Acne Treatment in Dubai

Did you get acne on your face? No need to worry as we are here with the best Acne Treatment in Dubai. The treatment works on every body part whether it’s the neck, face, shoulder, or any other region like the chest. There can be many reasons for acne formation we treat them all—your self-confidence and self-esteem increase. To get your procedure here in our clinic and by the best professionals, you are free to contact us. Read the page and know about the treatment in detail. 

Why Acne Forms?

The main chance for the formation of these acne scars is when the oil gets accumulates in the hair follicles of the skin. The environment formed in this situation is very bacteria-friendly and thus causes the area to get infected and swell. 

Different factors like stress, anxiety, and hormonal fluctuations all increase acne chances.

The use of some drugs can also trigger acne on the skin. Tell your doctor about every medicine you are using. Greasy foods have a minimal effect on acne so it’s a myth that such kinds of foods affect a person’s skin. 


  • For the diagnosis, the patient needs to undergo different examinations like the physical facial analysis for different acne, blemishes, and whiteheads 
  • Acne will be graded to check the complexity of the condition
  • Check the main cause behind the acne formation 
  • All these examinations are carried out to check the condition of the patient. After complete checking the doctor will recommend a certain solution.

Acne Symptoms:

There are different signs of acne formation. These are as follows:

  • Formation of white and blackheads 
  • Papules 
  • Pustules 
  • Cysts and bumps on the skin 
  • Nodules 

All these symptoms show that the person is having an acne problem. 

Types of Acne:

Non-inflammatory Acne:

This type of acne is called blackhead acne and also white head acne comes in this category. 

Inflammatory Acne:

Inflammatory acne includes papules, pustules, nodules, and cysts. All these appear as red, pink, and inflamed spots on the skin. 

Acne Treatment in Dubai:

Best Acne Treatments are performed in different ways to provide the results. These are the:

  • Laser Acne Treatment in Dubai:

The laser when applied to the skin destroys the bacteria and other overactive glands. Through the process, a prominent change will be made. For better outcomes, multiple sessions are required. While this procedure is done, there will be no side effects on the skin side areas and collagen production. 

  • Light Acne Treatment in Dubai:

In this therapy, different lights like red, blue, and other lights are used which is to kill the bacteria and then the sebum production and the swelling are reduced. 

  • Acne Treatment in Dubai by Steroid Injections:

In this procedure, the steroids are inserted into an injection and then that injection is applied to the acne area directly. This assists in the reduction of inflammation and redness. Pain due to acne rashes will be treated with time. The days required to get the results by these injectables are around days to weeks. 

  • Chemical Peels Acne Treatment in Dubai:

Flat acne is usually treated by these peels. Peels when applied on the skin cause exfoliation and clean the upper layer of the skin. The chemical peels remove the breakouts, pores, and other scars on the skin. 

  • Medications:

First of all, everyone tries to tackle one disorder with the help of medicines. Medications like isotretinoin are used in this case. This is not only used for acne but also for the removal of scars. If you are pregnant then you should tell your medic and discuss before getting the medicines. 

Aftercare of Acne Treatment in Dubai:

On the type of acne and the condition, your aftercare can fluctuate. For most people,  it is only the washing of their face 1 to 2 times a day. For the cleaning, the doctor recommends a herbal natural cream. Also, with this, you need to do some extra steps. 

  • You need to clean your skin daily 
  • Exfoliation is required to be done in a careful manner 
  • Moisturizing the skin is important once done with the treatment 
  • Use sunblocks with SPF 50 and more 
  • Eat food that is healthy and does not affect your skin 
  • Individuals should follow the aftercare as suggested by the doctor 

Best Acne Treatment Cost in Dubai Best Acne Treatment Dubai Acne Treatment Cost in Dubai

How Acne Can Be Prevented?

Acne can be prevented with some care and following a specific routine. 


Moisturizing the skin 2 times a day can help you in removing impurities or dirt. Dead skin cells and extra sebum oil are eliminated from the skin. 

Less Makeup:

Eat food that is healthy and does not take alcohol or avoid smoking as well. 

Avoid Extra Touch:

Do not touch your face extra without need. By this the speed of the bacteria that is responsible for causing the acne reduces. 

Avoid Sun Exposure:

Eliminate exposing your skin to excessive sun exposure significantly at the time of 10 to 4 pm. When you are going under the sun must wear a mask. 

Cost of Acne Treatment in Dubai:

The Cost of Acne Treatment in Dubai ranges from AED 249 to AED 1,499. There are many reasons why the charges for a particular procedure can fluctuate. The factors that affect the cost are the location of the clinic, the reputation of the clinic, the demands of the doctor, and the type of procedure you undergo. 

After your first consultation, your doctor will tell you about this expense. 

Why Choose Acne Treatment in Dubai?

Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic has been performing Acne Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah for a time and has helped people in gaining skin that is smooth and clear of acne. Our professionals are skilled in this and the procedures they do are safe and no risks are attached. If you want to receive the treatment you need to complete the appointment form that is present below.