Revision Bariatric Surgery in Dubai

This is an effective and impactful method for the removal of fats from the body. This is done when the individuals do not get the outcomes they desire by the first surgery. Patients who get these treatments are satisfied by the consequences. With these procedures, diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and other issues can be eliminated too. To have your Revision Bariatric Surgery in Dubai from our clinic. You need to read the page that is presented below. 

What is Revision Bariatric Surgery?

This is a sort of surgery done on a repetitional basis when the person does not get the results according to the desires. Sometimes, when the process is done the first time, some complications occur and the weight loss achieved is not according to the wishes. To treat the weight and the fats on a serious note the doctors again perform the method and provide the best outcomes possible. 

To carry out the surgery, different kinds of surgeries are carried out. The processes are the gastric sleeves, bypass banding, and balloons.

What are the main Reasons for the Non-Desirable Results of the Method?

There are many causes because of which patients do not get the outcomes they are looking for. The most common are the candidate’s body responses specifically, the longevity of the method, technical problems, and other issues. In each case, the outcomes vary and the time for which they stay also fluctuates. 

Results of Revision Bariatric Surgery:

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Who is an Ideal Candidate for Revision Bariatric Surgery?

Individuals who have the following are the ones who should opt for the Revision Bariatric Surgery in Dubai. The candidacy criteria are written below:

  • When patients who have undergone the cure gain weight again after 3 to 4 years are the ones perfect to receive this method 
  • A person who is not satisfied by the impacts of the 1st surgery both cosmetically and medically 
  • When you think you are fit enough to gain the methodology again both physically and mentally 
  • To get the results that stay there for long terms with no side effects and no risks 
  • You have a realistic approach to the method 

Benefits of the Revision Bariatric Surgery:

There are many advantages of the treatment and people can get it all by having the procedure from an expert surgeon. The pros are as:

  • The method is minimally invasive as the modern technology is now in use with the latest specs that cause fewer incisions and scars 
  • You will have an easy and simple rehabilitation span with no serious impacts 
  • The success ratio is high enough 
  • Patients get the impacts they desire 
  • Corrects the effects of already done procedures 

Types of Revision Bariatric Surgery:

Surgery by Sleeve Gastrectomy:

When the weight is not lost the way you thought or you have gotten the fats on repeat then you should get this surgery. People gain weight again because of reasons like unhealthy dietary habits, less exercise, and dilation. To carry out the method, the medic will cut the expanded region, and the sleeve is made original. 

Gastric Bypass:

If the individual put on weight after the first gastric bypass he/she now needs this. There are certain things that professionals check and keep in mind before getting a revisional gastric bypass. 

  • The diet and the impact of food are checked before the process.
  • Some tests are done and the doctors analyze why the first method was not successful.
  • Different types of gastric bypass are present and the one which you choose depends on your needs and the case. 

Lap Banding:

If the lap band which is attached to the body in the formal lap banding strategy does not give satisfactory outcomes the candidates require revisional lap bands carried out by expert doctors. Various options are available to carry out this type of process. 


Before the procedure, the patient needs to obey some steps like the following:

  • Avoid smoking and drinking for some days before the method 
  • Have a lot of water so that you can stay hydrated 
  • Consult with the doctor if you have any issues 
  • Tell me about your medical history and other complications 


When the patient is done with the method they are required to do some post-care as per the doctor’s recommendation which is mentioned below:

  • Do not lift heavy objects when you are done with the strategy 
  • Try not to do things not recommended by your doctor 
  • Eat healthy so that you can recover faster 
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Try to eat soft food and do not intake eatables that are not for your recovery
  • Tell your doctor if you have problems and complications
  • You can take painkillers when you have pain or aching 

If you follow all the post-care instructions suggested by the medic you will have the outcomes at a faster rate. 


The healing time required after the method is typically some days to weeks during which the individual must follow different guidelines and this way they can increase the speed of recovery. This rehabilitation span can be decreased if the person follows all the precautions recommended by their professional. 

Are There any Side Effects?

There are no such risks attached to the procedure. The patient feels bleeding and irritation with the method but these goes away with time and you do not need to worry at all. The expertise of the professionals also plays a role in the risks. 

Cost of Revision Bariatric Surgery:

The Cost of Revision Bariatric Surgery in Dubai ranges from AED 17999 to AED 27999. Many factors affect the final price of a method and these are the location of the clinic, the reputation of the clinic, the demands of the doctor, and the condition of the patient. When you meet your doctor you will get to know the exact cost you need to pay. 

Why Choose Us?

At our Dynaimc Aesthetic Clinic, we have been performing these weight loss procedures for years and are providing mesmerizing outcomes to people so that they can enjoy their lives easily and say bye to complications that are because by this weight gain. If you are the one with the problem and think that you should get the process then you must visit our clinic we will help you in every way. You need to fill out the form that is present below to get your treatment.