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Fat gain has no limit to expanding. Even your arms can be affected by excessive weight gain. Hence, before you know it, there is sagging skin falling towards gravity. Lucky for you! At Our Clinic, we are offering our expertise to help eliminate the storage of fat cells from your arms. This surgical option is derived from the traditional Liposuction treatment. This invasive procedure is known as Arm Lift Surgery in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and is also referred to as;  Brachioplasty. 


  • This is a surgical procedure.
  • It is performed under general anesthesia.
  • The duration may last between 2-3 hours.
  • Your expected recovery should begin within one week.

Why Do I Need An Arm Lift?

Many exercises may help to keep the shape of the arms looking firm and toned. However, reducing an incredible amount of fat, specifically from arms could be quite challenging. Therefore, this specific cosmetic surgery is specially designed for those who wish to achieve well-sculpted arms. Therefore, we will arrange a one-on-one consultation with our experts, who will guide you through the process and address all your concerns. After a complete analysis, we will consider you as an eligible candidate to undergo this procedure. 

Results Of Brachioplasty In Dubai:

The final shape may reveal itself after a complete recovery. However, the drawn outcome is a drastic transformation. All the previous saggy skin seemingly appears lifted around the surrounding of your arms’ muscles. 

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  • You feel confident in your skin. There is no need to hide under fully clothed garments anymore.
  • The new changes will boost your self-esteem and morale as well.
  • Your arms are looking fully toned and lifted. You can opt for easy-breezy garments even on the beach.
  • The maintenance of post-surgery will not be tiring or frustrating anymore. 
  • Regular exercising or physical activities can sustain the results forever.
  • The recovery period is minimal as compared to massive Liposuction surgeries performed at various other regions of the body. 
  • On top of that, this is an upgrade to your aesthetic appearance and a boost toward a healthy lifestyle.

Treatment Options For Arm Lift Surgery:

We are offering two types of procedures at Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic:

  • Mini-Traditional Arm Lift: this surgery is often prescribed to those candidates who require a minor touch-up. This procedure aims to eliminate the excess skin around the armpits and upper arms area. The duration of this process is relatively shorter. However, you are put to sleep during the operation.
  • Extended Arm Lift: candidates who are struggling with massive fat gain on their arms are advised to undergo this treatment. Our goal is to provide a complete transformation from the elbow to the armpits. However, the approach or exclusive techniques that are implemented for fat removal may vary from patient to patient. 


  • The operation is usually performed under general anesthesia. 
  • It may take an hour or more to complete the entire surgery.
  • The expert will mark a few lines on the area under consideration.
  • He/She will make an incision to gain access inside the arm.
  • A cannula is inserted inside for suctioning of the fat cells.
  • The expert will tighten the saggy skin with sutures.
  • This step is followed by topical medicaments afterward.
  • The wound is completely sealed and covered with medical aid.
  • In the end, you are shifted to the recovery room for further assistance. 

Who Is An Ideal Candidate?

Any healthy person who is generally not an obese patient can undergo this surgery. This is a cosmetic surgery therefore, you are required to opt for a one-on-one consultation to undergo this procedure. Our expert will examine your health and concerns. Only then he/she will sign you up for the process. Furthermore, the guide to the entire operation is designed during this meeting. 

Potential Risks:

You are sent home with a few aftercare regimens. These are safety precautions for you to heal smoothly. However, a few undesired reactions may occur if the guidelines are not followed with intense care. This is what you ought to be aware of;

  • An infection might take place if the dressing is not changed frequently.
  • Scars are likely to form if too much pressure is drawn on the treated area.
  • The unhealed wounds may bleed and cause massive discomfort. If you find yourself in such an unideal situation. Be sure to reach out for medical help or assistance. Any delay in aid may result in serious mishaps. 

What Happens After The Surgery?

After a successful surgery, the healthcare providers will shift you to the recovery room. We will wait for your awakening and monitor your health at all times. You may be kept under observation for a day or two; according to your condition of health. In due time, you are discharged and re-scheduled for a regular check-up.


The downtime to the surgery depends on the type of procedure you have undergone. Although the swelling will tame within a week. However, the healing of the wound from the inside and out may take a week or two. This is why, we recommend you see your doctor more frequently during this period. Below are a few aftercare regimens for you to follow at home;

  • Take your oral medication on time. And apply the topical medicaments as prescribed.
  • Be very careful with bathing or taking a quick shower. 
  • You have to get your wound dressing changed more often. This is for the prevention of any infection.
  • Last but not least, consume a healthy and balanced diet to recover smoothly. It is very important to fuel your body with the right nutrients. 

Cost Of Arm Lift In Dubai:

The final estimation of the value may vary from patient to patient. The duration and type of surgery will add to the cost factors in the end. However, the average Cost of Arm Lift Surgery In Dubai ranges between AED 8,000 to AED 16,000. 

Best Surgeon for Arm Lift Surgery | Brachiplasty:

We are offering a one-on-one consultation with one of our experienced and board-certified surgeons; Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya. He has successfully delivered many extraordinary outcomes to sculpt various body concerns. Make an appointment today, and let us fill you in on all the required and compulsory information you ought to know before opting for this surgery.

What Is The Alternative To This Surgery?

If you are not ready for a surgical procedure, you may want to consider undergoing;

  • Mesotherapy.
  • RF Skin Tightening.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the Best Cosmetic Surgery clinics in Dubai. Our highly qualified team of expert professionals specializes in various other surgeries including; Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Thigh Lift, and many more. We make sure to safeguard your health and provide effective measures to help you reach your desired goals. Many satisfied candidates have experienced successful outcomes by choosing Dynamic Aesthetic Clinic for Brachiplasty Surgery. If you are also struggling with extra fat on your arms, visit us today or schedule an appointment with our experts to help facilitate you with our FDA-approved procedures.