Non-Surgical Facelift in Dubai

As we get older, our skin starts becoming rough, slack, dull and dead. But our Dynamic clinic is offering you several unique techniques for a facelift with a Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment in Dubai. This technique helps you to lessen the symptoms and signs of aging by making your skin strong and powerful. It reduces the saggy part of the skin. By having these methods, tissues of the face are improved which gives you a more pretty and youthful look. The methods complete the goals and desires of the candidates by eliminating wrinkles and removing all the symptoms of aging. Our physicians have done these methods for many years.

How to know more about Non-Surgical Facelift?

This method contains a mild surgical and non-surgical process as well in order to rejuvenate your face and clear the skin. The process performs by eliminating extra fat from the skin if there is a need. This will give a lift to your face and strengthen it. The most common non-surgical facelift methods are Ultherapy, chemical peels, resurfacing, and dermal fillers. These procedures are performed in order to lift your face and make it look more young and pretty without any need to stay in the clinic and large cuts. Their effects are very same to that of other surgical facelift methods. These methods do not need local anesthesia.


The outcomes of this process are aesthetic and desirable. You will achieve the overall outcomes to obey the prescriptions and suggestions of your physician carefully in order to keep the outcomes for a large time span. After the process, you will be able to get the results of your desire and goals.

Perfect Patient for the Process:

This non-surgical technique has a few different methods to fulfil the requirements of the patients. It is your responsibility to know if you are a suitable candidate for the technique or not:

  • If you are more than thirty or forty years old.
  • The person who is not suffering from the period of pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • If you are a non-smoker.
  • The individual who has weak facial features that you can get dermal fillers or facial implants.
  • The person has natural or realistic expectations about the effects of the facelift.
  • Having elastic skin with a powerful bone structure.

The Essence of the Non-Surgical Facelift:

These methods are available for those individuals who do not want the needles to be inserted in their skin for strengthening and lifting the face. Its main purpose is to give you real-looking outcomes by achieving g back your flexible skin. They often require a very little time for their healing, you may observe some redness in the treatment area but it will make it lighter in a few hours.

Advantages of the Non-Surgical Facelift:

This process of Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment in Dubai has become the most popular technique because of its wonderful benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  • It gives you a definite facial shape.
  • Reduces wrinkles and fine lines from your face.
  • Removes the damage from your skin caused by skin.
  • An influential decrease in aging signs.
  • A protective and effective process that tends to be less costly.
  • Raise the facial muscles around the sagging brows, cheeks, and jowls.
  • Improves your confidence and esteem.
  • A fast method that contains less pain.
  • Gives your skin more elasticity with good blood circulation.
  • Improved the shape of the jawline.
  • Also reduces the swelling and puffiness of the eyes.

Pre-Operative Measures:

You have to obey the following given instructions prescribed by your physician in order to obtain the desirable results:

  1. You should quit smoking if you are a heavy smoker a few days before the process as it can cause complications during or after the process.
  2. On the day of the procedure, you must not wear any makeup products and other skincare products from the treatment region.
  3. Do not use any alcoholic items for at least two to three weeks before the process.
  4. You must conduct all the physical tests before the procedure.
  5. Quit the use of blood-thinning medicines and drugs.

Methods for the Therapy:

This process can be done in the following mentioned techniques such as:

  1. Dermal Fillers
  2. Ultherapy
  3. Non-ablative laser process

Dermal Fillers:

Dermal fillers are applied along with Botox or plumping, softening and reshaping your face. This modern anti-aging method influentially relaxes the muscles which are responsible for getting special expressions on the face. In a few certain ways, the chances look less than those of invasive facelift methods. The process is quite protective and cost-effective in order to give your skin a youthful and pretty look as compared to your age.


This is a non-invasive facelift method which performs by using an ultherapy instrument to direct the energy on the treatment parts to give the skin a younger and more attractive appearance. The released energy treats the saggy skin and initiates the formation of collagen and elastin. They possess consumes about thirty to forty minutes to be done and need very less preparation. The energy is targeted at several depths, affecting three layers that are muscle, skin, and superficial wrinkles.

Non-ablative laser Treatment:

Another facelift method which utilize a stronger Pixel Q-Switch laser for shrinking, strengthening, and resurfacing the skin. Ladder methods need only about twenty minutes to be completed which aid to decrease the too much large pores, filling up the creases and fine lines, getting back lost volume and increasing the flexibility of the skin. The outcomes will remain as long as your body continues to reproduce new collagen.


The cost of Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi ranges from AED 8000 to AED 10,000 relying on the different factors such as the condition or goals of the patient, the education or experience of the doctor, the level or situation of the clinic, no. of the sessions required, and a few more. But the actual cost will be determined by visiting an expert physician.

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