Slimming Surgeries in Dubai

Bariatric surgery is a field of medicine that adds manipulations and invasive interventions which are done to decrease the overall weight of the body, and also improve the problem of being overweight. Slimming Surgeries in Dubai provides a perfect and efficient way to help you get rid of the extra weight. The influence and protectiveness of this technique have been proven by many years of practice and the outcomes of thousands of clinical practices. 

The recent instrument in our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic today permits you to do procedures by using laparoscopic treatments, through tiny incisions. The recent invasive methods decrease the hospital stay to about two to five days, and the healing time is so quick that it will take only a few days to recover completely.

How do I Learn More About this Technique?

This technique provides several different invasive methods for the treatment of obesity and comorbidities. A few procedures are based on reducing the intake of too much food and prolonging the feeling of fullness without causing any damage to the physiology of the digestive system. Different techniques change the anatomy and function of the digestive system, causing a decreased absorption of nutrients, fats, carbohydrates, and food calories.

What are the Outcomes of Slimming Surgeries?

Other than the kind of technique used, this process results in a clear weight loss. The candidates manage to lose about forty to ninety percent of extra weight. While utilizing these effective and safe methods, a life-long outcome is obtained. One of the most significant results of this method is to prevent or reverse the production of serious chronic disorders that can increase the chance of premature death.

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What are the Treatment Options for Slimming Surgeries?

In this method, several different techniques are used to solve the issue of obesity and severe infections related to the issue of obesity. The option of invasive techniques for weight loss is performed based on a complete checkup of the clinical case after a complete clinical examination.

A fast tip! You can achieve complete details about the recent techniques of invasive methods o weight loss at the weight loss clinic in our Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic in a single appointment. Appointments are performed by a physician of great experience and education. 

There are some common methods which are performed for Slimming Surgeries in Dubai:

Gastric Balloon:

It is an invasive technique of weight loss based on decreasing the influential volume of the belly because of the application of a silicone balloon filled with saline into the organ cavity. This is a non-invasive method for weight loss, which is the method where general anesthesia is contraindicated for the candidate for health reasons. The other benefit of this process is to prevent normal digestive physiology. Important nutrients are fully used in the technique. The outcomes of this method can be reversed, which leaves the chance for the subsequent use of other invasive techniques for the process of weight loss.

Gastric Plication:

This is the alternative to the other discussed surgical methods. Other than a sleeve resection, Gastric Plication does not eliminate part of the organ during the process. The decrease in the working volume of the belly is achieved by imposing a longitudinal seam on its side wall. The process to suture the belly is done under the influence of local anesthesia. While performing the process, the physician uses a longitudinal suture to the side wall of the organ, which decreases the influential volume to a hundred millimeters.

This invasive technique of losing weight does not damage the integrity of the organ. The motility of the digestive system and the physiology of digestion can be reversed, which leaves ample opportunities for the use of other techniques of surgical procedures for weight loss.

Gastric Bypass:

This is the recent surgical treatment for the procedure of obesity and related diseases, in which the physician decreases the volume of the belly part and the small intestine. During this bypass procedure, the top part of the belly is separated, which causes a clear decrease in the effective volume of the organ. The next stage of the process is the production of gastrointestinal anastomosis, which is, the suturing of the small intestine to the previously separated decreased region of the belly.

From the moment the technique was produced to the present day, the gastric bypass method has been taken as the gold standard of bariatrics. The candidates get rid of the eight percent of the extra weight without serious caloric restrictions on the diet. The outcome is stable, body weight remains normal even in a very long time.

Gastric Banding:

That is an invasive procedure for weight loss, the principle of which is based on reducing the evacuation of food by reducing the belly at the border of its upper and middle thirds. During the process, a ri g is used to the outer wall of the belly, which decreases the lumen of the organ and reduces the evacuation of food from the stomach into the small intestine.

This technique is done without damaging the organ. The physiology of the digestion process and the real path of food through the gastrointestinal tract are preserved. After the process is done, the absorption of important nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, is not disturbed. It allows you to avoid thirty to forty % of extra weight and stimulates the production of proper eating habits.

Cost of Slimming Surgeries:

The Cost of Slimming Surgeries in Dubai ranges from AED 14000 to AED 30000. This is an average cost but the real price will be told to you by the expert physician.

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