Pain is something that can become the reason for severe discomfort in any individual’s life. Pain is the body’s response to telling us that something is not right in a specific body part. But these signals can become the reason for severe discomfort. Especially when people suffer from joint pains, their lives can become miserable while experiencing this severe agony. One of the most effective ways to overcome this agony is IV Ozone Therapy Pain Relief in Dubai. This treatment method uses ozone treatments to help you overcome this issue.

Pain- A Common Miserable Problem:

Experiencing discomfort for a certain period of time can make your life miserable. This common problem can occur when our body suffers from an accident, injury, or any other severe trauma. It can also occur to signal a person that he/she suffers from joint problems. Joint problems are a common problem, and they often occur in people as they age. But nowadays the young generation have also become sufferers of this issue. When your body is immobile for a certain period of time then this can become one of the common reasons for discomfort in the joints.

How Can Ozone Therapy Help With Pain?

The ozone oxygen gas works wonders by stimulating the body’s anti-inflammatory response. The O3 molecules of ozone gas are super-charged and can help in several treatments. When the body somehow interacts with this gas either by injection, or IV methods, the gas helps improve our overall well-being, while overcoming different health issues. The ozone therapy method has been proven super effective and helps provide the body relief from many different issues.

Preparation Measures For IV Ozone Therapy:

Just like any other treatment, the patients have to follow some of the basic instructions before they opt for the ozone IV method. Below are some things that you might have to follow before the procedure:

  • Always try to gain enough information about the method you are undergoing.
  • Try to learn more about the side effects, and the benefits it has to offer.
  • It is better to inform your doctor about any of the allergies that you have prior to the procedure.
  • Try to intake a healthy diet before your therapy.
  • Try to inform the healthcare provider about all the symptoms that you have been facing lately.

Methods Of Ozone Therapy To Overcome Pain:

At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai we offer various different treatment techniques that use ozone gas to help treat the different types of joint pain. Let’s take a look at the different ozone procedures we offer:

  • The Intravenous Method:

For the intravenous method, the doctor collects a certain amount of blood from your vein. Then in the next step, he mixes the O3 molecules in it, in their unstable form. When the solution of blood, and ozone is prepared. The expert then injects this back into the individual’s vein by using a cannula.

  • By Injection:

This non-invasive technique is super effective. For this method, the doctor injects the ozone directly into the area that has joint pain. The direct administration of this solution to the affected area helps relieve the agony in certain areas.

  • Oral Intake Of Ozone:

In this method, a person has to intake ozone orally through their airway track. When the ozone enters the bloodstream it starts working as an anti-inflammatory substance and reduces the inflammation in a certain area.

Different Body Pains We Treat At Dynamic:

At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic Dubai we use the viable methods of ozone oxygen therapy to help reduce the inflammation that occurs in different body parts. This treatment therapy is effective for treating the following joint pain issues:

  • Treating Knee Pain:

The knee is one of the joints that often becomes the target of joint inflammation. This can occur when people donot exercise much and sit immobile for long hours. For treating the knee discomfort the doctor uses the intravenous method so that the O3 molecules directly enter the bloodstream.

  • Neck Area:

People often suffer discomfort in the neck region due to certain reasons. By using the O3 gas in the neck region the doctors help reduce the discomfort in this area. It not only reduces your misery but also enhances blood circulation in this region. 

  • Treating Headaches, And Migraines:

The infusion of this gas in blood has been proven very effective in overcoming the constant headache and migraine problems. It not only helps you overcome the headache but also helps remove the brain fog.

Benefits Of This Therapy:

This therapy is not only effective in treating the discomfort in the different joints but also helps improve many different internal functions of a person’s body. Let’s take a look at the benefits it has to offer:

  • Helps reduce the discomfort that makes your life difficult.
  • Enhances the circulation of blood in your body.
  • Helps relieve muscle discomfort and muscle spasms.
  • Removes all the toxins from your body through your lymphatic system.
  • Helps reduce body aches.

The Price Of Pain-Relieving IV Therapy in Dubai:

The cost of this treatment at our clinic is not fixed. However, we cannot inform you about a final price detail because the price can be influenced by many different factors. Such as:

  • The type of treatment you require.
  • How many number of sessions do you require?
  • How experienced is the doctor performing?
  • What body area requires treatment?

Here’s To A Pain-Free Life!

Living with discomfort should never be a solution. IV Ozone Therapy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is one of the most effective solutions that has helped the majority of people overcome this issue. To book a free consultation with us, kindly fill out the form given below.