Overview of the process:

This technique is one of the most modern processes for the loss of weight. The technique has become so famous in this era because of its safe and effective effects. This technique helps the individuals to lose their extra weight, without any resection, from the region of greater curvature, by folding and a certain gastric tube. The process has great benefits one of the most important ones is that the technique does not have any resection of the stomach and there is no extra weight left in the body.

How to Get More info about the Process?

This technique depends on decreasing the concentration of the greater curvature of the stomach without the consumption of foreign substances and resection. The process is quite reversible for a specific time period of time, which means that the stomach can get back to its original form without any difficulty or issue. It permits you to limit recognized procedures for weight loss.

Outcomes of the Technique:

This process is taken as a stand-alone method nowadays. All the physicians considered an important loss of weight loss of extra weight, compatible with the method of gastric banding. Candidates are reported to lose about sixty percent of weight over two to three years.

Who Should Receive this Method?

The person who wants to get the process of Gastric Plication in Dubai should expose certain signs that an ideal candidate has to show in order to prove himself a perfect candidate. Some of the signs are as follows:

  • Have a bodyweight of about thirty or more than this.
  • Problems associated with extra weight such as diabetes or arthritis.
  • This is also compatible with candidates who can not undergo other methods of bariatric techniques.
  • You will need to have a proper check-up.

Benefits and Disadvantages of the Process:

The process has several different benefits and disadvantages of the process. Some of these are given below:


  • The process does not include the removal of the regions of the stomach.
  • Also, do not cause any difficulty or problems to the digestive system.
  • Do not include the implantation of the other parts.
  • There is no requirement for the adjustment or filling.
  • The process is quite reversible for about several years.
  • The process perfectly decreases the consumption of the food.
  • Little dietary restrictions as compared to other bariatric procedures.


  • This can cause a long-time nausea.
  • Weight may be lost more slowly than in other similar methods.
  • There so very little chance of leakage.

What is the Preparation of the Technique?

In the initial stage, the physician will check you thoroughly in order to know if you are suitable for the technique or not. The doctor will also check your medical record in order to know if you are suffering from any disease or infections. As it can cause disturbance during the process. The physician also undergoes some medical examinations such as gastroscopy, ultrasound check-ups of the thyroid gland, liver, abdominal and pelvic organs, electrocardiography, general \and biochemical blood tests, and the examination of thyroid hormones. In accordance with the indications, some extra procedures of laboratory and instrumental check-ups are suggested.

All the candidates are suggested to undergo some consultations with the physicians, if the check-up reveals any deviations from the norm, which are somewhat relative contraindications to the process, a medical treatment is needed. For clients with the issue of endocrine pathology, infections of the heart and blood vessels process is performed after the compensation for the manifestations of infections.

What is the Procedure of the Technology?

The process is performed efficiently under the influence of an endoscopic instrument through tiny punctures on the upper abdominal wall. The process is done without any cuts and leaves no scars or spots.

This process is done under the influence of local anesthesia and remains for about one to two hours. During the technique, the physician brings the walls of the stomach together along the greater curvature and decreases the volume of the organ by using it to suture the stitches. The principle of the method is explained completely, you can always receive more explained information at a single consultation with the physician at the weight loss center in Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic.

Recovery of the technique:

The candidate remains in the clinic under the supervision of the medical staff for some days after the process. On the first and second say, that food is limited to non-carbonated water. It is important to consume water in small portions, five to ten ml every ten minutes. The overall volume of drinks per day does not exceed 500 ml. Replenishment of the minerals is performed with the aid of intravenous injections.

From the third day of the process, the utilization of liquid food is allowed to be consumed. The candidate starts to consume vitamin-mineral complexes in soluble form.

After some days of the treatment, the diet expands to the intake of boiled fish, meat, and poultry. Usually, the food in the form of liquid is the best choice in this stage.

A single month after the process, the candidate is allowed to consume a thick volume. And after two months of the process, the individual returns to a normal diet, but with slime alterations. The diet must be healthy, and it should remove carbs and carbonated drinks.

What are the Charges of the Technique?

The charges of the process vary from one individual to another individual depending on their goals and needs. Some of the factors that greatly impact the cost of the technique are the condition or aim of the patient, the education or expertise of the physician, the standard or location of the clinic, the number of sessions required, the type of technique used, and a few more.

However, the approximate cost of Gastric Plication Treatment in Dubai ranges from AED 25,000 to AEd 35,000. But the actual charges can only be determined by visiting an expert physician who will tell you the cost after examining you completely.

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