Ponytail Facelift in Dubai

Ponytail treatment is the latest treatment method. It assists in achieving tighter and lifted skin without any need for surgeries. However, small incisions are required.  Type of incision that is counted as zero. This allows folks to get that look of tighter skin you get when you are wearing a high ponytail. Overall, your skin looks tighter as if you have tied your hair firmly whilst your hair is open. This method works on your face and neck as well. If you desire tighter-looking skin or experience a saggy face due to age, it is about time you consider our Ponytail Facelift in Dubai!

Aim of Ponytail Facelift in Dubai:

This method is an ideal option! It aims at folks who desire tight skin without undergoing surgery. As we age, our skin naturally loses elasticity and becomes saggy. These individuals desire more youthful skin, which is achieved by the ponytail lift. Tight skin can also improve your overall appearance as well as your self-esteem and self-confidence. There are numerous ways to get tighter skin but a ponytail lift is one of the most popular. It has the capability of granting the exact desired looks. This method is ever-lasting and gives you a satisfied look for over 6-7 years. This means no need to fret about your sagging skin for an extra 7 years.

What is Ponytail Facelift in Dubai?

The course of this method is minimally invasive with little downtime. The procedure takes place with local anesthesia. A very small amount of tiny incisions are made either within the hair or onto the scalp line behind the ear. This method works both on the face and neck with the techniques used in it. This method allows the uplift of eyebrows, cheeks, corners of the mouth,  jowls, and neck. It automatically leads to tighter and firmer skin. Underlying tissues are lifted and tightened. The skin is then secured behind the ear with sutures. The incisions are simply closed with stitches and staples. The procedure only takes 1-2 hours of duration. However, the results take one week to show.

Pre Procedure Tips:

  • Before you get the ponytail lift, consult a healthcare provider.
  • A medical test is crucial before thinking about the treatment.
  • You will be advised to discontinue several medicines like blood thinners and herbal supplements.
  • The healthcare provider will ask you to quit smoking and usage of alcohol a week before the plan.
  • Hydration is the best for health, keep yourself hydrated as it helps with fast recovery.
  • Arrange transportation with a supervisor who will take you home after the course.
  • Arrive at the exact time of the clinic.

Procedural Steps:

  1. Initially, local anesthesia is given to the patient.
  2. Two incisions are made behind the ear or on the hairline.
  3. A tiny camera is inserted into the incision. It is to keep an eye on the underlying skin.
  4. The skin and the tissues are lifted. They are repositioned to give a tightening appearance.
  5. Other excess skin and tissues are removed.
  6. Stitches and staples are used to close the incisions.

Results of the Procedure:

  • Elevated and tightened skin.
  • A reduced sagging and wrinkled face.
  • Extra sculpted face.
  • Lifted eyebrows.
  • Fine lines are invisible.
  • Confidential appearance. 
  • Results last for several years.

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Aftercare Steps to Follow:

  • Avoid demanding exercises and activities for 2 days.
  • Use ice to apply to the incision. It is to keep it away from swelling and bruising.
  • Take painkillers as directed by the doctor.
  • Keep your head up even while sleeping.
  • Avoid scrubbing and extra contact with the incision area.
  • Do not expose your skin to the sun too much.
  • Saunas and swimming pools should be avoided.

Benefits of Ponytail Facelift in Dubai:

  • Less pain and less scarring.
  • No need for hospitalization.
  • Ever-lasting and gradual outcomes.
  • Combined with various procedures like brow lifts, eyelid lifts, and more.
  • Frequent recovery time.
  • Hidden incisions.
  • Boosted self-confidence.

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