Ultherapy in Dubai

Get this non-surgical FDA-approved Ultherapy in Dubai that will assist you in lifting up your chin & brows in a secure and efficacious way. This is specially designed for facelifting and gives an improved facial structure to people. You can easily say goodbye to your wrinkles and other facial aging signs with us. Aging is no more a problem. Get your perfect age-reversing procedure with us and read the page that is present below. It will surely help you.

What is Ultherapy in Dubai?

A therapy to pull the skin by using ultrasound energy this therapy is utilized. The approach is innovative and it is not like the traditional methods, also it does not involve the use of laser. In this process, the energy gets penetrated into the skin and causes its effects. This therapy is for the modification of skin formation, the neck part, and the chest zone. Ultherpy can be specifically used according to the patient’s needs and desired goals. Areas, where the treatment can be applied, are:

  • Brow area
  • Forehead region
  • Chin part
  • Neck area
  • Upper chest zone

Who is a Candidate for Ultherapy in Dubai?

People who have the following attributes can be ideal candidates for the procedure. The candidacy criteria are as follows:

  • People who like to do facial restoration are for the cure
  • The person who desires to go for a non-surgical process
  • If you have enough elastic skin to support the method
  • Candidates who have a realistic approach
  • Your skin is saggy

How Does Ultherapy in Dubai Work?

This remedy provides ultrasound waves to the dermal layer and causes collagen formation. This enhances the overall skin & will do face tightening. The fine creases and ruffles get smooth when the ultrasound waves deliver heat to the skin & cause collagen improvement.  It removes the old cells & tissues and will do collagen growth. By this method, the patient gets the results without any surgeries or incisions.

Benefits of Ultherapy in Dubai:

There are several advantages of the treatment. These are the ones:

  • A gentle process with no recovery
  • Healing is fast and the strategy is safe
  • You will get faster effects
  • Helps you in making you young
  • There is no anesthesia involved
  • Causes the skin rejuvenation

Pre Treatment:

In this procedure, the patient needs to follow some pre-care to get effective results. The doctor notifies the patients about these steps and those are written here:

  • Do not smoke and avoid all alcohol consumption.
  • Take medicines in which there is no aspirin.
  • Before going anywhere apply sunblock on the face.
  • Do not use medicines before the process.
  • Stop using any makeup or creams.
  • Eliminate the use of products like hydroxyl acids.
  • Stop going under the sun and avoid sun exposure.

Following all these pre-care steps will help you in getting the perfect results. The patients can recover fastly after this.

Procedural Steps:

This is a short procedure that will take around 30 minutes. First of all, in the process, the doctor will place a handpiece on the skin and the visuals of the tissues will be projected. After that, an ultrasonic gel will be applied so that the area can get more clear and cleaned. This cleans up all the impurities.

The heat will be applied in a controlled pattern on the skin. It gets penetrated deep inside the dermis and stimulates collagen production. Thus the sagginess of the skin decreases and a natural glow is obtained.


After the Ultherapy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, the candidates will get clear skin. Almost all the people who undergo the procedure get the desired outcomes. A more form and tight skin is obtained by the procedure.  This is a really best non-surgical option for this and all the individuals can get benefited. The expertise of the doctor plays a significant role in this.

The results will get appear after 2 to 3 months. The better the doctor treats the more fast will be the healing span.

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After Care Steps to Follow:

After the procedure, the individual should follow the following aftercare:

  • For the irritating sensation on the skin, you can apply ointments or anything on the skin.
  • Do not touch the treated area unnecessarily.
  • Use ice packs and cubes for the pain and discomfort in the skin.
  • You should use sunscreens and sunblocks with an SPF of more than 50.
  • Eliminate sun exposure as much as possible.

By obeying all the post-care steps you can have the fastest recovery and the results will stay there for a long time.

Recovery Time Period:

The rehabilitation period for Ultherapy is almost none. The patient does not need time for the healing.

You can go home on the same day and can start the normal activities. You may feel an irritating sensation on the skin. Minor issues which the patient can feel are irritation, swelling, and redness.

Cost of Ultherapy in Dubai:

The Cost for Ultherapy in Dubai ranges from AED 1,499 to AED 11,999. There are many factors that can affect the charges for the treatment. The factors that mainly affect the price are the location of the clinic, the reputation of the clinic, the type of treatment, and the demand for the doctor. After having your consultation with the doctor you will get to know the final price. Other reasons for the cost fluctuations will be told by the medic.

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