Mini Gastric Bypass in Dubai

If you think that you are overweight and want to say bye to your extra fats in the body then you should consider this Mini Gastric Bypass Treatment in Dubai as this is a minimally invasive method and does not affect the body in the long term. There are no such side effects of the procedure and the outcomes that a patient gets are long terms. Our doctors in the clinic expertly perform the technique and give you the results as per your desire. To get your treatment you can have a look below. 

What is a Mini Gastric Bypass?

This is the most recent bariatric procedure which simultaneously solves the two certain issues. This depends on the process of restrictions and extra absorption of fatty foods. The production of a tube or small stomach, and the removal of the intestinal part from digestion, where the fats and proteins are highly absorbed. After getting the technique, about eight percent of the extra fats in the body is reduced, and the chance of gaining extra weight is also reduced.

Outcomes of Mini Gastric Bypass:

The results of this method are not the same as those of the traditional treatments. The candidate can lose about sixty to seventy percent of their actual body weight. This can be received in about 1.5 to about two years after receiving the procedure. In the few initial months of the process, weight loss will be very clear and visible, but after some time of the technique, the process will start becoming slow. Approximately, our clients lose about one kilogram per week.

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Pros of the Method:

The technique has become very famous in this era because of its great benefits. Some of the common advantages of the technique are given below:

  • This technique helps you to get rid of the extra weight to a greater extent as being done by the other common methods.
  • Decreases the chances of heart attack, strokes, and some other disorders related to extra weight.
  • Full healing of type II diabetes mellitus in ninety-eight percent of cases.
  • Minimal invasive pain as compared to traditional shunting.
  • The technique requires a very short recovery period and heals in a very fast way.
  • Observable decrease in the surgical chances.
  • Reversibility of alterations, if required, the intensities can be returned to their previous state.

Who is the Most Suitable Candidate for Mini Gastric Bypass?

Someone willing to undergo the process of Mini Gastric Bypass Treatment in Dubai must be exposed to certain signs to claim himself as the perfect patient for the technique. Some of these signs are as follows:

  • The person’s body weight must be more than at least forty-five kilograms.
  • BMI is more than forty kilograms if the candidate rejects to obey the diet as suggested by his doctor and quick gain of weight.
  • The occurrence of disorders, the good procedure of which is possible only after losing weight.
  • If you are taking non-insulin-dependant diabetes mellitus against the background of over-weight.
  • Deficiency of effect from other treatments of weight loss.

How Does the Technique Perform?

The candidate gets rid of extra weight with the help of two methods. Initially, because of the decreased concentration of your stomach, you may become fuller faster and consume less food. Then, as the food enters the small intestine much lower than it does under normal conditions, it does not have extra time to be fully processed. In accordance, the concentration of the minerals and nutrients is not sufficient to keep the exact body weight absorbed into the blood. Wight starts to decrease fast, as the body balances its energy requirements by breaking down subcutaneous fat.

What Preparation is Needed for the Technique?

Initially, the physician will examine you to know if you are a suitable candidate for the process or not. The doctor will also check your medical history record to know if you are having any disease or infection as it can cause complications during or after the process.

You may take all the important preparatory tests such as ECG, a test of the esophagus, and stomach, ultrasound, chest x-ray, and some other clinal examinations.

How is the Technique Performed By the Physician?

The procedure is a laparoscopic method which means that there will be no unaesthetic spots or arks left on your body. The physician will use certain surgical equipment and perform through three to four holes in the upper wall of the abdomen. Their length does not enhance by one centimeter. The holes are sutured nicely and after recovery, tiny barely observable marks are left on your skin. 

The process is done under the action of local anesthesia. The doctors apply anesthesia that ensures good awakening and the absence of after-narcotic psychosis. The overall time of the method is on average one point five to two point fuce hours.

All this time you can sleep and wake up already in the healing room.  You will feel no pain or discomfort after receiving the process. During the process, your condition is examined by the doctor with the help of high-quality instruments and an expert anesthesiologist, so you cannot worry about your safety.

After-Care of the Technique:

The healing process takes about 1.5 to at least two weeks. The individual can go back home by leaving the clinic after five to seven days. 

Important physical secretion must noy be undergone, bit, walking and exercise with the permission of the physician and mandatory.

After some days, you will be permitted to consume coarser food items, but the amount of the food taken with high energy values will require to be significantly decreased, Eating must be taken in tiny portions, five to six times per day.

The dietitian at our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic will create a diet plan for you that will fulfill your requirements. Our doctors choose the diet in such a way as to give the candidate better nutrition but to avoid eating harmful calories.

Cost of Mini Gastric Bypass:

The Cost of Mini Gastric Bypass Treatment in Dubai ranges from AED 12,999 to AED 19,999. The charges can be changed depending on different factors and will only be checked by the physician after getting the first appointment.

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