Mole Removal Treatment in Dubai

Mole Removal is a plan that includes shaving or cutting off a mole from any part of your body. Having moles enhances the beauty, however, extra moles can hurt both appearance and confidence. Mole removal offers a safe and effective method to uproot extra moles. People who have darker hair tend to have darker moles than those who have light hair. There are two types of moles, one is raised and the other is flat on the surface of the derma. If you have big and extra moles on any part of your body, then you should most probably consider Mole Removal Treatment in Dubai and attain fresh and smooth skin where the mole is visible.

Aim of Mole Removal Treatment in Dubai:

Everyone has moles, it’s a genuine thing. However, if your mole grows bigger over time, changes shape, or becomes itchy or bleeds, you should probably consult the healthcare provider and get rid of the extra mole. Sometimes, moles can be cancerous as well or maybe precancerous but if your mole changes shape or bleeds, immediately get it removed before it affects your overall health. If you are not satisfied with the location of your mole, you can get removed. The removal of the mole is not done only if it’s cancerous or precancerous, this plan can be done for cosmetic-related concerts as well. There can be little downtime depending on your skin type.

Results of Mole Removal Treatment in Dubai:

  • Removed extra moles.
  • Boosted confidence.
  • Enhanced appearance.
  • Reduced discomfort 
  • Mole-free skin

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What are the Different Types of Mole Removal?

There are several types of Mole Removal in Dubai. However, the method used typically depends on factors such as mole size, depth, and whether it’s cancerous or not. 

Surgical Excision:

In this technique, the mole is cut off from the skin as well as a margin of the skin. This plan is for the moles that are larger or are cancerous. Stitches are required to close the wound.

Laser Removal:

Laser is used in this plan, Laser beams break down the pigment in the mole. The technique assists the mole to fade away over time. This plan addresses small moles and does not require stitches. 

Shave Excision:

This technique uses a blade to cut off the mole from the skin, usually, a little margin of skin is effective in this method. This plan works best for the type of moles that require a poke-out. 


A device is used to electric current the mole and cut it off from the skin. This burns the area and minimizes bleeding. This course of the plan is suitable for small moles.  


To compel the mole to peel off of the skin itself, liquid nitrogen is applied directly onto the mole. This plan is a great choice for apparent moles. 

Punch Biopsy:

This course requires deeper cutting of the moles using a round blade. Small stitches are required to close the wounds.   

Pre Procedure Tips:

  • Avoid sun exposure for a certain period before the treatment.
  • Refrain from using blood-thinning medicines including herbal supplements.
  • Don’t use certain skin care products that are harsh on the skin.
  • If you are taking any sort of other medicines, inform your healthcare provider.
  • On the day of the plan, do not wear makeup.
  • Keep yourself hydrated and drink plenty of water.
  • If the method involves anesthesia, then consider arranging a transport. 

Procedural Steps of Mole Removal Treatment in Dubai:

  1. The surgeons will take an initial medical test to consider if you are suitable for this procedure.
  2. The targeted area will be cleaned from oil and dust.
  3. Local anesthesia will be used if required.
  4. The chosen techniques will be performed to remove the mole.
  5. If needed, stitches will be made to remove the wound.
  6. The sterile will be used on the targeted area.

Aftercare Steps for Mole Removal Treatment in Dubai:

  • Keep the treated area clean.
  • Avoid scratching or rubbing the area.
  • If applied, change dressing on time.
  • Shied the skin from sun exposure.
  • Minimize strenuous physical activities.
  • Add nutrients to your diet and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Follow medical care and take instructed medicines.

Benefits of Mole Removal Treatment in Dubai:

  • Enhanced appearance.
  • Improved comfort.
  • Boosted confidence.
  • Reduced health concerns.
  • Even skin tone.
  • Minimal downtime 

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