dealing with an aging crisis or other sexual health problems? Our board-certified specialist can help you live the best days of your life. 

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