Facial Capillaries Treatment in Dubai

Want to say bye to these extra visible capillaries on the face? You got Facial Capillaries Treatment in Dubai. It will help you in dealing with these capillaries by treating the elements that are responsible for the formation. Areas that are mostly exposed to the sun are more likely to have the issue. The treatment not only removes their presence but also saves the skin from their appearance in the future. There are no risks attached to the process. Also, there are different reasons for their formation which are discussed below. If you want to enhance your skin structure and want to get rid of them then come to our clinic. 

What are Facial Capillaries?

Facial capillaries appear as red and purple lines on the face. The areas where they most commonly become prominent are the neck, face, and upper chest area. The main reason behind their formation is hereditary abnormalities. Their appearance on the skin makes a person look unattractive and the youthful appearance decreases. For this, there is a treatment that is helping people for years and giving desirable results. 

What are the Causes of their Presence?


As the person gets aged, the blood vessels sometimes get broken making the skin weak and increasing the appearance of these capillaries. 


During pregnancy, when there are hormonal fluctuations women can face this problem. 


One of the main reasons behind the broken and damaged capillaries is the rosacea. By the issue, the skin of a person appears red.

Sun Exposure:

When an individual is excessively in the sun, it can cause the formation of these visible vessels. The elasticity of the skin decreases by the problem. 


The consumption of alcohol increases the bp of a person and decreases the blood flow in the veins.


Smoking causes the blood vessels to break and hence affects the circulatory system too. 

Benefits of Facial Capillaries Treatment in Dubai:

There are different advantages to Facial Capillaries Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. These are the ones:

  • It causes the renewal of the skin and the texture improves 
  • The redness occurs on the face in a faded way 
  • This helps with the aging signs 
  • The removal of damaged capillaries occurs 
  • This is responsible for the skin tone. 

Ideal Candidate for Facial Capillaries Treatment in Dubai:

People who have the following are the ideal candidates for the procedure. These are the ones:

  • Individuals who have infections in their blood and face swellings 
  • Candidates with a realistic approach 
  • Have decreased the use of alcohol and cigarettes
  • You are over 18 
  • Have skin texture that can tolerate the treatment 

How the Diagnosis is Done?

These vessels are visible on the face so the patient can identify them even while staying at home. When you go to see a doctor, he will check and tell you the level of the problem. On the basis of that you may be prescribed medications. When the individual is suffering from the issues like rosacea your medic will check the underlying reason for it. 

Preparation for Facial Capillaries Treatment in Dubai:

There are some instructions that a person needs to follow before getting the treatment. These are usually advised by the doctor themselves according to the demands of the patients and their condition. The pre-care steps are:

  • Do not go in the sun and avoid your sun exposure as much as you can.
  • Use creams, lotions, and moisturizers to keep the skin healthy. 
  • Stop the use of blood thinners.
  • Eliminate alcohol consumption and avoid smoking. 
  • Eat healthy and drink a good quantity of water so that you can stay hydrated. 

Procedural Steps for Facial Capillaries Treatment in Dubai:

Different procedures are done to treat the problem. The procedures are:


This is a minimally invasive treatment and utilizes injections to treat the sclerosis. This is responsible for the removal of capillaries from the skin and face. Thus when the procedure is applied, the elimination of the capillaries & spider veins. 

IPL Photo Facial Capillaries Treatment in Dubai:

The process involves the use of specific lights that is penetrated into the deep layers of the skin. This penetration is done without causing any damage to the upper layer. Different numbers of sessions are required for the whole treatment. 

Facial Capillaries Treatment Cost in Dubai Best Facial Capillaries Treatment Cost in Dubai Best Facial Capillaries Treatment

Facial Capillaries Treatment in Dubai Before and after successful rosacea treatment on the face of a c Facial Capillaries Treatment

After Care:

When you are done with the process, you need to do the following aftercare steps to have a fast recovery. 

  • To prevent infections and irritation you should not touch the treated area as it spreads germs 
  • Apply cool compresses to the area to avoid discomfort or swelling. Do not use the ice direct on the skin 
  • Protect yourself from the sunlight and use sunblock with SPF 50 
  • Do not get indulge in hard exercises 
  • Wash your face with gentle cleansers
  • Moisturize your skin on a regular basis 
  • Do not apply makeup on the face 
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Have a realistic approach to the treatment 

Cost of Facial Capillaries Treatment in Dubai:

The Cost of Facial Capillaries Treatment in Dubai ranges from AED xxx to AED xxx. There are different factors that affect the final charges and they are only determined when you pay a visit to the doctor.

After proper analysis, your doctor will tell you about the exact payment. The elements that are accountable for the fluctuation are the location of the clinic, the reputation of the clinic, the quality of the treatment, the type of the process, and the demand of the doctor. 

Why Dynamic Clinic?

At Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, we are providing you with the best skin care procedures. We know how to carry out processes such as Facial Capillaries Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah without any side effects. It is important to keep in mind that this cosmetic process can help you in this. You can now say bye to your broken blood vessels with us. To get your treatment in our clinic, you need to complete the form that is present below.