Robotic Hair Transplant in Dubai

Someone who is searching for a pretty affordable and time-saving Hair Transplant process to avoid unattractive and hesitating baldness then you should get this process. The technique keeps two main parts of your head for the transplant of hair. One of the areas is from where the hair is cut from the donor part. And the other one is behind and the side areas of the head. The doctors at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic help with Robotic Hair Transplants in Dubai. That uses modern methods for randomly choosing the best hair for transplant. It ensures the perfect outcomes and in turn saves the real appearance of the donor region as well.

What is the Purpose of the Technique?

The modern and greatest strides have been made in the science of hair transplant. That has gained great fame as another modern method for avoiding baldness called robotic hair transplant. This fully recent method’s main purpose is to eliminate hair follicles, one at a time and to implant them as well. Other hair transplant method takes seven to eight hours, however, its robot consumes just about five hours to complete the overall procedure.

Outcomes of Robotic Hair Transplant:

The process gives the permanent outcomes so that harvested hair starts to grow for life. But, there are a few methods as well where the transplants have not been influential so obeying methods has been required. To keep the real look, you still will need a hair loss method following this method, to get rid of DHT (which causes genetic baldness).

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What are the Pros of the Therapy?

The process has become very famous because of its great benefits. Some of its popular advantages are given below:

  • The process has very little surgical use.
  • The therapy helps very fast speed and influency.
  • The process causes perfection and efficiency beyond the limits.
  • It takes very little time to do the transplant of hair.
  • Utilizes cutting-edge perfect imagery and intuitive methods.

Who is the Most Suitable Candidate for the Process?

Someone who wants to get this process should have to expose certain signs as given below:

  • For a certain time, individuals between the ages of thirty to fifty-five with black or brown straight hair are mostly suitable for Robotic Hair Transplants in Dubai
  • For availing of the therapy, you should have better overall health conditions, donor part, and natural expectations about the technique.
  • Someone who has blonde, grey, or green hair, will be prescribed to undergo hair dye first.
  • The reason is that yellow hair and hair that is twisted can be somewhat harder to observe under the essential bright process lights.
  • Our physicians have real assumptions for other candidates that they will also be getting in future trials after the current research study is done.

The Method used by the Physician:

All of our hair transplant methods are done under the action of local anesthesia to feel you relax by getting rid of pain or discomfort. You can also have the option to listen to music or only to talk with the physician or staff during the overall method. The method for this transplant has the following steps:

  • The candidate is given a seat in a robotic chair.
  • The physician provides general anesthesia to the client in the part of the therapy.
  • The doctor then uses a tiny rectangular image frame-like instrument, to the back of the head.
  • By following the method, the robotic arm places itself in the donor region simultaneously.
  • A punch instrument is placed on the head to check the skin for the removal of the hair bristles.
  • Once the hair follicles are pointed, a dual punch method is deployed. The interior fast instrument scores the dermis around the graft and the external blunt equipment removes the graft from the cels present in the surrounding area.
  • The automatic method checks for the next graft for removal.
  • The step is done again unless the robot is finished cutting within the region defined.
  • When this method is done, the team eliminates the graft by themselves from the scalp. The instrument is further moved to another region for a new round of cutting.
  • It is continuous unless enough bristle units are cut.

What is the Healing Time for the Robotic Hair Transplant?

When the method is done the place of all the bristles will be examined twice times. You have to obey all the after and before instructions, As given by the doctor to receive the best outcomes. Overall and afterward the process, our highly-experienced and qualified team will give answers to all the questions of the client and look to assist you in feeling easy and comfortable with them.

Cost of Robotic Hair Transplant:

The charges of the technique vary from one person to another person depending on their needs and requirements. There are some factor that greatly affects the cost of this method. Some of these are the condition or goal of the patient, the standards or location of the clinic, the experience or education of the physician, the type of method, ses, the number of sessions needed for the process, and a few more.

However, the average Cost of a Robotic Hair Transplant in Dubai ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 30,000. But the real charges can only be determined by sitting an expert physician who will first check you and then tell you the exact cost.

How To Book an Appointment with Us?

To get a Robotic Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, wanna consult an experienced doctor along with a friendly team, then you have to visit the website of Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic and fill out the form given here, and book your consultation with our expert doctors and good staff. The technique will be comfortable and pain-free.