Obesity is a great issue around the world and is causing problems for most individuals. It is caused because of the intake of too much fast food, sedentary lifestyles, and long working hours. Someone who is not getting proper sleep is the other contributing factor. It can chronic diseases, hypertension, and high blood glucose levels. It also decreases the ability to move and causes dreadful situations. When morbid obesity occurs, the diet or physical activities do not cause a visible loss of weight. Bariatric Surgery in Dubai is the safest and most influential treatment for this issue.

How about Obesity and Bariatric Surgery in Dubai?

This process has several different methods that decrease the extra fat in the stomach and the small intestine. In the final outcome, the concentration of the food taken is very limited, you will observe a clear reduction in your extra fat, the total no. of minerals taken by the intestines reduces, and as an outcome, the candidates get rid of the average weight of about forty to seventy% of their extra weight.

Outcomes of the Bariatric Surgery:

The candidates lose weight quickly after the procedure and they continue to lose extra weight over the time period of eighteen to twenty-four months after the process. Six months after the procedure around fifty percent of extra weight is gone and individuals with a higher BMI cause a greater loss in weight than the candidates with a lower BMI.

What are the Advantages of the Process?

The process has become very famous because of its great benefits. Some of its common benefits are as follows:

  • There are no cuts in this method and there will be no scars left after the procedure.
  • The process is painless and a little more surgical than most of the other treatments.
  • There is no chance of any complication or disturbance in this technique.
  • The process does not need any long recovery time, you do not need to stay in the clinic for a long time.
  • An effective cosmetic outcome with a quick and influential result.
  • It will also enhance the overall physical and mental health of the patient.
  • You will be able to get the body shape you desire.

Who Should get this Technique?

If you want to get this process of Obesity and Bariatric Surgery in Dubai then there are some common signs which you must have to in order to prove yourself a perfect candidate for the process. Some of the common signs are given below:

  • You should be more than eighteen and under the age of sixty-five.
  • You have a weight of at least thirty-five to forty kg.
  • Someone who is not going through the period of pregnancy or lactation.
  • If you do not have any chronic doses or blood diseases.
  • Someone who does not have a mental problem, drug addiction, or bulimia.
  • If you have realistic or natural expectations about the outcomes of the technique.
  • You are not having any skin infections or disease.

What are the Treatment options for the Process?

There are several different uses for the process to deal with extra weight. The procedures can be classified into three stages:

Intragastric Balloon:

Allurion Gastric Balloon is the most recent and influential procedure for the loss of weight that does not need Laparoscopic to be placed inside the stomach, so that, getting a weight equal to about one-third of the overall gastric volume, decreases the volume available for the foods that are taken during the day. Its os occurrence permits the candidate a feeling of early satiety at the time of the food.

Gastric Bypass:

A small place of the belly is made from the large sto,ach, which is attached to the small intestine approximately in the central region. To cover the decreased stomach, less meal is needed and a feeling of fullness after eating appears faster.

Sleeve Gastrectomy:

This technique changes the stomach into a thin tube that can not be physically used for a large concentration of food. This process of Sleeve Gastrectomy is performed by the side of the stomach and the incoming food is fastly released from the stomach. At the same time, the physiological valves of the stomach are preserved, and the stomach can perform its function quite normally.

Which kind of Bariatric Treatment is perfect?

Generally, the best process for the candidate is the one that will assist you in protectively achieving the goals and desires of your weight loss.

Most individuals believe that the process outcomes in quick and clearer weight loss, but it is an irreversible technique that needs a long healing time. Each of the techniques will be equally influential and the rest of it depends on the candidate and how the patient varies their lifestyle. 

The achievements of these techniques depend on the lifestyle of the candidates as much as they perform on the clinic and physician you prefer. 

Fast Tip! Only your physician will choose which process is the perfect choice for your particular case.

What are the measures to follow after the process?

The instructions you will get from your physician after the process of Obesity and Bariatric Surgery in Dubai are only as significant as the education or experience of the physician. In our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, all the steps of the weight loss instructions are managed by a team of physicians, nurses, nutritionists, exercise consultants, and more.

These physicians in our clinic work together in order to assist you in adjusting to the lifestyle changes related to the treatment and check your health as you go towards your weight loss aims. They are as invested in your success as you are.

Some Side Effects of the Technology:

If the candidate carefully checks his health and consumes the medicines suggested by your physician, the chances of difficulties are very low. Your physician will discuss each and everything at the first appointment.

  • Eating can be somewhat difficult and may cause some pain.
  • Mild inflammation and swelling can occur.

What are the Expenses of the process?

Normally, the approximate cost of Obesity and Bariatric Surgery in Dubai can range from AED 26,999 to AED 36,999. The charges can be increased or varied depending on the kind of technique used, the education or experience of the physician, and the level or situation of the clinic. However, the real price can only be determined by visiting an expert physician.

How to Book an Appointment with Us?

If you want to get this technique of Obesity and Bariatric Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi then all you have to do is visit the website of our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic fill up the consultation form given on the website and confirm your appointment with us. With the help of our professionals in the clinic, you can get the outcomes of your desire and needs.