Anti-Aging Treatment in Dubai

The process of aging is such a natural and real process that has to occur in every individual. No person can resist this process but you can get it later if you want to. The aging process mainly affects your beauty. It is a three-dimensional condition that causes the skin, fat, muscle, and bone. This technique has gained great success in this modern era as it helps you to get back your lost beauty and confidence. It has made it possible to cause a delay in the recognition of the aging process. Anti-Aging Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi aims to get you the best desirable;e outcomes.

What is the main essence of the process?

This technique is a process to slow or inhibit the process of aging. There are several different methods of surgical or non-surgical methods available to aid fight the effects of aging. Too much sun exposure can cause damage to the skin and gives you the best result against aging.

Although there is no permanent solution for all the problems of the skin it can create similar outcomes for everyone. The physician can select the perfect procedure for you and if you need different processes.

What are the common signs or symptoms of the aging process?

The process of aging can be observed in several different ways, such as:

  • Occurrence of wrinkles or fine lines on face and neck area.
  • Loss of fat mass.
  • Have lost their bone structure.
  • Gravity.
  • Sun damage.

What are the outcomes of the process?

This method mainly aims to get strengthened and moisturized skin with a glowy and pretty look. The methods will provide you with quite clean and defined skin without abt marks of age spots and deep wrinkles.

What are the common advantages of the process?

The method has become the most popular process because of its great benefits. Some of its common and popular advantages are as follows:

  1. Improves the overall look of your skin.
  2. Enhances the texture of your skin.
  3. It performs by reducing the no. of wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.
  4. The technique will make your skin quite moisturized.
  5. It will also treat the tone and texture of your skin.
  6. It will also prevent your skin from oxidative and harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun.
  7. Also treats hyperpigmentation and sun marks on your skin.

What methods can be used for this process?

There are several anti-aging processes here. We will get the following given methods.

Chemical peels:

This treatment aims to improve and smooth the texture of the skin of your face, decreasing the wrinkles or fine lines from your skin. They eliminate the damaged surface of your skin with several different chemicals, following which your body produces a new layer of skin.

Chemical peels range from normal-the-counter peels to deeper chemical peels at clinics.

If you are suffering from any skin disease or infection such as psoriasis or eczema, you must not apply a chemical peel. However, it may be possible that the mild and thorough chemical peels will leave you with mild scarring or alterations in the tone of your skin.

PRP Microneedling:

This technique is also called the vampire facial, it is one of the most popular and commonly used anti-aging processes. This method is similar to the two techniques of platelet-rich plasma, which is rich in growth factors. The growth factor-rich fluid is inserted into the skin, producing a lot of small holes.

Your skin is fooled into believing that all of these small holes are wounds, and everyone did a wound-recovery method that includes raising the formation of elastin and collagen.


It is a technique that is performed by eliminating the upper layers of the dermis by using a hand-holding mechanical instrument. This softens the surface of your skin, and the skin will recover in the next two to three weeks. It is mostly used to target the fine lie present in the region around the mouth. 

However, the physician will give general anesthesia for this process to be done or a medicine-containing injection which will give you relief from pain.

Dermatology Grade Facials:

This kind of facial includes the removal to o tain all the gunk from the pores of the skin, modern wear microdermabrasion, a mild peel, and lymphatic drainage are all included in this process.

Depending on the requirements of your skin, the physician can also consider the LED light method and cryo-stimulation. As the upper layer of the skin has a mouth-long turnover time, you must fix these facials for at least one time a month to keep a healthy cell turnover.

What are the outcomes of the process?

This method mainly aims to get strengthened and moisturized skin with a glowy and pretty look. The methods will provide you with quite clean and defined skin without abt marks of age spots and deep wrinkles.

Anti-Aging Treatment Anti-Aging Treatment Cost in Dubai Best Anti-Aging Treatment in Dubai

What are the Charges of the process?

The cost of this process varies from one person to another person depending on their needs and requirements. Some common factors affect the charges of this process significantly. A few of them are the level or location of the clinic, education or experience of the doctor, no. of the sessions needed, the type of technique used in the treatment, severity of the skin of the patient, and a few more. However, the approximate cost of this process of Anti-Aging Treatment in Dubai ranges from AED 599 to AED 2999. But the actual price can only be told to you by visiting a professional physician.

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