This technique is one of the most modern and safe on the limitation concept. Because of the surgical constrictions of the upper part of the stomach, the procedure helps you to control the flow of blood into the stomach. This kind of technique is sometimes called as a stomach sleeve reduction, which efficiently brings its aim. A tiny gastric sleeve is made during the process. This makes it very complicated for the sloid meals to go across the complete part. The process has become so famous in this era because of its safe and effective effects.

The procedure of the Technique:

Sleeve resection of the stomach is one of the most recent bariatric process done to permanently decreases the volume of the stomach. Presently, it perfectly comes out on  the top among the other bariatric procedures done in the whole world., having approved better outcomes than gastric banding. Drain resection involves soft weight loss without the use of foreign and too much intake of minerals. Since the capacity of the stomach is decreased physically, and not artificially, the feeling of satiety comes quite naturally. This, in turn, causes the loss of weight to a better extent, without the requirement for severe diets and long-term medical treatment.

Advantages of the Process:

The process has become so famous because of its amazing and beautiful benefits. Some of the common benefits are given below:

  • These methods have proved to be more influential as compared to the different invasive methods.
  • Rather than gastric banding or the application of an intragastric balloon, this remain no foreign body parts in your body. The process does not need any adjustments or extra interventions.
  • The outcomes of the technique remain for a long time almost forever, extra weight will not appear back after the procedure.
  • Treatments are highly influential in healing several different severe disorders, for example, infertility, hypertension, sexual disorders, and a few more.
  • In our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic, the candidate is made sure of an interdisciplinary approach at all the different stages from before-treatment measures to the after-care of the technique.
  • After completing the process, the candidate gets a consultation from the physicians in order to make their diet plan good.

Who is the perfect patient for the process?

If you want to receive this technique of Gastric Sleeve Procedure in Dubai then there are some common symptoms that you must have in order to prove yourself a perfect patient for the technique. Some of these signs are given below:

  • The person who is not going through the period of pregnancy or lactation.
  • Does not have the problem of oncology.
  • Not suffering from the disease of tuberculosis.
  • Have not gone through the different stages of kidney and hepatic insufficiency.
  • Not having the issue of type 1 diabetes mellitus.
  • Not have a peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum.
  • You are not to indulge in any kind of mental issues.

What Preparation is Required for the Technique?

The physician suggests a complete examination of the candidate before undergoing the process. You have to obey the following given measures in order to receive the best outcomes:

  • Some certain food items that cause a decrease in weight by limiting the receptors are provided some weeks before the process.
  • It is very important to get rid of about ten percent of the total volume of your body.
  • Stop consuming any food or drink is fully prohibited about 8 hours before the procedure. On that day of treatment, you should visit the clinic but remember you should come with an empty stomach.
  • Laxatives and enemas are utilized in order to clean the intestines in your body.
  • On the appointment day, the physician will give a complete list of tests and check-ups that can be undergone quite easily in our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic or in a suitable laboratory.

What is the procedure of the Technique?

The physician will first examine you thoroughly and then determine if you are suitable for the process or not. He will also check your medical record in order to know if you are suffering from any specific disease or not, as it can cause some disturbance during or after the process.

The doctor will make a small cut in the stomach that repeats into a thin sleeve. In the final outcome, the candidate is not able to eat more food. The stomach can only hold as much as it can in a serious sleeve.

Furthermore, there lefts no way to exaggerate the stomach in any way. Because of the occurrence of the stomach walls, the client has a constant sense of fullness even after consuming a meal that extends the complete length of the cramped space. The concentration of the food taken reduces dramatically at the same time.

What are the Post-Operative measures and downtime of the Process?

The following measures should be obeyed for a fast recovery after the procedure of Gastric Sleeve Treatment in Dubai:

  • The whole technique is done under the action of local anesthesia by the laparoscopic technique, utilizing certain staplers and high-technology instruments. 
  • The duration of the process is about two to three hours.
  • After only one day of the process, the candidate can consume independently.
  • After the process, you will observe a clear reduction in your body weight by up to eighty percent for 12-18 months. After the normalization of the body, the body gets its balance and the weight stabilizes.

Outcomes of the process:

The results of this technique are sure by the production of a thin tube from the stomach, which clearly decreases its volume, and slows down the passage of food through the stomach, leading to a long-term feeling of satiety with a little concentration of food. Weight loss starts just after the treatment, having a greater effect by the end of the year.

Charges of the Technique:

The charges of the process can change from one person to another person depending on their needs and requirements. A few factors that affect the cost of the process are the condition or goals of the patient, the qualification or experience of the physician, the level or standard of the clinic, the total number of sessions required, the kind of process used, and more. 

However, the average cost of Gastric Sleeve Procedure in Dubai ranges from AED 25,000 to AED 40,000. After undergoing the first appointment, the physician will determine the actual cost of the process after examining you completely.

How to Book an Appointment with Us?

If you are interested in getting the process of Gastric Sleeve Procedure in Dubai & Abu Dhabi then all you have to do is to visit the website of our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic fill up the consultation form given there and boom your appointment with our experts and get a chance to get the technique in accordance with your desire and goals.