IV Nutrition Therapy in Dubai

To complete the nutrition in your body you need to get sometimes a drip which contains minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, that is IV Nutrition Therapy in Dubai. These are inserted directly into the bloodstream. This therapy has become popular among people because of the benefits and the effects it provides. It causes the repairing of the tissues and cells. People suffering from stress and depression usually get the therapy. People who are also facing the cancer can also have the treatment. 

What is Intravenous Therapy?

This is a drip of vitamins and minerals into the blood for the treatment of different medical conditions. The absorption of the vitamins is done completely which is 100%. This is an efficient way of delivering the beneficial substances to the circulatory system. With the help of the process, hydration, medication and the nutrition are done. The whole procedural steps and the way this is carried out are explained below. 

Goals of the Process:

The main purpose for the treatment is the ones:

  • To provide a safe, effective and reasonable procedure to people for the body nourishment 
  • For the insertion of essential nutrients in the body and for the regeneration of micronutrients. 
  • When your body does not produce the vitamins naturally then the therapy is given 
  • For the overall health and wellness of a patient 


The drips have positive effects on people and increase their health. It makes the person fit inside and enhances skin and facial expressions. The person feels refreshed and energetic when done with the process. The results will stay longer. 


There are many advantages of the treatment. These are the ones:

  • It treats the chronic diseases of a person 
  • Increases the circulation of the blood 
  • Your toxicity diminishes and the heavy metals from the body are removed 
  • The body gets healthy 
  • You will feel young and attractive 

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Individuals who have the following are the ones who can get the treatment. The candidacy for the people are as follows:

  • When you expect all the positive outcomes 
  • For the essential nutrients in the body 
  • If you think that you feel tired and your body needs nourishment 
  • For the repairing of the destroyed and worn-out cells 
  • To say bye to the dizziness and weak cells

Procedure Type:

In the main process, a needle is used for the insertion of the solution into the veins. The procedure usually takes 30 minutes for the completion mostly. But the time the therapy can take depends on the need of the candidates. Four different procedures are used to carry out the method. These are as follows:

  • Skin Restoring Cocktail:

For getting a glowing, fresher and tighter skin the individuals need this therapy. In this, a mixture of zinc, mg, and vitamins including C and B are used for the contours and the improvement of the skin texture. 

  • Hormone Cocktail: 

The levels of hormones when gets disturbed, and these type of therapies helps people. The imbalance can cause issues like sweating, fluctuations in the mood and an increase in weight. So for the elimination of such symptoms, this procedure is required. 

  • Hangover Process:

Persons who have a hangover with the worst conditions obtain these processes. The urge for the necessary fluids in the body is fulfilled by the method. This is helpful for the people who are under the effect of alcohol. 

  • Cocktail GI:

When the digestive system of a person is not functional and has some complications. Iv drip is utilized so that the need for the micronutrients is met. 

Are the Iv Drips Safe?

These Drips are safe to get as they are made from the natural substances and do not provide any harsh elements inside. Professionals who are experts and skilled carry out the process so the individuals can easily get it. You may feel a headache. But it all goes away with time. 


Before the treatment, the individuals need to obey some steps. These are guided by the doctor. The pre-care is as follows:

  • You should not eat anything prior to the cure 
  • Have complete food before you go to get the procedure 
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Consult with the doctor and discuss all the concerns with him/her 
  • Stop taking any medicines before the treatment 
  • Avoid alcohol and the cigarette smoke 

After Care:

When you receive the IV Nutrition Therapy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi you should follow the following post-care:

  • If you feel any swelling or inflammation when done with it you should check it and do some remedies like cold ice packs and compresses 
  • Take a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated as it helps with the healing in a fast way 
  • Have some rest to give some time to your body 
  • Maintain good hygiene so that you can recover faster 
  • In case of any issues or irritations, you should talk to your medic 

How Commonly the Therapy is Taken?

This is one of the treatments that provide an instant boost to people. Therapies are provided according to the personal needs of the patients. Contenders who are weak and have more deficiency require more sessions while a healthy person only obtains one. So the number of therapy depends on the patient. 


The cost for the IV Nutrition Therapy in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah varies in different cases. There are many factors that can affect the charges. These are the location of the clinic, the demand of the doctor, the condition of the patient and the type of the procedure they went for. On the consultation with the doctor, you will be notified about the exact final charges you have to pay. 

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