APTOS Threads in Dubai

The use of APTOS threads for facelifting is common among people and more than 48 countries are using them. This non-invasive way of lifting up the face uses threads that are safe and FDA-certified to restore the skin and the young appearance. There is no surgical operation or the use of needles and cuts. The process of inserting these threads in the face is a painless step. To get your APTOS Threads in Dubai you need to know their detail. The cost and the procedure are given below.

What are APTOS Threads in Dubai?

A non-surgical innovative method for the restoration of the face is the APTOS threads way. The threads used in the process are strong and elastic. Most of the experts in this era are in favor of these threads. All the facial lines, creases folds on the face are lifted up with the procedure. This causes the correctness of the face in the long term. Also, in different body parts, the threads can be used for corrections. 

Benefits of APTOS Threads in Dubai:

There are many benefits of the APTOS Threads in Dubai & Abu Dhabi which are as follows:

  • The procedure is non-invasive and does not cause any side effects in the long-term 
  • There will be no scars produced by the process 
  • Healing time and recovery are fast 
  • It provides safety and there are no risks attached to the treatment 
  • You will get long-lasting outcomes with the method 
  • The process is suitable for many people and does not have any risk for allergies in the future 

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

The ideal nominee for the procedure is the ones who have the below-mentioned attributes:

  • Individuals do not have any chronic issues
  • There is no medical history and other diseases 
  • Women who are not pregnant and are not on lactation 
  • When you have aging signs on the face apparently 
  • Your cheeks are saggy and the contouring of your face is dull 


The steps that a man needs to follow before the procedure are the ones given below and will be told by the doctor during consultation. The pre-care is:

  • Discuss the details of the procedure with your doctor before the final process
  • Check if your mental health and physical health is stable enough to support the procedure 
  • Tell about your medical history to the medic to avoid any complications 
  • Take care of your hydration by drinking plenty of water 
  • Eliminate sun exposure and use sunscreens prior to the process


To lift the face and the skin the doctor will clean up the area and will apply anesthesia so that the area gets numb. This will avoid all the pain and aching for the procedure. There are various steps involved in the application of these threads. These are:

  • The doctor will apply the anesthesia. In the process, mostly local anesthesia is used. By this, the chances for discomfort are diminished. 
  • After that, the professionals will insert the threads into the skin by marking the targeted parts. This insertion is done by needles and the use of cannulas. The main components in the formation of these threads are polydioxanone. 
  • When the threads are inside the skin. Now the tightening effect will be given to the skin. This causes the lifting and the improvement of the face. 
  • Threads that are left outside are then trimmed afterwards giving a smooth and natural look 
  • The procedure takes around 30 to 60 minutes for the completion. 


The outcomes of the process are the rejuvenation of the skin and the tightening effect. The signs of aging are eliminated and the person feels young in their own skin. The doctors who perform the procedure are responsible for the outcomes of the process. 

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AfterCare of APTOS Threads in Dubai:

After the treatment, the individual needs to do some aftercare so that the recovery can be fast and immediate. The steps which he/she needs to follow are the ones:

  • Give some rest to your skin and avoid the application of any makeup or cosmetics 
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and do not do smoking 
  • Swelling and bruising can be eliminated with the help of medications 
  • Do not apply pressure on the face as the expressions can also affect the healing
  • Eliminate the visit to the sauna and the pools. 
  • Before using any needle or tool check of it is disinfected 

Recovery Period:

The recovery time for the process fluctuates with the skin condition of the patient. But generally, the individuals get completely recovered after 2 weeks. There can be a little swelling on the skin and face but these can go away after this mentioned time. You just need to avoid eating in the first few days and follow all the post-care provided by the medic. 

Cost of the Treatment:

The Cost of APTOS Threads in Dubai ranges from 7,999 to AED 28,999. There are many reasons and factors that are responsible for the price variation for the method and these are mentioned below like the site where the clinic is present, the demand of the doctor, the condition of the patient, the type of the procedure, and the number of sessions required. You will be told about the exact price once you meet the doctor. 

Why Dynamic Clinic?

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