If you want to get a non-surgical weight loss procedure to reduce the extra fats this Sleeve Gastrectomy in Dubai is the best way. By this method, the area of the stomach is decreased by 15%. The portion of the stomach is removed so that the patient can feel full even after eating small. People suffering from severe obesity and having issues with the extra abdomen should receive the process. The surgery helps the individual in a clinically proven way. To get your treatment read the page that is presented below. 

What is a Sleeve Gastrectomy?

This is a bariatric surgery also known as gastric sleeve for the reduction of weight. The size of the stomach is reduced and this is done by the removal of some part of the stomach. Almost around 80% of the stomach gets reduced by this method. When the process is done, only about the size of a banana remains. The patient feels a fullness sensation after eating a small amount of food. 

A lot of problems related to health can be solved with the assistance of a cure. Such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetic disorders. The doctors will tell you about every single detail when you visit the clinic. 


After receiving the treatment, the candidates lose the extra weight and fats. The body appears contoured and slim. The outcomes mainly depend on the skills of the doctor so deciding the doctor for the procedure is really important. 


The advantages that can be gained by the method are the ones who have the following:

  • When you have good physical and mental health 
  • Your BP and the other body temperatures are normal 
  • This is a process which is more affordable than other procedures 
  • This increases confidence and enhances self-esteem 
  • The quality of life enhances 
  • By the cure, you will have long-term outcomes 
  • No long recovery times 
  • A quick process 

Who is an Ideal Candidate?

Candidates who have the following are the ones who should get the Sleeve Gastrectomy in Dubai. 

  • Individuals with a BMI of 40 or more 
  • You are not obtaining weight loss with exercises and diets 
  • Candidates committed to the changes in lifestyle
  • When you have an overall good mental and physical health 
  • People who have a realistic approach to the method 
  • You can have the proper visits as per your doctor’s prescription 


There are some steps required to follow before the main process. These are the following:

  • Do not use any tobacco or cigarettes after the method 
  • Drink plenty of water so that you can stay hydrated 
  • Do not eat food or drink liquids that can affect the recovery phase 
  • Eat medications recommended by the doctor 
  • Have your stomach emptied prior to the cure 
  • Avoid all the things that are not suggested by the medic 


In most cases when the sleeve gastrectomy is done, a large incision is made on the abdomen area so that the organs inside the tummy can be accessed. Sometimes, small cuts are created so that the rehabilitation can be increased. Depending on the condition of the patient, the surgery can be done openly. 

To start the method, the doctor applies general anesthesia to the patient so that he/she cannot hurt anything. After that, a small cut will be made and the CO2 gas will be inserted through this. With the help of a camera, the inside view will be visible on the screen. 

To place some more instruments the medic will make 2 or 3 more incisions. The stomach will get divided and the separation will use the staples. The remaining stomach is then closed with the assistance of sutures. 

After Care:

Once the process is finished, there are some aftercare steps that an individual must follow. Your professional will tell you about these once you have completed the gastrectomy. 

  • Tell your doctor about all the histories and the problems you are having 
  • If you are facing any serious issues you can tell your medic 
  • Avoid having cigarettes and drinking alcohol 
  • Take plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated 
  • Maintain yourself for a quick recovery

Following the aftercare steps you can have the fastest recovery and the best outcomes. 

How Much Weight Can Be Reduced by the Method?

When the procedure is done, around 25 to 30% of the weight can be reduced. If the total size of a person is 200lbs the person will lose around 70lbs. Most of the people prefer this process for themselves. 

Are there any Side Effects of the Method?

No, when you receive the method you may feel bruising and pain but all this goes away with time because of the care and the steps you follow help. After some days pass, you will have no scars and there will be no long-term risks or side effects. 


The cost for the Sleeve Gastrectomy in Dubai ranges from AED xxx to AED xxx. There are many factors that can affect the cost of the method. The main elements that usually play a part in expenditure are the location of the clinic, the reputation of the clinic, and the condition of the patient. When you visit your doctor he/she will tell you about the exact price. 

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