Birthmarks Removal Treatment in Dubai

Skin marks that appear on the skin from birth are called birthmarks. These marks are usually non-cancerous but can impact a person in a negative way so it is advised that it should be treated on time with the help of Birthmarks Removal Treatment in Dubai. This treatment helps a person in getting the perfect treatment in a safe and effective form. The process gives a prominent solution and the confidence of a person increases.

What are Birthmarks?

A common skin condition that affects the person and causes discoloration. These marks vary in color, shape, and size in various people. Some of the birthmarks show that there is a medical condition behind their formation. The color of these birthmarks is usually blue, red, and purple and these are because these are vascular birthmarks. The causes for their formation are also discussed on the page you can read it all in detail.

Symptoms of the Disease:

Various signs show that a person has a birthmark. These symptoms are the ones:

  • Marks that are present on the skin from the time of birth 
  • Red lesions 
  • Rash and redness more commonly when there is a change in the temperature
  • When the infants and the children cry these marks become more red and prominent 


There are many reasons for birthmark formation and these are not exactly known but the common causes are discussed below:

  • Due to family history or other medical issues 
  • Sometimes genetic mutations 
  • Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome is also a reason
  • Another condition called the sturge-weber syndrome

Options of Birthmarks Removal Treatment in Dubai:

Birthmarks Removal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi that are available are the ones that are discussed below;


To decrease the blow flow in the veins these medications are used. Your doctor prescribes medicines that contain the beta-blocking ability. By their use the appearance of these marks reduces. 


The medicines that can either be injected or taken orally for the treatment of these birthmarks are steroids. These are anti-inflammatory medicines. By the use of this, the size of the vascular birthmark reduces. 

Surgical Removal:

Sometimes, the cure required surgery. This is usually for the marks that are raised. For this surgical procedure, the medic uses a scalpel that is sharp. To start the process, the doctor will first apply anesthesia and then continue the practice. This is typically done in cases when the birthmark is large. 

Laser Treatment:

For laser therapy, multiple sessions are required. It depends on the case and complication. However, the type of lasers used can fluctuate according to the patient’s needs. The most common lasers that are used are the Pico laser and the Q switch. 

Preparation Steps:

  • Consult the doctor and have a discussion in detail about all the concerns
  • Tell him/her about the medical history or if you have any medical issue 
  • Stop the use of medicines and drugs 
  • To take care of the skin and to keep the skin hydrated you should have plenty of water before the procedure. 
  • Do not get exposed to the sun for almost 2 weeks that would be better 
  • Eliminate the use of medicines as it can impact the outcomes of the procedure

Candidates for Birthmarks Removal Treatment in Dubai:

Individuals who have the following are the best candidates for Birthmarks Removal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. The candidacy is as follows:

  • When you have healthy skin that can be oily
  • Non-cancerous benign moles on the skin 
  • When there is no keloid formation as it can affect the skin and can form scars 
  • The moles are 8mm 
  • You have a realistic approach to the procedure 
  • When you come to the eligibility criteria for the treatment 

Benefits of Birthmarks Removal Treatment in Dubai:

There are many advantages of the Birthmarks Removal Treatment in Dubai. These are as mentioned below:

  • The appearance of a person increases with the process.
  • The medical issue reduces and the skin gets enhanced. 
  • The discomfort candidates were feeling before the treatment will get away.
  • The functionality of a person improves. 
  • Skin care after the procedure is easy. 
  • It treats multiple medical concerns. 
  • It prevents the growth of these birthmarks in the future too. 
  • You will get personalized treatment.

Results of Birthmarks Removal Treatment in Dubai:

When you have received the treatment, the skin gets clear and there are no marks or spots left on the body. The outcomes mainly depend on the expertise of the doctor. The more skillful doctor will provide more perfect outcomes. 

Birthmarks Removal Treatment Cost Birthmarks Removal Treatment Cost in Dubai Best Birthmarks Removal Treatment Cost in Dubai

Birthmarks Removal Treatment Dubai Birthmarks Removal Treatment in Dubai Birthmarks Removal Treatment

After Care Precautions:

After getting the procedure, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Keep the area treated clean with soap or a wash to protect it from any germs 
  • Use ointments and creams for the healing 
  • Do not scratch the area or avoid excess touching 
  • Redness or irritation will go away with using a doctor’s prescription 
  • Avoid hard exercises and do not lift up heavy weights 
  • Attend all the follow-up sessions 
  • Be patient with the recovery phase

Cost of Birthmarks Removal Treatment in Dubai:

The Cost of Birthmarks Removal Treatment in Dubai ranges from AED 2,000 to AED 4,000. there are many factors that can affect the price as well. These are the location of the clinic, the reputation of the doctor and the clinic, and the demands of the doctor. You will be told by the doctor about the price according to your condition. For this, you just need to consult the medic. 

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At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we are providing you with the best cosmetic procedures in a safe way. The size and the color of these birthmarks vary in different patients and the doctors treat them all in a very efficient way. By the procedure, you will say bye to these marks once and for all. For your Birthmarks removal, you need to visit us and have a consultation with our doctors. For this, just fill out the form that is present below.