One must always feel confident in their skin. Dr.Mahmoud Akrama is one of the most experienced aesthetic surgeons who has great experience in the laser, skin, and dermatology fields. Dr.Mahmoud Akrama is dedicated to providing his patients with the best treatments, by going to great lengths in his profession. So that his patients achieve perfect, positive results, and start to feel more confident in their skin. 

A Little About Him:

Dr.Mahmoud Akrama is a highly skilled professional who has remarkable knowledge in his field of aesthetic medicine, and laser surgery. He has great experience in treating every type of skin type, and he feels that every other person should feel confident in themselves. He always aims to provide his patients with the best treatments, and always makes sure to listen to his patient’s concerns and queries before starting the procedure. He always tries to make sure that his patients are pretty comfortable around him, and that they achieve the best outcomes.


Every individual is often judged by their education and skills. And people often opt for more educated surgeons, as compared to inexperienced ones. Talking about education Dr.Mahmoud Akrama is a highly educated surgeon, who has gained experience in several fields. He has the qualifications for the following degrees:

  • Bachelor of Medicine And Surgery, University of Sharjah — 2020.
  • ITLES Certification — 2021.
  • BLS Certificate, American Heart Association.

His Career Over The Years:

Dr.Mahmoud Akrama has a very vast career. He is a very career-oriented person:

  • He completed his training for several years at Sharjah Health Center, the American Hospital Sharjah, and Al Qassimi Hospital.
  • He also completed an internship at MOH at Al Kuwaiti and Al Qassimi Hospitals.
  • He also performed as a general practitioner at the National Field Hospital and the DIC Hospital.
  • He has also done a vast amount of volunteer work with UNICEF. He worked as part of the HIV/AIDS Awareness Project in the year 2014.

The Procedures He Best Performs:

Dr.Mahmoud Akrama is one of the most well-known skilled surgeons in the UAE. He is very skillful in performing the following procedures:

Skin Procedures:

He has great expertise in performing the following skin treatments:

  • Dermal fillers.
  • Botox.
  • Thread lift.
  • Mesotherapy.
  • PRP.
  • Chemical peeling.
  • Skin tightening.
  • Stretch marks removal treatment.
  • Cellulite reduction.
  • Treating active acne.
  • Rosacea treatment.
  • Scars treatment.
  • Hyperpigmentation procedures.

Non-Invasive Weight Loss Techniques:

He also has great experience in performing different non-invasive weight loss surgeries. The main non-invasive techniques that he performs are:

  • Lipolysis.
  • Body contouring.

Hair Procedures:

Dr.Mahmoud Akrama also has wide experience in performing various hair procedures, for treating the different hair problems of the patients:

  • Hair fall treatments.
  • Platelet Rich Plasma, PRP gel treatments.
  • Mesotherapy for alopecia.
  • Microneedling for alopecia.
  • Platelet-rich plasma for alopecia treatment.
  • Different laser, and light treatments.

Personalized Treatments:

Dr.Mahmoud Akrama provides personalized procedures, and care plans to his patients. He first clearly examines the patient’s symptoms and the problem. After carefully examining their condition, he then suggests a suitable treatment technique. He performs all his procedures with great care, accuracy, and precision. He treats all his patients with compassion and takes the proper time to listen to his patient’s needs and problems.


The first and foremost part of any treatment is that the doctor understands the patient. For that, the doctor should be able to speak the language that the patient speaks. The best thing is that Dr.Mahmoud Akrama is a native language speaker. He has a great grip on both the languages of Arabic, and English. Being good in both these languages helps his patients better communicate with him.

His Membership:

He has a membership of the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine.